Inspiring Words On How To Be Fearless In Life

How To Be Fearless In Your Life: 3 Life-Changing Things To Know

Let go of your fears and live a brave + confident life.

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Picture Portraying How To Be Fearless In Your Life: 3 Life-Changing Things To Know

FEAR… It’s always lurking around.

Always looking for another option to stop you, scare you and prevent you from doing things that could be good for you or your situation.

I think it’s safe to think that fear can be one of the most limiting things in our life…

If you’re constantly afraid of things in your life, this is something you must read.


Why Do We Fear


When you think well, fear itself is not a bad thing.

It’s our inherited self-protection mechanism that has a sole purpose – to protect you from potential danger.

When we witness something that is scary, the part of our brain that is responsible for the fear response (Amygdala) activates and then adrenalin, cortisol, and other stress hormones rush right into your bloodstream.

These hormones aren’t, in fact, bad!

They activate your body, increase your focus and utilize all of your system for the best performance because your body thinks that you have either fight your danger or flight your danger.

Everything by the plan…

The problem with this is that this self-protection system came from those times when people still had to fight big animals and fight for their survival FOR REAL.

Think of it – if you see a huge tiger approaching, you only have two options – fight or run.

But now the times have drastically changed and we don’t have to fight predators – we are generally safe.

Yet when we perceive something as dangerous, this self-protection system still activates and leaves you shaking and trembling with fear.

And hey – I didn’t just make it all up.

You can read about it here or if you’re up for an extensive scientific study on fear, Amygdala and body responses to fear stimuli, read this research.

It’s a hard read but it’s a nice challenge to read such studies!

I do it both for knowledge and fun 😃 You should try it too, it could be your next favorite thing, who knows.


How Our Daily Life Creates Fear


Now that you know why we feel fear, it might be easier for you to understand why we feel so much fear in our life.

Whenever you see something scary or THINK of something scary, your brain thinks that you’re in danger, even though that “danger” might be imagined, or not happening at the exact moment.

For example, when you see a bill that you don’t have enough money to pay for, you start to imagine what will happen if you didn’t pay for it and you start to feel fear.

Or when you see people getting sick with cancer, you may think that this will happen to you to and this creates fear again.

There can be, of course, real situations when you feel fear.

For example, if you’re witnessing people fighting, it can create fear because you don’t feel safe and can’t predict how this fight will end.

And there can be situations when someone is threatening you personally.

At these times, it is helpful to remember that fear is not your enemy.

It will help you get back to safety!

Of course, I am not a self-defense instructor, so this article is not about emergency situations.

Instead, I want to show you how to be mentally fearless in your life so you can feel live a free, brave, happy and fulfilling life!

Here’s how you can break all those limits that fear has created in your life.


How To Be Fearless In Your Life: 3 Things To Know


1) Accept That Life Is Full Of Dangers


I’m sorry if this sentence itself creates fear in your heart.

It does make me feel a little uneasy too… But if you want to be fearless in your life, you must stop hiding from the fact that there is more or less danger in everyone’s life.

It’s not just rainbows, butterflies and sparkles.

However, constantly thinking about “what could happen if..” is a straight way to depression because neither can you predict everything that will happen nor can you be prepared for every possible outcome.

Instead, trust that if anything happens, you will survive.

You will find the best solution or things will sort themselves out, one way or another. Whatever has to happen, will happen, and you will be OK, no matter what. Plus, it’s not like everything you do must end in a bad way… Which leads me to the next point.


2) You’re NOT Doomed To Have Something Bad Happen


People who have anxiety or are generally overworked by problematic life can start to think that their life will forever be bad. And this, of course, makes them scared of everything.

I used to be one of those people.

I had so many problems in my early twenties that it made me think I will never get out. I thought that I will never be happy because one problem seemed to follow another and it felt like I’m living in Dante’s Inferno, going from one hell level to another.

Fear was my everyday companion and I started to dread tomorrows – it always felt like something bad is going to happen again.

But guess what, time goes by and at some point, things change, as they always do.

I somehow managed to survive despite all of those problems.

And the key thing that helped me, and can help you too is to tackle that one key player in the whole story – anxiety.

If you want to be fearless in your life, get rid of your anxiety and especially – the thought that you’re doomed to have something bad happen in your life. 

No one is “cursed” to have a bad life.

Even if you’re stuck in a season of bad situations, it does not mean that you will constantly be experiencing bad situations in the future.

Once you stop expecting and anticipating things to go wrong, you will start to enjoy life as it is and there will be a lot less fear in your life.


3) Embrace Change & Be Open To Possibilities


Change is another thing that can create fear in your life because it usually involves a lot of uncertainty.

For example, you might be afraid to lose your job, because you’re not sure if you can find another.

You might be afraid to end a toxic relationship because you’re uncertain if this is the best thing to do.

Heck, you might even be afraid to change your hairstyle because you’re uncertain if you will really like it.

However, being afraid of change means you’re staying and stagnating at the same place forever.

Your fear of change can keep you safe in the comfort zone but it also makes you miss out on a lot of beautiful opportunities.

So whenever a change is happening in your life, embrace it and think of it as a gamble that might go a little wrong, but might as well give you a jackpot.

*Note – if you’re absolutely 100% sure that the change will go wrong, don’t just watch it all unfold.

Do what’s possible to improve or prevent negative change.

Take the wheel in your hands and don’t allow your fear to paralyze you.

If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prevent negative change, accept it as soon as you can.

It doesn’t make sense to fight something that’s inevitable.

It just creates more pain.

– – –

As you can see, a little fear can be actually beneficial to you.

It helps you to be safe.

But life, even though scary, big and unpredictable, is still meant to be enjoyed.

Time flies really fast and the sooner you memorize these three things, the sooner you will learn how to be fearless in your life.

So let’s be brave, happy, strong and free of those fearful thoughts.

F*ck fear!

I’m not afraid to say it.

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