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The Thought Workbook


The printable Thought Workbook is perfect for those who want to be more positive and start seeing the brighter side of life.

Set yourself free! Crush irrational thinking styles, reframe negative thoughts, find solutions to your problems and let your mind rest + become more resilient day by day.

This workbook will be your handy tool whenever fear, anger, worry, disappointment or any negative emotion comes to keep you moody or overthinking. It is based on positive psychology and cognitive behavior therapy principles to help you gently work on a source of all unpleasant feelings – your thoughts. 

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The Thought Workbook Printable by ShineSheets ©


○ Find a relief in stressful times by changing how you perceive situations or people.

Train your mind to spot irrational thoughts and become more resilient.

Discover the ways of letting go things that are out of control.

Find the best solutions for things that can be changed.


How to use this workbook to change negative thoughts and become more positive


  • Learn about Unhelpful Thinking styles and try to look for them every time you feel negative thoughts bringing you down.


  • Use Thought Reframe in conjunction with thinking styles table to spot irrational and negative thinking patterns and change your thoughts to something more helpful.


  • Use Reality Check whenever you find yourself worrying about something that has not happened yet (like imagining the worst case scenarios).


  • Use 3 Step Solution Finder whenever you are overthinking things or feel like you don’t know what to do in certain situations.


  • Prepare Helpful Thoughts to have a positive thought background the next time something distressing happens.


  • Practice Letting Go the things that are out of your control or happened in the past / didn’t happen yet.


  • Try to journal your Thoughts daily. Positive or negative – don’t be afraid to notice them. There is no need to fight or run away from unpleasant thoughts. If you can look at the situation more positively – that’s great! But even if it still makes you a little sad – it’s still OK. Thoughts are just thoughts and feelings are just something to feel. They do not define as a person and they do not last forever. All storms end in sunlight, sooner or later.


More benefits


  • Minimalistic design. Clean, decluttered, zero overwhelm layout.
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  • High printing quality. Great colors, clear texts, and lines.
  • Binder friendly. You will have enough margin for hole punching if you want to use this in a ring binder.
  • Printer friendly. All ShineSheets are designed in a way that helps you save printer paint.
  • Easy and comfortable to use. Write comfortably whether you’re a left or right hander.


Your download includes: 2 PDF files


→ 1 PDF file with 14 pages in it for A4 page size.

→ 1 PDF file with 14 pages in it for US Letter page size.

→ You will be able to download your files instantly after your purchase.

→ Comes both in A4 & US Letter page size – you will be able to download both and choose the best fit for your paper.


♥ I hope you enjoy this Thought Workbook printable as much as I do. Stay shining!


Made with love by © SHINESHEETS


Thought Journal / Thought Workbook / CBT journal / Positivity Journal / Happiness Journal / Happiness Workbook / CBT Workbook


Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional and this journal is made to provide comfort only. It does not have a medical purpose and I do not claim it can treat or cure mental illness. However, I made this journal based on my own experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has helped my own anxiety immensely.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I haven’t had a chance to print them out but, I looked through them and I can’t wait to use them.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing! I was very anxious last night and could not sleep. But then I went through this journal and felt so much better. I never thought things like this do actually work.

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