Woman Debating Whether To Give Up Or Do Motivational Activities

5 Motivational Activities For When You Just Want To Give Up

It's not worth giving up - here are few motivational activities to do instead.

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Woman Taking A Walk On The Beach As One Of Her Motivational Activities

When you want to accomplish something, change something, have something, or reach your destination, you know what you need.

You need work, time, and effort, but most of all, you need the motivation to keep going.

No matter how passionate you are about your goals, there always comes a time when you just want to give up everything. It’s inevitable and, paradoxically, it’s exactly the time when you need to gather your motivation up & keep going.

No matter how talented you are, where there is no will, there is no way.

If you want to change something about your life, you have to be consistent and you have to find a way to master your motivation, so you can push through.

Believe it or not, motivation does not come from waiting for it… Motivation comes when you start doing something about it.

Today I want to share some motivational activities that will give you instant gratification and inspire you to move forward.

These things can be practiced whenever you are feeling down, having doubts, feeling frustrated, and thinking about dropping all those goals you’ve been working on (or dreaming of).

Because it’s never worth “just” giving up… You ARE capable – just give yourself as many chances as you need.


MOTIVATIONAL ACTIVITIES: What To Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything


What Are Motivational Activities?


Motivational activities are various things you can do in order to boost your motivation and get committed to doing the things you don’t want to do.

They can help you to stay focused on your goals and move forward in your life.


5 Motivational Activities For When You Just Want To Give Up


1. Temporarily change your location


In challenging times, it is better to take a break before making any big decision and do something that can let you relax and keep your mind on the right side.

Taking a break from negative thoughts, places or activities will help you to see that things can be changed, and sometimes you just need to let yourself rest & gather your strength for it.

And who doesn’t like the change of view?

Sometimes, it is what we need SO badly.

We all have habits associated with the places we are at, but going somewhere else can feel like you’re hitting that much-needed restart button.

Just try it once and see the change in your energy level.

You don’t need to travel far away – you can do the nearest coffee shop, a public park, or a similar place where it is convenient for you – just change your surroundings for a while.



2. Meditate


Meditation is the best practice you can do when you are feeling down or need to renew your motivation.

Often, we are so stressed with our busy lives that we don’t give ourselves the time we deserve.

Meditation helps you to take a break, cleanse your mind, and give you a fresh perspective.

It can also help you to let go of all the negative self-talk, self-doubt, and hate.

Inhale fresh air, exhale all the darkness… Release what has to be released.


3. Watch motivational videos


One of the easiest motivational activities you can do is to watch a video or two that keeps you inspired and motivated.

There are plenty of motivational videos available on YouTube that will set you on the right track.

We are so busy achieving our goals and working hard for them… But when we hit life roadblocks, it works as a major setback for us.

A simple motivational video can guide you through those times and remotivate you when needed.

Just choose what really hits your heart.

Woman Watching Videos On Her Laptop And Coffee As One Of Motivational Activities


4. Set new, smaller milestones


Sometimes, a major roadblock in moving forward is wanting to achieve everything at once.

We plan things vaguely, rush ourselves, stay impatient, and are often left confused or irritated.

In this confusion, we are ready to give up because we want too much, too fast and sometimes it’s just not how it works.

When something like that happens, take it from the start and set shorter milestones.

Set clear and very specific mini-goals for those milestones that are easy for you to work out.

Break big tasks into small, achievable micro-steps (my Project planner can help you to do that easily).

Reviewing (or starting) a system will give you a map of your future and you will feel less irritated & confused.


5. Make a gratitude list


When you are unhappy with your life, get yourself a pen and paper and write about the things that make you happy.

Motivation can often come from unexpected places… So, just writing down the things you are grateful for can bring the motivation you require at the moment.

This will change your perspective, improve your attitude, and uplift your state of mind.


Motivational Activities Can Help You To Stay Focused


Let’s admit… Staying motivated and consistent is not a piece of cake for anyone.

Everyone faces ups and downs in their journey, so instead of giving up and feeling unlucky, take your life in your hands.

Practice these motivational activities to feel autonomy in yourself.

Once you have your motivation rekindled, you will be able to achieve every milestone and even help others with your expertise.

No matter how many, the life you want gets closer only with the stapes you take. 👣

I hope you loved these motivational activities.

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