65 Self-Loving Ways To Improve Your Appearance

Updated on July 6, 2021

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how to improve your appearance

So I wanted to celebrate a new topic on this website (talking about Beauty improvement!) and nothing seemed like a better idea than this. I rounded up a grandiose list of positive ways to improve your looks with simple, yet meaningful ideas!

If you want to improve your outer appearance, please know that there’s nothing “shallow” or “materialistic” in that. Taking care of your looks can greatly improve your confidence, mental health, social anxiety and it’s also a wonderful kind of self-care.

I think it’s funny that people tend to shy away from this kind of improvement like it’s suddenly a sin to want to look better. I mean, why wouldn’t we try to look better? If it makes you happier, how is it wrong to spend time improving your image?

Another wonderful benefit of designating some time to your appearance is because it slowly teaches you to love yourself. I want to emphasize it here – if you do it all with a hate talk in your head (“why do I even look for a new bra, my boobs don’t look good in any of them”), then it’s NOT self care. It’s a straight text-book example of self-sabotage. You don’t need it! You have a single body to carry you through this life and hating it is almost like attacking the view in the mirror – it barely makes any sense.

If you don’t know how to love yourself the way you are, check out this article: How To Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Skin and then this list will bring a new meaning in your life.

Because this list is not about improving your looks just for the looks. It’s about the way to improve your looks with a self-loving mindset so you can feel a positive change in your life, your self-esteem and your relationship with yourself.

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… And I know you need some beauty improvement ideas for that, so let’s dive in!


65 Self-Loving Ways To Improve Your Appearance


1. Buy new clothes in your actual size – not a little smaller so you can “lose weight for this”.

2. Lose weight if you need to, but focus on looking healthy, not skinny.

3. Get your hair done regularly – not only because your roots are showing, but because you deserve it.

4. Spend more time in fresh air to allow your skin to breathe.

5. Eat more fruits and veggies, because it helps you glow.

6. Get fit with regular exercise because your body loves moving.

7. Use sunscreen every day, because it protects your skin and slows its aging.

8. Change your hair color if you feel it would suit your personality better (not because it’s trendy). 

9. Invest in high-quality skincare products because they will help you to look better and because your skin deserves the best.

10. Implement natural remedies as well because nature is able to heal your hair, skin, and body. 

11. Get enough sleep because it’s the best time for your whole body to restore itself, including your skin, muscles, and hair.

12. Invest in a properly fitting bra, because your breasts look better when they’re comfortable.

13. Walk and stand straight, because not only it looks good – it also protects your spine.

14. Regrow and reshape your eyebrows if you overplucked them  – they help your eyes stand out.

15. Rethink your makeup and skip products that you don’t really need. Don’t cover up your beauty.

16. Smile more often because it makes you feel better and helps you look more attractive.

17. Rethink your style if you think there’s something that could suit you better.

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how to improve your appearance

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18. Invest in a high-quality purse and a few accessories that make you smile when you look at them.

19. Make it a habit to use chapstick every day, because your lips are happier and prettier when they’re not dry.

20. Self-massage your cellulite regularly, because not only will it be less noticeable – it will also help your lymphatic system.

21. Straighten your teeth because it will improve your smile and also – correct your bite and + protect your jaw.

22. Drink more water because it hydrates your skin and helps your body to stay healthy.

23. Take care of your nails regularly because they’re your personal accessories, not just some hardened stuff on your fingers.

24. Style your hair to fit your face shape, because every face shape can be complemented by your hair (you can find a ton of ideas on Best Hair Looks).

25. Determine your skin tone so you can dress in colors that make it look even better.

26. Stop packing on several layers of mascara – use just enough to enhance them, with a good quality mascara.
how to improve your appearance

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27. Try to not overpower your beauty with too many colors in your clothes, hair or makeup.

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28. If you need to, work on healing your skin conditions with quality skin care because it will make your skin pretty and healthy.

29. Give up smoking, because it makes your beauty fade away with every single puff.

30. If you drink alcohol, try to choose antioxidant and vitamin-filled natural one – like wine or beer. And of course, stay within a healthy amount.

31. Lift weights sometimes (or often if you want to!) because not only will it help you look fit, but it will also make your body stronger. (Here’s how to enjoy working out).

32. Meditate daily, because it lowers your stress hormones and those baddies can make you look tired.

33. Invest in a pair of good shoes that look stylish and are easy on your feet.

34. Keep your hair nourished and healthy with regular deep treatment.

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35. Observe other people and notice details that look attractive. If you feel that you like it and it would fit you, implement them in your own appearance.

36. Never ever forget about the importance of basic hygiene, which is the foundation of health and good looks.

37. Make sure your clothes are always clean, just because it’s something you put on your body.

38. Spend some time looking for a perfume that fits your personality and makes you feel more confident – or more attractive.

39. Exfoliate your face and body once a week to help your skin breathe and restore itself. It will thank you with a beautiful glow.

40. Be proud of your curves and don’t be afraid to emphasize them – just don’t overdo it.

41. Learn about being and looking elegant. A few simple changes can help you feel and look more feminine.

42. Losing a little weight can help your face look more structured and emphasize your features. 

43. Do you have a pet? Make hair and lint remover your best friend. Pets are awesome, but pet hair on your clothes is not the way to respect yourself.

44. Whiten your teeth if you want your smile to be even prettier. 

45. Tell yourself that you are beautiful every day because you are.

46. Try contact lenses if you feel that glasses overpower your face.

47. If you want to develop a natural sense of style, looking at well-dressing people can be really helpful.

48. If you ever doubt, just remember that less is more when it comes to makeup, clothes or accessories. Don’t hide under those things.

48. Wash your pillowcases regularly to prevent breakouts and sleep more comfortably.

49. Make sure your hair is always clean and brushed. 

50. Being unhappy can steal away your beauty in no time. Learn how to reclaim it by working on your mental health.

51. Try to eat as healthy and clean as possible – your body needs nutrients to stay healthy, and healthy is pretty.

52. Apply a good eye cream every morning to help your eyes wake up with you.

53. Carry a rosewater spray in your purse to give your face a healthy boost several times a day – it will also help you look better.

how to improve your appearance

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54. Putting on a pretty lipstick improves your look and can give a small boost to your confidence. Confidence is sexy!

55. If you don’t know how to dress for your body type, a professional stylist can help you get a hang of it.

56. If you haven’t worked out for a long time, a weight loss coach or a sports trainer can create a program that is optimal for your body. 

57. Make it a rule to remove your makeup every single night, because it will help your skin stay clean and healthy.

58. Play with makeup to find out your signature look – the one that fits you perfectly and is suitable for every day.

59. Watch your body language and try to be straight, with an open chest and resting arms – it will show the world that you’re relaxed.

60. Try natural acids to gently reveal a new skin that’s patiently hiding under dead skin cells.

61. Massage your body regularly to relax the muscles, improve circulation and skin appearance. Do it with love.

62. Work on preventing wrinkles while you’re still young.

63. Make it a habit to use a face mask once or a few times a week – for your beauty and for your self-care time.

64. Trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends – they don’t help your hair anyway.

65. Whatever you do to improve your looks, do it gently, do it with love and self-compassion.

I hope you found at least a few tips on how you can improve your appearance in a loving and caring way. Remember – you have only one body. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect… It’s always easier to work with it, than against it.

Start your beauty and self love journey today. There’s no reason to spend another day hating the way you look and limiting yourself with negative self talk.

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… And remember that nothing ever changes unless you make an effort to change it.

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