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How To Create A Deeply Relaxing Meditation Room

Create your own meditation room where you can relax and shut off the world entirely.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Meditation Room Accessories Examples

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Clean And Bright Meditation Room With Plants And Pillows

Imagine yourself coming home, changing your clothes, and going to a special room where everything around you is dedicated for a sole purpose – your deep, soothing, calming relaxation.

Every single thing here feels Zen and invites you to immerse in a calming meditation…

This is a meditation room – your sanctuary, a hidden space where you can relax and shut off the world entirely.


Why Have a Meditation Room?


Having a meditation room (or simply a corner) can be incredibly beneficial to your mental health

Not only does it give you a space to meditate, but it also works as a perfect hideout when you want to be by yourself (I can almost hear all the introverts cheering!)

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Sometimes all we need to relax, decompress and slow our rushing thoughts is simply to be in a silent, peaceful, and tranquil place.

A meditation room serves perfectly for that purpose.

A nice and inviting meditation room can also encourage you to stick with your self care habits like mindfulness and journaling.

Since these activities require you to focus and come back to the present moment, it’s so much easier to that when you’re in a meditation room.


What Is Needed For a Meditation Room?

Meditation Room Basics

Let’s find out!

P.S. you don’t need to find a bigger apartment – these things can make any room a meditation room.


1. Choose a comfortable seating


The best thing you can get for your meditation room is meditation chair.

But if you don’t want to purchase extra furniture, simple pillows work great, and you can also have a thick yoga mat if you like to meditate lying down.


2. Let in some fresh air


Being in a Zen atmosphere feels amazing. Doing breathing meditation in this atmosphere is even more amazing.

Let in some fresh air to fill your meditation room with clean and revitalizing oxygen.

Close your eyes and just breathe for a few minutes – you will find yourself relaxing more and more with each restorative breath.

If for any reason you don’t want to open your windows (for example, if you live in a really polluted city), you can clean your air with an Air Purifier.

Woman Enjoying Fresh Air In Her Meditation Room


3. Make sure everything is tidy and clean


It’s hard to create a relaxing atmosphere when everything around is messy.

So, before doing these changes, try to tidy up.

Even more – declutter every corner once and for all to feel a long-lasting bliss!

It will help you feel much calmer and make your meditation room even more enjoyable.

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4. Choose natural and earthy colors


What is the best color for a meditation room?

Shades of brown, white, grey, and black are all calming and match together.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere with bold and bright colors is hard.

Therefore, stick with natural tones with everything in your meditation room for a soothing, unified feel.


5. Use natural fabrics


Natural, earthy colored fabrics can also add a huge bonus to your meditation room atmosphere.

When choosing curtains, rugs, plaids, and pillows, choose more natural fabrics.

Linen, cotton, silk, and other natural fabrics will enhance your meditation room, protect your skin from irritation, and go well with the relaxing atmosphere you’re creating.


6. Tune down room decor


The fewer objects in your meditation room – the better.

Having too many decorative objects in the room can actually feel stressful.

If you have too much room decor but don’t know how to declutter, try out the Marie Kondo method.

Take each item in your hands and ask yourself – does this thing spark joy?

This will help you decide on which things are worth saving and which should go.


Must-Have Meditation Room Accessories


1. Bring nature inside with home plants


Green, lush plants can make you feel like you’re in nature and nature has a perfect calming effect on every human being.

A few leafy plants will make your meditation room feel serene and clean the air inside it.

Also, taking care of the plants can become a pretty meditative hobby.

Meditation Room Decorate With Plants And Buddha Statue

If you’re wondering what plants are good for a meditation room, you will never go wrong with lush pothos, rubber plants, zamioculcas, and vine plants.


2. Install (or fake) an aquarium


Watching beautiful little fish swim around can feel hypnotizing and also – deeply calming.

If you don’t want to spend any money or feel like it will need too much of your care, you can simply turn on a high-quality aquarium video on Youtube.

It may work just as well!

Colorful Fish Aquarium As An Idea For Meditation Room

If you’re planning to create a meditation space outdoors, try adding a water feature – a small pond or a few outdoor water fountains can create an extra peaceful atmosphere.


3. Grow a bonsai


Bonsai trees instantly create an association with eastern cultures, which is where all the meditation roots are.

Having a beautiful bonsai tree will enrich your plant collection and enhance the relaxing atmosphere in your meditation room.

A Bonsai Tree As A Meditation Room Decor


4. Consider a mini indoor waterfall


Water stream sounds are calming and can be a huge addition to your meditation room.

One of my favorite ways to meditate is by listening to water sounds in nature and having a piece of that nature inside is just tranquil.

Mini waterfalls work great on creating a light water stream melody and look beautiful too!


5. Decorate with natural materials


Natural materials look great, and one could also say they emit some positive energy around them.

Look for things like:

  • Stones
  • Crystals
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Shells
  • Flowers

Colorful Crystals As An Idea For Meditation Room

6. Incorporate a bamboo element


Another natural material that deserves to be mentioned separately.

Bamboo is almost immediately associated with eastern cultures where feng shui, tai chi, and other calming concepts originate from.

Add a bamboo screen, a mini bamboo track, or a coffee table runner for a nice eastern element in your serene meditation room.



Create a Soothing Meditation Room Ambience


1. Light some candles


Probably the easiest way to instantly create a relaxing, sanctuary-like atmosphere and get yourself into a meditative mood.

Buy several candles and place them on a safe surface where their heat won’t damage or set on fire the surroundings.

If you can choose natural wax, and unscented candles, it’s even better since they don’t contain any lung-irritating fragrances, but these are hard to find these days.

I personally can’t resist beautiful glass candles.

Glass Candles And Plants On A Table In A Meditation Room


2. Burn some frankincense


Frankincense is an aromatic resin from a Boswellia tree and has a gentle, woody aroma.

It’s believed to have a calming, soothing, anxiety, and stress-relieving effect, therefore – perfect for your meditation room.

To release all the fantastic smells of frankincense, you have to heat it.

Luckily, these days you can get simple frankincense sticks that are easy to use and can make your meditation room smell amazing in seconds.

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3. Steam some essential oils


If frankincense doesn’t sound appealing, try essential oils.

Essential oils have mesmerizing smells and are also biologically active, which means they can impact the way you feel. 

Excellent essential oil can improve your mood, help you focus, or fall asleep better – it all depends on which one you choose.

You can get an essential oil diffuser to release their magic, use a candle with a heating bowl or simply add a few drops to a bowl of steaming hot water.

When buying essential oil, try to look for 100% natural oils for the greatest benefits.

Essential oils enhance the feeling of peace, balance, and serenity, and when they’re 100% pure – perfect for any bedroom or meditation room.


4. Turn on a humidifier


Air humidity is important for your skin, breathing and those lush plants I mentioned before.

It may sound silly, but to me, being near a humidifier feels like I’m in Bali and it just rained. 


5. Turn on a bird song


Chirping birds can add to this Zen feel you’re trying to create in your meditation room.

A lot of people are keeping real birds, but I think it’s not cool to keep those little flying creatures in cages…

Instead, just play a bird song from Youtube – there are a thousand videos to choose from, and it doesn’t hurt a single birdie!


6. Dim the lights


Create a relaxing meditation room setting instantly by dimming the lights.

If you can’t dim the existing lighting, buy a simple floor lamp and install a very soft, yellow glow bulb.


Your Meditation Room Is Your Sanctuary


I hope you found a lot of ideas for your perfect meditation room or simply a corner at your home to reap the benefits of slowing down.

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