How To Be a Lady: 30 Lady Rules To Build a Beautiful Life On

Updated on August 10, 2020

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Being a lady is not just learning makeup and setting girly goals. There are a few things, a few beautiful lady rules you can follow to build a life full of success, happiness, and self-respect.

I remember when I was a young girl and didn’t know much about how to be a lady and how to present myself to the world… I felt clueless and made a ton of mistakes that I have later regretted.

But that’s just a dust in the wind because most importantly, I didn’t know to respect myself and how to grow myself into a lady I want to be. Heck, I didn’t even know how to handle life like a lady.

These are the most important lady rules I have learned in 30 years of my life. Here’s how to be a lady – and CHEERS to being a lady! 🥰


How To Be a Lady: 30 Lady Rules To Build a Beautiful Life On


1. When someone helps you (especially when times are rough), hold on to this person, and give back whenever they need you as well.

2. Take some time every day just for yourself and spend this time on things that truly matter to you. It may be yoga, makeup, cooking, or just chilling on the couch with your favorite novel. Just be with yourself daily.

3. Never make a promise when you are happy, and never make a decision when you’re angry. Don’t let your mood affect your choices.

4. Always be nice to people, even if they have wronged you. Your behavior should reflect your character, not theirs.

5. Every woman should invest in a good pair of shoes that she can depend on. It’s good to splurge on something that will last you a long time.

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6. Make it your lady rule to always wear an adequate amount of sunscreen. Your skin will thank you in 20 years!

7. Protect your personal space, and don’t be afraid to have a life away from your significant other. They don’t have to go everywhere with you.

8. Many girls have a ton of clothes that aren’t that suitable for their body type… As a lady rule, don’t wear anything that doesn’t accentuate your beauty. (P.S. here’s how to develop a great dressing sense).

9. When you’re out for dinner with anyone, don’t start applying your makeup at the table. Instead, excuse yourself and go to the restroom to freshen up.

10. Don’t hang around at a party waiting for someone to leave if you want to go home early. You can politely tell the host that you loved the party and leave whenever the fu** you want.

11. When in conversation, try to ask questions and allow people to speak. Be a good listener – it always pays off.

12. Don’t skip exercise, even if it’s the last thing you want to do. Working out, even for just a few minutes per day will keep you healthy.

13. Keep your nails neatly trimmed and manicured at all times (just because you respect yourself).

14. Always wear deodorant. Stay fresh!

15. Learn a proper technique to do makeup and practice in your spare time. Create your own, signature look.

16. Wash your hair regularly, and don’t wait for anyone to tell you that your hair looks like a mess.

17. Live your life as you want to! Don’t choose a profession or life partner based on what others will think (in fact, you should never care what others think about you).

18. Make it a habit to hold the door for anyone behind you, even if it is a man.

19. When you are sitting in a gathering, focus on the conversation, and keep all the distractions away (yes, your phone too).

20. Hand-written notes are one of the best expressions of love and care for someone. Write letters to people who truly matter to you.

21. Give up your seat for the elderly on the subway, or give place in the queue to someone who is in a hurry. Every girl should make it their lady rule to be considerate with others. Trust me, it will take you a long way.

22. It will help if you are always respectful towards everyone, no matter who they are.

23. You should make it your lady rule to put down your phone for a few hours per day, and focus on the world around you.

24. Always dress appropriately for the occasion.

25. Surround yourself with loving, supportive people who inspire you to be a better person.

26. Find happiness in your alone time. Not every moment of the day needs to be spent with people, and you should learn to enjoy your own company.

27. Make it your lady rule to moisturize your skin every-single-day, even if you have oily skin.

28. Never, ever go to bed without removing your makeup. I know, it’s a hassle to clean your skin when all you want is sleep, but you will be glad that you did it!

29. Wear comfortable shoes, because a wrong pair of shoes will irritate you throughout the day and it can hurt your spine in the long run.

30. Create your own lady rules too because you’re the only one who knows what’s important to you.


How To Be a Lady – A Conclusion!


As you can see, being a lady is closely related to setting your boundaries, respecting yourself and other people. If you like these, I think you would also love 10 Etiquette Rules Of a High-Class Lady – give it a check!

… Or scroll down below for even more tips to discover!

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