Young Woman With An Overachiever Personality

‘Am I An Overachiever?’ 10 Signs Of An Overachiever Personality

+ tips to give yourself an edge on the field, or life in general.

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Woman With An Overachiever Personality
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“Am I an overachiever?..”

There are a lot of people who have doubts about this.

This is because it’s quite hard to figure out what exactly an overachiever is.

In this article, let’s talk about what an overachiever is, what it means to be one, and what are the most common signs of an overachiever personality.


‘Am I An Overachiever?’



The first step in deciding if you are an overachiever is knowing what an overachiever personality is.

This overachiever definition will help you to understand yourself better so that you can recognize the important signs of unhelpful behavior:

Overachievers are those who strive or are over-competent in doing every task that they have to do. If you are an overachiever, then you usually know what it takes to reach any of your goals and be successful in life.

Most importantly – you also have a very strong drive to reach those goals no matter what it takes.

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Is It Bad To Be an Overachiever?


Being an overachiever is not bad at all, but it’s very important to balance out your ambitions and needs.

On one hand, overachievers tend to be very successful because they put forth the effort and the hard work.

If you want to be an overachiever, you have to dedicate yourself to your goals and do your best each and every time, no matter how tired you are.

However, this might have adverse effects on your health, social life, and relationships.

Is there a solution?

Yes, a tricky one.

In order to be a successful, healthy, and fulfilled overachiever, you have to find a balance in your life.

Strive to reach your goals, but spend some time taking care of yourself and your relationships too.

It might take longer to reach your goals, but you won’t get burnout.


Can You Become An Overachiever?


Some people think that overachievers are just lucky because they became overachievers naturally.

And it might be true – some people do become overachievers because of their genes.

If your parents were overachievers, then there is a big possibility that you will become an overachiever as well. Most overachievers were inspired by their parents or other great heroes that shaped their mindset.

They know what they can accomplish if they follow their heroes’ path.

However, you can become an overachiever through the course of your life too, especially if you put a lot of effort into your personal development.


10 Signs Of An Overachiever Personality

These are the most common signs that can be seen in overachievers.


1. Overachievers have a strong sense of self-worth and are always proud of their effort


They have goals and they are willing to push themselves to achieve those goals no matter what.

Great overachievers know that it is all about motivation and they use the motivation to become successful.

Most importantly, overachievers take big pride in their efforts – they’re proud of working so much on what’s important to them. In many cases, successful overachievers had the right attitude before they became overachievers.

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2. Overachievers have incredible stamina.


They will stay motivated and stay at it no matter what.

Motivated overachievers know what they want, they go for it, and this hyper motivation drives them forward with force – it’s almost like their bodies are fueled by this driving will to succeed.

Of course, no one is born with infinite amounts of motivation.

You need to use various motivation techniques to keep your motivation burning and stay consistent with your work.

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3. Overachievers have a deep passion for their work


If you’re an overachiever, you most likely focus on things that give you joy, and the ones you’re passionate about.

When you are passion-driven and determined, you almost never fail and it keeps your overachiever personality flourishing.

When you are motivated, you won’t give up until you have reached your goals – and you will also love the process!


4. In business and personal relationships, overachievers are very noticeable


They are extroverts with a drive to accomplish and excel at tasks that seem tedious or boring.

Overachievers have above-average mental abilities and excel in activities that require quick thinking and fast reactions.

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5. Overachievers take risks – successfully!


One of the things overachievers do better than everyone else is taking risks.

This includes taking risks to try something new or a task that has never been done before.

They take a risk to excel at something they don’t know anything about and may fail. This shows character strength because an overachiever wants to learn new things and is willing to take a chance, even with the possibility of failing.


6. Overachievers have strong leadership qualities


They are leaders by example.

They are not afraid to take on a leadership role and lead from the front!

They are assertive, vocal, and passionate about their ideas.

To an outside observer, they may seem like a leader who just talks the talk but isn’t all that interested in getting down to the details.

This may be true but it’s what overachievers want from themselves.


7. They are also great communicators


Overachievers are capable of talking to different types of people using just a few words.

Most people can’t say that and usually don’t.

People who are overachievers like to talk and lead.

They like to impress people and make a good impression on everyone.


8. Overachievers know how to handle the critics and naysayers


One thing overachievers have in common is that they don’t take the criticism sitting down.

They know that many people will be critical, but they ignore it and keep going, or simply prove everybody wrong.


9. They have no problems with self-confidence


Those who overachieve have a unique way of thinking and this is evident in their personality signs.

When they walk into a room, people know that they are confident.

Those who are overachievers are not shy about showing their confidence and are usually very comfortable with who they are.


10. They are perfectionists


Those who have overachiever personality signs will be filled with an insatiable need to be perfect. They may work hard to reach their goals, but when it comes to the public spotlight, they will bend over backwards to make sure they look their best too.

Basically, those who have overachiever personality signs are driven to always do, say and look their best.


Overachiever Personality: Final Thoughts


If you ask most salespeople the secrets of their success, you’re likely to hear a resounding “because I’m a great overachiever!”.

It’s an almost universal response among professionals of all types, and it’s absolutely true.

There are inherent qualities to overachievers that all good leaders have, and some of those are not very different from what you can do on your own.

Whether you’re an overachiever or not, though, you can use these tips to give yourself an edge on the field, or life in general.

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