25 Positive Ideas For When Your Life Feels Boring

Updated on August 22, 2020

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If your life feels boring, it’s probably because you haven’t experienced something exciting or new lately. And it’s pretty simple from a psychological perspective.

New and fun experiences stimulate the production of opioids – chemicals in your brain that make you go “Yay! I like this! It’s good stuff.”.

But when you’re experiencing the same things over and over again, it becomes less and less exciting every time. Your brain is not getting that much of those fun chemicals.

So, to counter that – and to beat boredom – you have to try something new and exciting. 

It’s really easy to try filling the boredom with things that aren’t healthy (like fast food, alcohol, excessive shopping…).

So on this list, you will find only positive ideas that can add value to your life. Some of them are simply interesting things to learn instead of watching TV or browsing your phone.


25 Positive Ideas For When Your Life Feels Boring


1. Learn about intuitive eating.


If your life feels boring, a new eating approach may change things up a little.

Intuitive eating can finally set you free from all those diets, nutritional ideas that require removing whole food groups, and other dietary extremes.

To eat intuitively means letting yourself eat what you want the most at that time.

It’s based on the idea that if you really tune into yourself, your body can tell you what it needs the most – and you should give it to yourself.

Intuitive eating sets you free and gives you a blank state – there are no unhealthy foods anymore (doesn’t that sound liberating?) and you can rebuild a healthy relationship with eating.


When you start eating intuitively, your body achieves a balance + you stop craving fatty or extra sugary foods because you understand that you can get it any time if you want to.


Here’s a great online course on Udemy that teaches intuitive eating in depth: Intuitive Eating: Fix Your Relationship with Food



2. Read self-help books.


The easiest way to a life that’s more interesting, is books.

You can find a good book about absolutely anything you want to try, learn or achieve (even if your life feels boring at this moment, it doesn’t mean you can’t change that with a new activity).

You can also build a beautiful library and use it any time you encounter a struggle or need to refresh your skills.

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Now I know books can be pretty expensive so here are solutions to try:

  • Buy used books to save a TON of money – and trees!
  • Look for great book deals on the internet.
  • If you don’t want to wait while your books to arrive, choose e-books. There are thousands of amazing e-books that can give you so much value!


3. Try minimalism.


Minimalistic lifestyle is pretty interesting and can help you feel less overwhelmed + give you some air to breathe.

Getting rid of things you don’t need can also recharge your life + it also feels quite therapeutic and is a pretty fun thing to do when your life feels boring!

A lighter home and lifestyle may even spark up some snoozing creativity or motivation to do something new with your life.


4. Master the KonMari method.


Speaking of getting rid of things… How do you do that?

How do you decide what you really need and what things are just taking up space in your closet (and collecting dust)?

A perfect way to find out is using the famous KonMari Method which is taught by a beautiful Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo.

If you want to organize and declutter your whole home, this method can help you do that in less time and with more fun!


5. Create a meditation room.


A calming & soothing meditation room can be a fantastic accessory to your home, but its primary function is to be your personal Zen sanctuary.

If your life feels boring, it might be beneficial to slow down for a moment and listen to yourself.

Look for an answer to these questions – why am I so bored, really? Is there anything I lack in my life? Maybe there is too much of anything? What used to spark up my interest? What could do that now?

Sounds interesting?

Here’s a guide I wrote about meditation room: How to create a deeply relaxing meditation room


6. Design a vision board.


It’s hard to stay excited and productive in your life when you don’t have a direction.

Creating a vision board is easy (and fun!), and it can also help you decide on what you want from your life and where you should be going.

To create a vision board, buy a corkboard and pin all things that are inspiring and motivating you.

It can be photos, articles, checklists, challenge calendars, habit trackers, motivational quotes – you get the idea!


7. Work on becoming a morning person.


When life feels boring, you need to change things up a little to create something new.

Remember those happy-chemicals I talked about in the beginning? They need new things all the time, or they refuse to make you excited!

Getting up early can give you extra time for the things you need to do and slightly shake up your daily routine to make it less boring and repetitive.

It also helps you to start your day without rush-stress.

Even if you already have to wake up early, you can make your mornings more relaxed and more pleasant with a simple morning routine.

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8. Develop a self-care routine.


I can’t stress the importance of self care enough.

If your life feels boring and you can’t think (or don’t have enough motivation) to do anything else, just choose to do some self care.

If you don’t know why is self care so essential and how exactly do you do that, check out these resources:

And if you don’t know how to get started, creating a plan is always a good first step:

  • Self Care Planner Printable / 16 Pages

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9. Write a letter to yourself.


It’s a simple and quite meditative exercise that you can use to:

  • Forgive yourself
  • Give a promise to yourself
  • Encourage yourself
  • Envision your dreams

Arrange a date with yourself (pour some wine if you like!) and write your heart out!

A good letter may even help you find the reason why your life feels boring and what you want to do in order to be a happier and more energetic person.


10. Review your goals.


You should set and review your goals regularly to help yourself move towards achieving them.

Again, if your life feels boring, it’s probably because you don’t have something exciting and challenging to work on.

New to goal setting? Find yourself failing each time you try? Check out these resources:


11. Decide to exercise daily.


Well, okay, it’s unrealistic to set a goal like this – life is happening, and you probably won’t be able to work out every.single.day.

But the key here is to strive for it. 

You know exercising is crucial for your physical and emotional health so try to do everything you can to add it to your life if you haven’t already.

Developing a workout routine can be pretty challenging, exciting and beat the boredom blues.

Tools: Printable workout tracker


12. Work on changing your bad habits with better ones.


Give yourself the challenge to change a few bad habits with some better ones.

Here’s a great list of habits for that purpose: 99 habits for a better life


13. Organize your whole life.


There’s no better time to organize your life than when your life feels boring.

An organized home, reviewed and decluttered life can give you a full boost of motivation and spark up your excitement again.

Here are some resources to help you:


14. Start mental health journaling.


Mental health journaling is my personal key to resilience and anxiety-free life.

It is something that I recommend to everyone and every time – when they’re anxious, when they’re mentally tired and even when their life feels boring too.

I used to be incredibly anxious all the time, and journaling helped me to make that *switch!* in my head and finally start living without constant fear.

If you want to beat your boredom with a new hobby, I recommend journaling + there’s a ton of resources to help you!

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15. Review your social media.


If you’re bored and desperately looking for something to do, try a social media purge!

Yes, social media is fun, and bright, and bold, and filled with beautiful pictures… But honestly, it can also be very time-consuming and even depressing.

Admit it, you have been comparing yourself with social media influencers or your friends who have been “living the life” at least once.

Reviewing your social media and decluttering it (I mean literally unfollowing people & brands) can be a pretty fun and liberating activity.


16. Learn a new language.


Being able to talk in more languages is very impressive at the least.

But it’s also a fun challenge to give yourself and can end up being your best anti-boredom activity.

Even if you don’t finish learning the language 100%, you’ll still learn a few words or phrases, and that’s better than just browsing your phone or watching TV.


17. Work on improving your confidence.


When my life feels boring, I usually turn to personal development (“what a surprise, Amber!”) and my favorite way to improve is with online courses (I think I’m pretty addicted to these).

And self confidence is something that a lot of people (including myself) struggle with, meaning we all can improve ourselves in this area.

Since self-confidence can be learned, just like any other skill, this can be a pretty exciting thing to do.

Here’s a great self confidence video course on Udemy!


18. Start a side hustle.


Starting a side hustle can give you a nice boost + it can be fascinating when your life feels boring!

Hustling is fun, challenging and it gives you something to work on.

Plus, you can work on something that gives you joy and pleasure (who knows, maybe you could make it a full-time job too!).


19. Learn to be a kinder person.


This world is pretty offensive (and offended!) already.

Be a bright star in this world and give the kindness that it lacks + banish boredom while doing that.

You can learn to be a kinder person by giving your time and energy for those who need help. 

The straightforward way is volunteering, but if you feel like it’s not for you, I’m pretty sure there’s a person in your contact list who needs some help or support.


20. Learn proper relaxation.


It’s hard to feel excited in your life if you’re tired and overworked.

Ask yourself – could it be that my life feels boring just because I’m tired and overworked?

If you learn to rest well, you may find yourself having a lot more energy to do the things you need and even spark some excitement for things that seemed boring before.

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21. Read valuable blogs.


If you choose to fight boredom with reading, select information that can give value to your life.

I already mentioned good books, but high-quality blogs are just as great!

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22. Decide on a new interest and learn everything about it.


Here’s another activity I like to do when my life feels boring – it’s actively looking for something that could spark interest and then learning everything I can about it.

My latest interest was Finland (yes, a country) – I fell in love with their culture and the way they are running their things.

This sparked my interest, and I spent quite some time exploring various information about this fantastic country.

It’s not like I benefited from this knowledge it a lot, but it was exciting to me and therefore made my boredom go away.


23. Create a meal plan based on your food sensitivities.


Try to pay attention to how you feel after foods and gradually work on developing a personalized meal plan.

How is this helping with boredom?

Well, you get to try tons of delicious food to know your sensitivities! 🙂

Tools: Printable meal planner


24. Start a diary.


Diary may not banish your boredom completely, but it can give you something to do for an hour or two and it’s really good for you.

Writing a diary is just as beneficial as mental health journaling, but it’s also a fun, creative way to spend time.

There’s no rocket science either – it’s just like telling a story of what you have done today.

You can make it as long or as short as you like and you have complete freedom to create your diary the way you want it.


25. Explore Quora


Quora is a great solution when your life feels boring!

It’s a wonderful website where people ask questions and other people (who are experts in their fields), give them constructive answers.

I can’t even count how many times I had a problem and found a solution on Quora!

There are tons of interesting questions to explore, and you can even ask your own question and get great answers. Some discussions are so in-depth that you won’t even believe how exciting and interesting some things can be (I’m always blown away by everything related to cosmos).

Explore Quora for free here

I hope this list gave you at least a single idea of what to do when you’re bored and unmotivated.

Remember – if your life feels boring, you need to wake those little opioid chemicals in your brain by trying out something new or by switching things up.

Still need more ideas? Okay, here’s another one that does the trick every time for me: rearrange the furniture in your room. Let them little opioids explode with happiness.

Scroll down for more tips below!

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