How To DIY a Perfect Detox Bath

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Picture Portraying How To Diy A Perfect Detox Bath

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Diy Detox Bath Ingredients And Salt On The Table

With the 43720 things already on your to-do list, here’s one self care ritual that’ll be sure to ease any stress!

A detox bath is amazing for removing toxicities and impurities that adhere to us while we run around day by day.

Also, it allows our bodies to absorb nourishing nutrients and minerals in the water. You’ve probably already tried detox superfoods like kale juices and beet salads, but how about detoxing your skin? Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so it deserves tons of love and TLC. This is where a detox bath comes in!


DIY Detox Bath: Everything You Need To Know


What can go into a detox bath?


The truth is – it’s completely up to you! Some people make a detox bath the highlight of their week, going shopping specifically for yummy and rejuvenating ingredients to go into their bath.

If you’re more of a last-minute person (like me), don’t fret! A detox bath could even be made up of household items you most likely already have. The most common items that can go into a detox bath are: apple cider vinegar, orange/lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, sage, rosemary, thyme, ginger, rose petals, chamomile, essential oils, or baking soda. Many of these ingredients can be found in local holistic health shops or even Asian and Mexican markets.

Woman Having A Detox Bath

However, the number one ingredient for any detox bath is Epsom salt.


What is Epsom salt?


Epsom salt is much different than the regular table salt you use to season your food. A 2005 study found that magnesium salts may be useful in reducing inflammation, and although this is just a correlative relationship, relaxing in a warm bath is deeply beneficial in many ways.

Epsom salt has been relied on for generations for its soothing and pain-relieving properties. Epsom salt has been used as a home treatment for sore muscles, arthritis, bruises and sprains, fibromyalgia, sunburn pain, and redness, or itching caused by poison ivy. Epsom salt can be bought at most major supermarkets, beauty stores, and even online. The ease of access and the range of benefits makes Epsom salt the must-have ingredient for any detox bath.

Picture Portraying How To Diy A Perfect Detox Bath


How should I set up my detox bath?


Again, completely up to you! Some weeks you may need a citrus-infused detox bath with lots of herbal essences to wake up tired muscles and mind, but other weeks you may need a sleepy chamomile-based bath to relax and destress. Check-in with yourself and to notice what you need!

A good rule of thumb for a detox bath is to always have some core herbal and organic ingredients, as this will initiate the detox process while providing relaxing scents. A detox bath is a holistic experience, for all your senses.

For instance, aromatherapy is naturally created with a detox bath filled with lots of yummy and fragrant ingredients. Next, the bath is visually appealing when you add in cut citrus peels, lavender, rose petals, or even some mild bubbles. Lastly, of course, the sense of touch is given a treat when you sink into a warm bath at the end of the day.

To create this perfect detox bath, gather all of your ingredients. If you’re adding citrus peels, carefully peel your lemon or orange and chop the peel up into about inch size pieces. You can also add just whole lemon or orange slices into your bath, cutting them into about ½ an inch in thickness. These citrusy smells have also been shown to reduce depression, increase wakefulness, and ease exhaustion.

When you’re ready to begin your detox bath, run the water pretty warm. If you like it hotter, go for it! Add any essential oils or fragrances you may like, taking care to pour it directly under the stream of running water. This will ensure the oils are distributed throughout your bath and mixed in thoroughly.

Then, add the rest of your ingredients! There’s no one order to throw in your revitalizing ingredients, as long as they all end up in your detox bath. Once you’re finally in, play some relaxing and soft music. Feel free to even read a book while you’re in the detox bath, careful not to drop your lovely read into the water! Sometimes, meditating with your eyes closed in your detox bath can be even a mindful and spiritually detoxifying experience.

Picture Portraying How To Diy A Perfect Detox Bath

With so many things on our plate nowadays, this is one task you’ll actually be looking forward to! Make a detox bath part of your weekly or monthly self-care routine – your body and mind will definitely thank you. Indulging in a detox bath is both relaxing and nourishing, inside and out. If you have enough time to binge one more episode of that Netflix series, you definitely have time to treat yourself to a personalized detox bath.

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