7 Remote Medical Jobs That Allow You To Help Others Wherever You Are

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Remote Pharmacist As An Example Of Remote Medical Jobs

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The healthcare industry is always in need of talented workers to staff their nursing homes, hospitals, and medical practices. Although nurse practitioners and doctors are in high demand, you can’t perform many of their tasks remotely. In this article, we’re exploring remote medical jobs that are just as needed as physical contact jobs.


7 of the Most In-Demand and Remote Medical Jobs


It’s hard to believe that some of the most in-demand healthcare jobs can be performed at home, but as the health industry continues to change, more and more remote medical jobs will become available.


1. Telephone Triage Nurse


The rapid adoption of telehealth and telemedicine is one of the few positive things that came out of the pandemic. Now, it’s possible for most nurses to work from home and provide patient care. To become a telephone triage nurse, you have to first have a nursing degree or equivalent.

Telephone triage nurses speak to patients via text, phone call, or video chat, evaluate patient symptoms, recommend courses of treatment, provide information, and prescribe medicine.

Remote medical jobs in this sphere will require you to have the same breadth of knowledge, empathy, and communication skills as in-hospital nurse staff. At the same time, you will need to learn how to evaluate symptoms over the phone, which could be a challenge.

Telephone triage nurses make around $65,000 per year.

Medical Doctor As One Of The Remote Medical Jobs That Allow To Consult Patients Online


2. Development Coordinator


Some remote medical jobs circle around bringing more money to the healthcare industry.

Development coordinators develop fundraisers that support nonprofit healthcare organizations. They make sure organizations are able to reach their funding goals, so they can continue to stay in operation. Depending on their position, they may plan fundraiser seminars and events.

To succeed as a development coordinator, you need to have great collaboration skills and a “go-getter” attitude. Organization, management, and planning skills are a must.

Development coordinators make around $50,000 a year and can speak to customers via phone or video chat.


3. Medical Assistant


One of the most-required remote medical jobs is the role of a medical assistant.

When medical assistant works from home, they’re responsible for coordinating appointments, handling administrative tasks, and performing phone triage. To schedule meetings, reach out to patients, and coordinate with insurance companies, medical assistants must get certified.

You can even get your certification online. For example, Prism Career Institute offers a medical assistant program in New Jersey that includes on-campus classrooms or remote instruction.

Any great medical assistant will be a good communicator, empathetic and compassionate, really meticulous, and extremely adaptable. Usually, medical assistants have to wait at least 6 months until they can transition to a fully remote role.

On average, assistants make $50,000 per year.


4. Medical Transcriptionist


A medical transcriptionist is someone who transcribes doctor’s notes and patient information from voice recordings. They’re responsible for creating clear and concise written reports. This entry-level job doesn’t require a degree.

To succeed in this role, medical transcriptionists need great typing skills, strong attention to detail, and familiarity with medical terms. If you want to improve your skills as a remote medical transcriptionist, you can take a free class on Udemy or watch instructional videos on YouTube.

On average, transcriptionists make $30,000 per year.


5. Medical Biller


If you’re looking for remote medical jobs that aren’t necessarily focused on direct medical health, there’s an option to look at.

Medical billers will review and process medical claims for the purpose of reimbursements. While you should be familiar with medical terms and medical procedures, you don’t need a degree to apply as a biller. However, a bachelor’s in business, medicine, or administration can help.

Medical billers are responsible for collecting and reviewing referrals and pre-authorizations, monitoring and recording late payments, and following up on missed healthcare payments.

All you’ll need is a phone and a computer to start your career as a medical biller.

The average biller makes $30,000 per year to start, but you can earn more if you learn how to code. Medical coding is an in-demand skill, and you can learn how to do it online and get certified at AAPC.


6. Health Information Technician


Health information technicians spend most of their time managing patient records for healthcare facilities. Technicians are responsible for protecting sensitive patient information, using software to analyze patient data, and finding ways to improve patient care and reduce treatment costs.

To succeed in technical remote medical jobs, you should be familiar with medical procedures and medical terms. You will also need great organizational skills and decent tech knowledge.

Technicians make $48,000 per year and can work from home if they use computer software and applications.


7. Remote Pharmacist


Pharmacists are normally in charge of preparing and dispensing medication, but remote pharmacists can’t take their labs with them. Instead of providing patients with medicine, they take a consulting role by offering care and safety tips to those who call in for their services.

However, a remote pharmacist may also handle prescriptions for mail-order drug companies and short and long-term care facilities, ensuring their orders are fulfilled safely and efficiently.

All pharmacists, including remote ones, must have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to practice. Most remote pharmacists go back and forth between in-pharmacy and remote roles, depending on where they’re needed.

The starting salary for pharmacists is $115,000 per year on average.

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