4 Essential Reasons To Practice Self Care

Updated on August 22, 2020

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Is your ever-increasing busy life stealing away your self care? I know, it probably is.

With jobs, studies, families to juggle (and a host of other responsibilities), self care is often pushed away as not being a priority.

I understand – I do it myself too. It’s just an effortless way to create time for other things.

But pushing self care to the back burner is usually counterproductive.

Lack of self care can really affect your ability to remain productive so all the time you save is not spent effectively.

It can be extremely easy to dismiss self care if you don’t completely understand its importance.


4 Essential Reasons To Practice Self Care


Why is self care important?

Let’s find out by taking a look at 4 important things.

1. Emotional Health


Self care shouldn’t be viewed as a guilty pleasure or an option that you can easily forgo. It is a detrimental aspect of maintaining your optimal health.

By exercising, eating well and finding enough time to rest, your well on your way to becoming a self care guru, but the real benefits hide in restoration.

Self care is essential for managing your hormones.

In other words, by taking care of yourself, your body is able to regulate and balance itself.

This way, your moods and emotions remain stable.

Also, research shows that self care improves the flora in our gut.

Since the gut has a direct link to the brain, it can further impact your moods and emotions.

Flourishing gut flora works on lowering your stress levels and keeping your emotional health in check.

Why is self care important: reason number 1 – It balances your emotions and processes that are related to them. 


2. Physical Health


Today’s society is plagued with jobs that require extended periods of sitting down.

I am a witness of that myself – being a blogger/designer means spending thousands of hours sitting.

When I was younger, I didn’t really care. 

Sure, my neck would hurt sometimes but I didn’t understand that the real damage was building up in my spine.

Now I’m in my late twenties, and I already have mild scoliosis – only because I was sitting too much and incorrectly through all those years.

I also ignored the fact that I need to take breaks.

Now I no longer can sit for long times because it aggravates my sciatica nerve too.

As you can see, my body was able to withstand the lack of self care until a certain limit or until it couldn’t do that anymore.

I am happy it’s nothing more serious but just imagine how many ways lack of self care can manifest in our bodies!

It’s definitely something we want to avoid.

If you are feeling the lack of self care manifesting in your body, don’t get sad.

You can always start fresh and work on helping your body rebuild.

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A simple physical self care routine, where you eat healthily, exercise and rest enough can help reverse the damage caused by stress.

Also, exercising helps you sleep better.

So grab a self care planner, decide on your health goals for the next month and start working on them today.


Why is self care important: reason number 2 – It helps you feel better physically + keeps your body healthy. 


3. Mental Health


Stress often results in a release of the cortisol hormone.

While it’s actually beneficial (especially in times of difficulty), too much of it is damaging to your health.

Too much cortisol, caused by prolonged stress, can lead to depression and anxiety in no time.

Moreover, cortisol inhibits your ability to remember or even concentrate on the tasks.

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Self care helps you manage stress levels adequately and lower the amount of cortisol in your body.

By taking care of yourself and taking time to relax, you can learn to destress yourself and, in turn, help to protect and even improve your mental health.

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Why is self care important: reason number 3 – It lowers your stress levels and protects you from stress damage. 


4. Spiritual Health


A good spiritual health is just as important.

Sometimes it’s hard to define or understand what it is, but I like to think of it as a sense of having a purpose, or fulfillment.

Self care helps you to maintain this spiritual health and it’s not that hard too!

Spiritual self care usually involves easy and enjoyable activities like mindfulness, meditation, journaling, praying or expressing gratitude.

Here are a few journals I use myself to take care of my spiritual health:

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By journaling, praying and meditating at the beginning or the end of your day, you can recenter and sort your thoughts + fina meaning in anything you do.

This way, you are better prepared to face what’s coming next.

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Why is self care important: reason number 4 – It maintains your spiritual wellbeing and feeds your soul.

As you can see, a good self care routine is crucial for a strong body and a balanced soul.

But at the end of the day, it’s not really about answering that question of why is self care important.

If you take care of yourself, both your body and mind will be healthy and flourishing like a well-watered plant.

Take some time every day to engage in something enjoyable and relaxing.

Your weekends should also involve some self care so you can unwind after a long week and prepare for the next one.

If you don’t know where to start, check out these resources that can guide you in the right direction:

A guide to self care basics – learn where to begin

50 self care activities to boost your overall wellbeing

Self Care Planner printable – create personalized self care routines

“Love Yourself” Bundle – printable journaling pack for self care & self discovery


That’s it! Ready to make your self care a priority? Start today by planning an hour completely for yourself, even if it’s just sitting and listening to the music you like. You deserved it.

And if you like these tips – scroll down for more of them below.

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