3 Things You Must Know When Starting a Clothing Brand

Updated on March 7, 2023 by

Designing Clothes On Paper

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Starting isn’t just about coming up with great designs. To become successful, you must also be aware of these business crucial things.

A lot of us have been thinking of the dream of starting our own clothing brand. The dream of designing pieces of clothing, seeing them in the public space, imagining people walk around dressed in your designs – it all sounds beautiful. But the step towards a successful clothing brand isn’t just coming through great designs. Just like any other business, your success comes through hard work, a strategic mindset, and the right profile.


The First (And The Most Important) Step


Before you take out your pencil and sewing thread, identify what your new brand is trying to achieve. You need to ask yourself, what you are giving to the market that isn’t already out there and find out who is your target audience. Do you see a potential for a specific type of printed t-shirts, long dresses, maybe you want to get into eco-fashion?

Why is this important? Well, no one sees the need to support a product that’s already on the market. Running such a brand will be only for your own pleasure, and with no customers, it’s doubtful if it would be pleasurable at all.


Create a Brand Profile


Today’s brands are not associated with the quality of the designs only. To sell a brand, you also need to connect an identity around your brand and designs. This storytelling starts with your name and your logo. These are some of the first connections your customers will notice in your brand (that’s why they must fit the profile of your business).

Also, most users will often see the pieces of clothing before being aware of the brand. That’s normal. You are someone wearing a cool pair of jeans or a beautiful dress – the next step is then to find out who made this design. Here comes your name and logo!

Tip: If you need help with finding the right name and logo you can start a clothing brand with domainify.com here: https://domainify.com/industry/clothing-apparel/. Domainify collects some of the best domain names on the internet and sells these potential company names together with suggestions for company logos. With a purchase at Domainify, you have then also taken the first step on establishing the virtual identity of your brand.

If you are planning to create a website for your business, make sure to choose a reputable hosting service (like Hostgator) to host your first website.


The Design Phase Is Built On Your Identity


At this point, you should have a quite good idea of your brand identity. You know who you are designing for, which means you don’t start the design phase on a completely blank piece of paper. You should have an idea of what kind of products you want to put into the world, and who you are designing for. This is also a good time to test the quality of the previous steps of establishing phase of a clothing brand. If the ideas don’t come easy to you, and you feel like you are working with the limits of your brand identity, it might be a good idea to adjust it before it’s too late.

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