6 Things to Consider Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

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Woman Wearing Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions have become popular because they can make your natural lashes look longer and more luscious. There have been huge improvements in the materials and techniques used to make them over the years. If you are considering getting some, here are things you need to consider first.


Eyelash extensions are not the same as false eyelashes


False lashes are a strip of lashes that you stick onto your natural lashes. They tend to look fake because they are so symmetrical, thick, and shiny. They provide a cheap, fast way to make your eyes stand out.

Eyelash extensions look and feel the same as your own natural lashes and are glued to them. When they are applied properly, they will only fall out when your natural lashes do. At Lilac St, Mac, Ardell, and Lashify, you can get flawless, natural-looking lashes, and you can find out more about eyelash extension pros and cons.


There are major differences in lash styles


There is a range of types and shapes of eyelash extensions that can create all kinds of different looks. Assessing your face and eye shape is necessary to choose the right ones.

Natural-looking eyelash extensions are designed to make it look as though you naturally have long, thick lashes. An open-eye style is best for you if you have hooded eyelids, as your lashes tend to point out instead of curling upwards. This style has a natural curl that makes your eye looks larger.

Bold and structured or dense and distinctive, there are styles to suit everyone, so you don’t have to settle for a style that doesn’t work for you.


Your eyelash extensions need maintenance


You need to make sure you don’t get your eyelash extensions wet while the adhesive is curing. This normally takes 24 to 48 hours, depending on the adhesive formula. Avoid showering, gym, sauna, or pool at this time.

Once you expose your extensions to water, you need to wash your lashes daily with an extension-safe cleanser. Cleaning them removes any excess oil buildup on the lashes. Don’t clean them too aggressively, or this will lead to lash loss.

Just as long hair gets tangled, long lashes can too. You will need to detangle your lashes once or twice a day. You can use a lash brush or a clean mascara spoolie and use the same action as you would when applying mascara.


You have to avoid certain things after getting eyelash extensions


When you shower, you must avoid putting your face directly under the stream, or the pressure may remove your extensions.

  • You shouldn’t touch or pull on your extensions as this could cause damage. 
  • Sleeping on your stomach puts you at risk of losing more lashes as they will rub against your pillow. 
  • Don’t use any oily products around your eyes.
  • Stop wearing mascara unless it is advertised as extension-safe. Oil-based mascara can penetrate the glue and release the bond, which means your lashes will fall out sooner. 


Eyelash extensions are safe if they’re applied correctly


Eyelash extensions are safe if they’re applied properly. The most common risks come from allergies to the lash extension adhesives. This can cause eye irritation and swelling. Doing a patch test with the glue first can help you to avoid this.

Attaching one extension to multiple natural lashes can put too much stress on the lash roots and cause lashes to fall. Extensions that are thick or long for your natural lashes could put too much stress on the strand. Attaching eyelash extensions to the skin rather than to the lash could irritate the skin and pull out newer lash growth.


You will need to get refills


Your natural lashes shed constantly, and it is normal for you to lose from one to five a day. As they shed, you will also shed your lash extensions. This is why infills are recommended every two to three weeks. When you start to see gaps, it’s time for lash infills. By this time, new lashes that were too short to apply extensions to before will be ready. If you wait too long before having infills, you may need a whole new set of eyelash extensions.

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