How To Commit To Losing Weight

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Woman Doing Her First Workout To Commit To Losing Weight

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Making a commitment to lose weight can be quite a challenging process. Many people resolve to lose the extra weight that is bringing them down, yet it can be really easy to get off track and lose motivation before you have even begun. This can lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting, and ultimately – make you feel like you will never accomplish your goals at all. If you want to master the weight loss mindset that is healthy, filled with self-love and balance, start by taking a look at beneficial tips for making a commitment and sticking with it in order to make weight loss progress.


How To Commit To Losing Weight, Once And For All

Weight loss requires us to look at our relationship with food from a different angle.


1. Understand the Reasons You Turn to Food


Often, overeating is caused by a deeper underlying issue. Some people eat out of boredom, while others overeat when they’re sad. Food can be very comforting and help you to take your mind off certain issues… However, if you find that you are using food as a tool to cope with stress, it may be the time to break this cycle. There are likely other, more positive ways you can begin to fill any voids you have.

2. Find Alternative Coping Mechanisms


Try to think about your eating habits and what is making you stuck with unhealthy choices. Are you in a hard situation right now? Is PMS taking a toll on your mood every month? Could it be that you simply love tasty food too much? Of course, who doesn’t… But once you have identified the cause of your overeating, you need to begin to address the issue and find better coping mechanisms.

For example, if you are eating out of boredom, consider taking up a new hobby that will bring more enjoyment into your life. You may want to start your personal growth story or learn new skills with online classes. Look for something that can occupy and calm your mind without making you eat more than your body needs.

Any new or interesting activity helps to take your mind off of eating and allows you to focus your energy on something else.


Hold Yourself Accountable


Once you have made the commitment to finally lose that extra weight that is bothering you, you need to hold yourself accountable for your decisions. It might be helpful to track your progress, create short-term and long-term goals, keep a food diary or start planning your meals. Monitoring the progress you made can help to keep you motivated and stay on track in the long run.




Deciding to lose unnecessary weight can be one of the best and most important decisions in your life. To successfully commit to losing weight:

Understand why you are overeating;

Find new hobbies and activities to cheer up and distract you without food;

Hold yourself accountable and monitor your progress. Adjust on the way if needed.

These three simple things can make a HUGE difference regarding the amount of progress you will be able to make. Try to create sustainable and realistic goals for yourself and stick to your commitments for that healthier, happier, and more balanced body.

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