How To Cope With Anxiety Naturally: 5 Ideas To Try Now

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A black ink writing tool with a pink card that has inspirational quote written on itI’ve been anxious my whole life. 

Preschool. School. Uni. Work. Relationships.

You name it! Being sensitive is not easy.

Heck, sometimes it can legitimately drive you crazy (and if you came to read this, you probably already know that).

Anxiety is hard to beat completely, but there’s good news – it can be managed.

Through time and practice, one can learn to be less anxious and… a little bit braver. 

When you feel anxious, it’s important to slow down and take things easy.

Here are some of the activities I do when my anxiety level is skyrocketing (and if you want to track your anxiety levels too, take a look at this tracker).


How To Cope With Anxiety Naturally: 5 Ideas To Try Now


1) Decompress as soon as you can.


A blonde woman sits in a relaxing decorated room with candles and plays with her white dog


Had a major stress event? Maybe a stressful day? Month? A year?..

You need to start decompressing. Get somewhere comfy as soon as you can and as often as you can.

I mean, if someone asked me how to cope with anxiety faster, I would say – go to the comfiest place you can find and do something you love the most, right away!

The reason it works is very simple – once you make your brain think about pleasurable things, the stress response in your body begins to slowly subside.

Anything can be useful here – candlelit atmosphere, soothing music, purring cat on your lap, rain sounds, calming guided meditation – anything you like.

I personally love warm water. Step in your shower or bathtub and let the warm water soothe you – it works like a magic potion.

Forget about hair masks or leg shaving – these can wait! Try not to think about anything and concentrate only on this amazing feeling on your skin.

I usually sit in my shower for good 30 minutes (I know it’s wasteful but sometimes anxiety needs such measures) and, even though it doesn’t remove my problems, it relieves tight muscles and I feel a little better immediately.

Another way to deeply relax is by using high-quality essential oil blends. 

A good, relaxing essential oil can lift weeks of stress in minutes.

You can use essential oils in a diffuser, add a few drops in your hot steaming shower or add to your body lotion if it’s suitable for topical use. Here are some great blends I’ve discovered recently:

Natural relaxing things are much healthier to your body… and that leads me to my next tip.


2) Drink valerian root tea or take magnesium.


If you’re not allergic to valerian root, this calming herb can be a real lifesaver when coping with anxiety.

You can find it in many forms – tea, tincture or tablet supplements and it works by giving your body a calming effect.

I usually sip valerian root tea with some honey and it helps me feel less tense and anxious in about 15 minutes. It also helps me fall asleep and works as a natural muscle relaxant too.

If you’re not familiar with valerian root or can’t find it where you live, Magnesium is another supplement that gives a similar effect and is more available.

Just be careful about the dosage – too much magnesium will result in prolonged bathroom sessions.


3) Write down your thoughts.


A girl with a comfy sweater writes in her anxiety journal


How to cope with anxiety when your thoughts are running like crazy and keep creating those unpleasant feelings in your body? Let them out!

Writing down helps to clear your mind and let it rest.

When I encounter a serious overthinking period, it’s almost the only way to stop my thoughts from running around like crazy.

If it’s just general anxiety, I use my Anxiety Journal to do some mindfulness breathing and thought dumping, maybe choose something from the Triggers & Helpers list to redirect my attention.

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If I am worrying like crazy and feel restless, the absolute best way to deal for me is a short guided meditation and The Worry Workbook which I absolutely swear by.

It encourages self-support and gently forces you to evaluate negative thoughts – are they real, or just imagined?

Can I change the situation?

Am I avoiding something?

How can I comfort and support myself?..

It’s silly how often I find myself worrying about something that is only in my head – the thing is not even real, come on!

Read more about this: Anxiety Journals and how they can help you

Here are those journals that I use:


4) Talk to someone you trust.


If you can, talk to someone you trust. Sometimes other people can give you very valuable tips on how to cope with anxiety in your particular situation – they can see everything clearly and more rationally than you do.

Make sure the person is understanding and non-judgemental – you don’t need to listen to anything negative right now.

If you don’t have that kind of person or no one is available now, it is totally fine to use online therapy websites. Or, you can also download an app like 9 Cups Of Tea to your phone and chat with trained strangers for free (hey, anything that helps!).

*If you feel like your anxiety is getting out of control I really, really recommend considering therapy. I don’t know why it sometimes has a bad stigma, but many people have benefited from it and I think it’s at least worth trying.


5) How to cope with anxiety when nothing else helps? Let it pass.


A girl sitting with comfy clothes, in a relaxing environment and eats popcorn

Finally, if nothing really helps my anxiety, I just let it be and try to do something easy and pleasant, like watching TV.

Thoughts, worries, troubles, bad feelings… they all pass – sooner or later. Always.

And if I can’t eliminate my anxiety completely, I try to learn to embrace it.

It’s the part of me at the moment – and that’s fine!

It’s OK to not feel ok.

It’s totally normal to be sad.

At the end of the day, this too shall pass anyway, but you will come out stronger, even if your anxiety attack will take days to pass (yes, it has happened to me before… yet I’m still OK).


How To Cope With Anxiety At Work


Of course, we’re not always in a place where we can cuddle up in our blankets and sip valerian root tea (which can make you sleepy!).

Coping with anxiety at work is another task of a sensitive soul, but essentially – it’s still the same anxiety, same “fight or flight” reaction you’re trying to diffuse. Here’s what you can do to cope with anxiety at work, naturally:

  1. Step out of your cabinet, cubicle or work desk and go outside. Take a lot of slow, deep breaths.
  2. Try to concentrate your attention on your senses – what can you see? smell? taste? hear? Do not judge anything, just name it. It’s a perfect mindfulness exercise that helps you to get grounded.
  3. Write down your thoughts on your phone. Writing your thoughts down helps to take some load off of your head, so this can also help you to cope with anxiety. The trick to do it discreetly is to use your phone. Open a note-taking app and write your feelings down.
  4. Remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with not feeling 100%. It’s okay to feel anxious – it’s just one of the big range of emotions we as humans can feel. Yet, it will not last forever. Anxious thoughts and feeling will pass and you will be ok again, trust me. There were hundreds of times when I thought that I am doomed to be anxious every single day, but it changed. It will change for you as well, be patient and self-compassionate with yourself until then.


More Resources On How To Cope With Anxiety Naturally


Here’s a ton of additional resources I recommend for everyone trying to cope with anxiety in natural ways ❤️ All of the tips and resources I provide come from my personal experience with anxiety, so you can rest assured that I totally GET IT. I’ve been living with anxiety for a long time so I really know what it feels like. However, living with it for so long also allowed me to gather a lot of helpful knowledge on how to cope with anxiety and stop / release it naturally. I am glad to share it all:


P. S. Want to learn how to cope with anxiety, withstand worry spells and find relief at the comfort of your home?


I really recommend you to get my instantly downloadable Anxiety Management Bundle to start your anti-anxiety journal practice. You can print and start it in a few minutes and it’s an easy way to start working on your negative thoughts, conquer them. reshape them and learn to be more positive and brave.

This bundle features 4 most popular printable anxiety journals and tools from ShineSheets store and is available to download right now. You can write down your thoughts in an anxiety journal, diffuse your worry in a guided workbook, track your sleep and anxiety levels and learn to manage your anxiety safely and medication-free. It may sound weird if you never tried journaling, but to many people, including me, it was a game-changer.

I wish you to stay resilient and keep fighting. Every rain is ultimately followed by a burst of sunshine. Stay strong!

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How To Cope With Anxiety Naturally: 5 Ideas To Try Now 1840sharesI’ve been anxious my whole life.  Preschool. School. Uni. Work. Relationships. You name it! Being sensitive is not easy. Heck, sometimes it can legitimately drive you crazy (and if you came to read this, you probably already know that). Anxiety is hard to beat completely, but there’s good news – it can be managed. Through […]
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