6 Things To Do If You Feel Stressed And Depressed At The Same Time

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Life challenges can leave you stressed. But the continuous stress of competition, work, academics, trauma, or any other reason even can lead your way to depression as well. While this position is undoubtedly hard on anyone, understanding why you feel this way, and what you can do to change it, is crucial.


Feeling Stressed And Depressed: How To Help Yourself To Get Better


What Does It Mean To Be Stressed And Depressed?


You feel stressed out when you are under a lot of mental and emotional pressure. It is often triggered by something that has happened to you recently – you probably felt like “it’s too much” or “really hard to handle”.

Depression, on the other hand, is a serious issue that can last for several days, weeks, months, or years in some cases. You could have a bitter experience, a bad trauma, or anything that might have triggered your depression, and you can often feel that depression is out of your control or that you are just exhausted. When things go out of control for a long time, it is possible to feel stressed and depressed at the same time.

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Common Signs You’re Both Stressed And Depressed On a Daily Basis


Most of the symptoms of both stress and depression are also the same. Often, stress actually triggers depression which is a result of poor stress management and negative thinking.

Common signs that you’re stressed and depressed are:

  • Unhappiness
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Lack Of Energy
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Headaches
  • Loss Of Joy
  • Sadness

If you feel stressed and depressed at the same time, you might also feel very much frustrated about your situation. However, do not lose your hope. There are a few things that you can do to deal with this unpleasant combination in a better way.

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Six Things To Do To Help Yourself Feel Less Stressed And Depressed


1. Exercise To Reduce Stress Levels And Improve Your Mood


It is scientifically proven that exercise relieves stress and induces hormones such as endorphins to reduce the effects of mental pressure. Therefore, exercising can be extremely helpful when you’re feeling stressed and depressed – just because exercise helps with both. Additionally, exercising lessens your fatigue and leaves you feeling fresher and more active.

If you are feeling blue and you don’t think you are capable of anything, do a little exercise (simply choose one on Youtube, or go on a walk outside) and you might notice at least a minor change in your mindset.


2. Talk About Your Feelings


We often don’t talk about how we feel… We are shy and embarrassed to admit that we get stressed and depressed fast – or that we are unable to get out of our bed every day. Yet hiding your problem isn’t going to help.

When you’re stressed and depressed, it can be extremely helpful to talk about the way you feel to a trustworthy friend or someone close to you. Let it all vent out and allow yourself to be supported. Simply talking about your emotions and spilling them all out can be a real game-changer in battling that “stressed and depressed” feeling.

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3. Journal Your Thoughts And Feelings On a Daily Basis


When you are stressed and depressed, you need to get some time for yourself. This is the time to be with yourself, collect yourself and create a healthy self-support routine.

One of the best things you can do to yourself is to write a journal about how you feel and what happened. You can write about the things that you are grateful for, the things that make you sad, your feelings and thoughts. This works in a similar way as talking to a loved one and it can also help you find a more supportive part of your mindset. Also, writing is a great activity to freshen up your mind and to lessen the effects of stress and depression on your mind.

It’s important to note that sometimes, just acknowledging the way you feel can be extremely helpful. For example, if you feel sad, just tell yourself: “I’m sad right now!”. Because there is nothing wrong with being stressed and depressed – these are normal human feelings and once you allow yourself to accept them, they become less and less intense. You don’t need to hide from the sadness or “make it stop”. Just allow yourself to feel it, to experience it, and while it may sound unpleasant, it’s one of the best ways to make this sadness smaller.

If you would like to try journaling, but don’t know where to start, you can try out my printable journals. They’re ready to be printed in a few minutes so you can start your journaling practice right away. They’re also themed, which means you can get a journal for your thoughts, anxiety, worry, or gratitude specifically. Here are a few of them that would help the most when you’re stressed and depressed:


4. Make It a Habit To Reward Yourself


Tired of all those things that make you stressed and depressed? Go ahead and allow yourself to take a break. Watch a movie, go to a park, invite some friends over, have a fancy meal, or do whatever pleases you, makes you happy or interested. You ought to have a good time with yourself and feel worthy of feeling well again – this is how you can get back to your normal life. Take as many small joyful moments as you possibly can a the moment, especially after:

  • You completed a task
  • Did something you didn’t want to do
  • Changed a negative thought with something more helpful
  • Focused on the brighter side of the situation.


5. If You Can, Adopt a Pet


Scientifically, it is proven that owning a pet can lead to better mental health. It can be hard work at first but, as you move on with it, you will be able to distract yourself from the things that were making you feel stressed and depressed before.

Pets provide unconditional love and attention that is great for your mental health at the moment + you get some actual activities to do (like taking care of your pet, taking it out for a walk, playing with it), so it can help you if you’ve also been inactive. Also, having a new pet allows you to feel like you are making a change in your life (because you do!). It can work as an invisible marker, separating you from the sadness and helping you to focus on the future.

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6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Professional Help


If you are trying to keep up the pace and do everything you can, you must be on your way to recovery. If it is not like that, then the best thing to do would be to seek professional help. You can’t just spend your life on your sofa or bed… You need to seek the help you deserve and get back to your life. Your mental health is very much important and it should be your priority. If you’ve been feeling stressed and depressed for a long time, don’t wait any longer – help yourself by talking to a counselor, psychologist, or mental wellness coach.


It Is Normal To Feel Stressed And Depressed Sometimes. But It Shouldn’t Last For Too Long.


No matter what you have gone through, you have a life ahead of you and you owe it to your mind and body… Feeling stressed and depressed at the same time sure is challenging, but you can help yourself by taking small steps towards the real, normal, and happy you.  Start practicing these tips today to fight and make yourself feel better. Remind yourself every morning – you deserve to live a happy and healthy life. You deserve to get back on your feet. You deserve to thrive.

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