Worry Workbook Printable (13 Pages)


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Worry is uncomfortable. It makes you feel anxious, restless, scared, and sometimes it’s even so powerful that you can’t get yourself to calm down.

We all have to go through worrying situations sometimes. But, while worrying is completely normal, the one thing you need to know is that it can be relieved and minimized.

This Worry Journal is so perfect when you’re worried. With it, you can write your worrying thoughts down, inspect them and work on them to feel less scared. It helps you gently challenge negative thoughts and dissolve the scenarios that aren’t even real yet.

Don’t be fooled – it’s not just a simple printable. It’s a powerful tool, filled with helpful journaling prompts and supporting activities to help you calm down and start worrying less.




Why spend your time worrying, being uncomfortable and scared, when there are ways to help you feel better? 

Writing your worrying thoughts down helps you clear your mind, challenge negativities and let it go when possible.

This Worry Workbook is one of the best ways to get relief when you find yourself worrying, being restless or overthinking.

With this journal you can:

Calm down your worry by practicing relaxing journaling activities.

Change unhelpful thoughts to more positive ones and become more resilient.

○ Learn to evaluate your worry and be OK with it happening.

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How to use this journal to relieve your worry


  • Print this workbook.
  • If you are using this workbook for the first time, I recommend going from page 1 up to the end to experience a therapy-like effect. After doing the first activities you should feel at least a little better.
  • Next time you feel worried, go through the pages (activities) and find the ones that fit your situation best. Print and write, write, write! Get negative thoughts out of your head and challenge them – there’s no need to suffer with overthinking.


Great tools you get


With instant digital access, you will get PDF files with a total of 13 pages. These pages contain activities, lists, and templates that will be your helpful tools when you’re worried.

You will have journaling templates to calm down, encourage yourself and provoke action when needed.

Most importantly, you will always have a printable worry remedy that can be printed every time when you need it with no subsequent payment. Just buy once and use it for years!

I guarantee you will need it at least once for sure.

This journal will be your handy tool when worry takes over or simply when stressful situations happen. And we all know that they do happen – it’s an inevitable fact of life. Thankfully, we have the ability to choose how we handle these situations. A Worry Workbook is a perfect tool for when you want to handle them being brave, balanced and calm.  

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