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How To Stop Worrying About The Future + Helpful Resources

Future is unpredictable, but focusing on what you can’t know is not an option.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Doing Mindfulness Activities To Stop Worrying About The Future

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Beautiful Woman Sits Outside And Is Worrying About The Future

Nowadays, we are prone to constantly worry about the future.

Various day-to-day problems, workplace insecurities, a never-ending growth of daily costs, and even things like bad news on TV can make us worry about the future more than usual.

Yet at the same time, there are situations for which there are no real reasons to worry, but we’re so sensitized already that even thought about something going wrong can leave us overly tense.

This leads to anxiety and depression, which is why specialists warn us about the side effects of worrying.

Worrying is a natural reaction to an imminent threat and leads to a constant feeling of helplessness. The first step towards dealing with this is to ask ourselves if worrying really serves any useful purpose.


Stop Worrying About The Future: Why + How


Why do you need to stop worrying about the future?

There are various reasons why it is best to stop worrying about the future:

  • Worries make you waste the precious present moment;
  • Worries don’t really serve as a tool for controlling the future;
  • Worries may exaggerate the possible future unrealistically;
  • Worries are not constructive;
  • Worries can negatively impact how the brain works.

And there are quite a few benefits of worrying less:

  • Happier life;
  • Healthier body, mind and soul;
  • Peace and calmer living;
  • Improved cognitive functions;
  • Better self esteem.

It’s not a secret that a positive mindset can aid you in gaining better control over your life, and at the same time – improve your overall health.

Now, worrying won’t stop overnight.

But with a bit of dedication and hard work, you can manage to do so.


Here’s how to stop worrying about the future


1. Learn about coping, resilience, and understanding


The first approach is to train your brain to accept feelings of anxiety and work through them with coping and resilience.

First of all, focus on establishing an inner conversation in which you constantly reassure yourself that you will be ok no matter what the future holds.

Secondly – understand that those feelings of anxiety won’t disappear right away… But daily work with yourself, your emotions, your reactions, and your worries can gradually build your resilience and make things a lot easier.

If you don’t know where to start, there are a lot of helpful resources you can find right here on this blog.

Here’s a few that are perfect for people who want to stop worrying about the future (or anything else, really!)

As with everything you do, reading is not enough.

This is why I always recommend engaging in mindful, cognitive-behavioral therapy-based journaling activities.

You can find a lot of helpful, ready-to-use printable journaling exercises that are designed to teach you resilience and positive thinking here.

Another extremely effective way to improve your resilience is reading a few powerful books that help you alter the way you react to negative thoughts and situations.

I learned a lot of life-changing and mindset-altering things on these fantastic books:

Picture Portraying How To Stop Worrying About The Future + Helpful Resources

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

This is a life-changing book for people who want to stop being scared, socially anxious, insecure and generally afraid to live their life to the fullest.

An absolute masterpiece that really had a wonderful, positive impact on my life and,it was sold 6 MILLION times so it’s definitely one of the greatest self-help books ever written.  Get it here


Picture Portraying How To Stop Worrying About The Future + Helpful Resources

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy

Still the first book I recommend for anyone who is struggling with anxiety, worry, depression, apathy, lack of motivation or general irritation.

This book will teach you new ways of thinking and trust me, they will help you to look at your world with new eyes – and with less pain.  Get it here


Picture Portraying How To Stop Worrying About The Future + Helpful Resources

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The most important book I have ever read in my life. The biggest impact and the biggest burst of happiness, confidence, and wellness came into my life after reading (or should I say, CONSUMING it because I couldn’t stop) this book.

It’s not an easy read, but it’s something that can turn your thinking upside down and almost lead you to euphoria.

After reading this book, you will feel a lot safer, less needy, less anxious and insecure with anything you do in your life.

You will understand why people do the things they do, you will forget fear, and you will learn to stop, look around and JUST BE in the present moment.

This book was the only thing that was able to prove that I AM COMPLETE as I AM – anytime, any second. Get it here


2. Ask for support


A lot of people tend to isolate themselves when dealing with worry and various problems.

Yet psychologists advise that receiving support from your loved ones can be extremely helpful in diminishing the feelings of anxiety.

Try to find a person who understands you and is willing to hear you out.

Sometimes just talking about your worries can show you how unrealistic and unreasonable they are.

Also, a network of supportive friends can help you understand why exactly you are constantly worrying and how to stop it.


3. Focus on activities you enjoy and strive to do everything you love

If you seek for ways to stop worrying about your future, you should also start focusing on your needs and self-care.

Our passions or hobbies can give life a lot more meaning when we are in pain.

To stop worrying about the future, concentrate on healthy hobbies such as journaling, traveling, listening to music or even attending spiritual places if that feels good.

No matter what you choose, it is always helpful to do something enjoyable to keep your mood higher.

An exercise routine can turn out to be especially beneficial because moving your body helps both to release stress hormones and create endorphins – those tiny happy hormones that are able to lift your mood.


4. Along with mental health training, adopt a healthy lifestyle as well

Anxious people usually underestimate the power of a healthy lifestyle (and yes, I used to that too).

Self-care and self-pampering are just as essential for our mental wellbeing, even though you might not feel like it. Developing healthy habits is a great way to build your trust in your own abilities!

With a healthy routine, you can get a reassuring feeling of predictability and personal control.

This will counteract the effects of worrying and make you less sensitive to anxious thoughts.


5) Plan your future (in a loose manner!)

The main problem with worrying is our tendency to strictly control the future when in reality, it is really impossible to control it 100%.

The future is mostly unpredictable and trying to be prepared for thousand of possible future scenarios is just impossible.

To stop worrying about the future, plan out what you can, and try to fulfill your plans, but also be OK with the fact that things might change and your plans might need a correction.

The secret to living a worry-free life is going WITH the life, not against it.


6) Train yourself to accept situations that can’t be changed


To stop worrying about your future and have a calmer life, you should understand that there might be some situations that just can’t be changed.

You can’t control everything and what really needs to happen in the future will happen, whether or not you are worried about it… So it just makes sense to save yourself some peace and do whatever you can not to worry about.

– – – – – –

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about your future.

Everyone does it, but it is unhealthy to design your entire life around your worries.

If you will stop worrying about your future, you will free your mind and you will be able to enjoy every little thing.

Focus on making the best of today, as tomorrow can’t be controlled.

And always reassure yourself:

Whatever happens, I will be OK. I will figure it out. I am ready for anything. I am more than my worry. I am more than my fear.

Good luck.

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