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5 Wonderful Gua Sha Benefits For Beauty & Relaxation

There are so many Gua Sha benefits that we don't even know where to start!

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Pink Gua Sha Massaga And Skin Care Tool

Who doesn’t want younger, firmer, and healthier-looking skin?

Gua Sha benefits your mind and body in more ways than one!

While this practice is gaining a lot of steam on social media outlets and blogs, it has been around since The Ming Dynasty – that’s ancient, baby!

Over the past 600 years, Gua Sha has been used to help heal ailments and treat diseases.

It can be used on the skin throughout the body; however, today’s focus emphasizes how it can be used to improve the skin on our faces.

For those unfamiliar with Gua Sha, it is a practice in which a blunt, smooth object is used to lightly scrape or massage the skin and muscles in such a way that the lymphatic system is stimulated.

This has a whole host of benefits like promoting oxygen flow in the body, relaxing muscles, and improving circulation.

Those who have mastered the art can improve the smoothness and muscle tone of the face – earning the term “natural facelift”.

However, there is so much more Gua Sha can do to benefit not just your skin, but also your mental and emotional health.

Read on to learn more about five Gua Sha benefits that will have you buying a Gua Sha within minutes!


5 Wonderful Gua Sha Benefits For Beauty & Relaxation


Gua Sha Relieves Tension


Think about how many times you have caught yourself squinting, furrowing your brow, or pursing your lips – it’s a lot, right?

We carry so much tension in our faces throughout the day as we emote and concentrate.

This constant tension on the skin and muscles can lead to headaches, migraines, and premature wrinkles (we’re talking to you, Mr.

Line between our eyebrows).

Gua Sha benefits the tissues on the face by working out the muscles and stretching the skin to release excess tension that has built up throughout your day.

Think of it like stretching after a workout – it’s necessary and feels amazing.

Applying pressure to release those knotted areas in the face can even help relieve migraines and tension headaches.

It is a deep-tissue massage for your face!

Woman Giving Herself A Gua Sha Massage


Gua Sha is a Meditative Practice


Hear us out on this one!

Gua Sha benefits your mental and emotional state because it is a practice of self-love.

By taking the time to show your face a little T.L.C, you are paying respect and attention to your body.

Taking the time out of your day to take care of yourself is always beneficial.

So how does this work with Gua Sha?

Whether you are seeing a professional or indulging in a bit of self-practice, Gua Sha combines massage, calming breath, and detoxifying properties to create a tranquil experience.

This routing allows you to relax and ground yourself in the present moment.

When we take time to tune into our bodies, we are better equipped to handles the emotionally-taxing events throughout our day.


The Natural Face Lift


People shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars for facial procedures and fillers in hopes of creating a natural, youthful look – and sometimes it looks good.

But what if you could attain a more youthful look, naturally?

One that doesn’t look too stretched or puffy!

Reversing the signs of aging is a guarantee with consistent Gua Sha practice.

Because you are constantly stimulating your skin and facial muscles with your Gua Sha, you are improving and energizing your circulation significantly!

The pulling motion of the Gua Sha gives you’re an instant lift, while consistent use promotes long-term depuffing and lifting benefits!

Various Gua Sha Massage Tools Display


Glowing Skin


When our skin is dull it can make us look older, tired, and less vibrant – not great for the ‘gram! Glowing skin gives the impression of youth and vitality.

Dull skin can be caused by weather, lack of hydration, and poor circulation among other things.

So how does Gua Sha benefit lackluster skin?

It is all about the improved circulation.

You gotta’ get the flow goin’, to get the glow goin’!

The gentle scraping motion of the Gua Sha helps your flood circulation and lymphatic function, which means dewy, supple skin for you!

Gua Sha can also help your skin better absorb moisturizers and serums, which lead to more effective results!


Overall Skin Improvement


We have all had our fair share of skin issues – acne, puffy eyes, wrinkles, rosacea, saggy skin, this list goes on and on!

We buy expensive creams, serums, peels, and face masks – not to mention the procedures!

All with the hope that we can chase away our skin nightmares.

Look no further, girl.

Gua Sha benefits the skin in so many ways, it makes our skin nightmares disappear with a *poof* of smoke.

By improving circulation and helping to detoxify the skin, Gua Sha has been shown to alleviate puffiness and wrinkles, while also improving acne and other visible skin abnormalities.

Okay, it’s time, we are on our way to Amazon right now to get that one-day delivery on a cute Gua Sha!

Just kidding, but in case you have a burning desire to get your Gua Sha, here is the best choice we found on the Amazon:

Jade Roller &Amp; Gua Sha Set

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set (Rose Quarz)

Chances are if something has been around for hundreds of years, the results can be assumed to be promising.  Gua Sha benefits are endless – it really has evolved from its initial uses and forms to create an all-in-one skincare dream routine that helps us improve our skin and calm our minds.

Note from the author: I can’t decide which skin issue I want to tackle first, but I am extremely excited to start – and I hope you too!

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