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50 Personality Development Tips: Be Unique, Smart And Confident

Believe it or not, you can develop your personality just like any other skill. Here are my best personality development tips.

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Woman With Unique Painting On Her Face

So you’ve landed on this article, looking for the best personality development tips.

I have a question for you.

Have you ever met a person who didn’t impress you at first but after some time you felt mesmerized by his or her personality?

Or maybe you’ve been to a party once with someone who wasn’t the prettiest, but certainly the most charismatic and stole the hearts of everyone around?

These people are really hard to forget.

One could even say that they are unique.


What makes a person unique?


A unique person is someone who has a few specific characteristics.

This person is probably:

  • memorable (you just can’t forget this person easily);
  • authentic (he or she will never go against their beliefs);
  • positive (focuses on positive things instead of negative ones).

You might think: “Well, that’s totally not me.

I’m the complete opposite of these things”.

That’s just a negative mindset! What if told you that:

  • You can develop your personality just like any other skill;
  • It doesn’t matter who you are now, how old you are, or what you do – you can change and improve your personality at any time;
  • Personality development doesn’t require any significant investments and if you wonder why you should focus on personal development at all, here’s a great personal development explanation.

So how do you improve your personality to become a memorable, authentic, and positive person?

How do you become unique?  

It’s all about daily personality development and gently challenging yourself to do the things that may not always feel comfortable.

Today, I want to talk about the best personality development tips that I’ve received or given in my entire life.


What Is Personality After All?


“At its most basic, personality is the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique.”, defines VeryWellMind.

So all of your memories, your learned responses to situations, the way you act to control yourself, and your environment, even the place and time you live in are what makes you YOU.

Woman Personality Concept Image


What Is Personality Development?


Most people would rather avoid changing themselves because they feel too comfortable the way they are.

Or they don’t want to invest their time, effort, and willpower… Even in something they really want.

This is why a lot of people never change. They avoid the struggle.

But if you do the opposite and give your effort, invest your time and willpower, you can achieve one thing after another because you will be reaping the results of your work. This is how your personality improves – with every step you take to enhance your persona, you start to stand out in the crowd. Personality development is the whole process and steps you need to take to achieve the personality you want (or even rebuild your personality from zero!).

Decorative Quote With Personality Development Tips

If you’ve been dreaming of being better, harder, and stronger in your life, your own persona is a place to start.

After all, it’s you who is able to make all those changes you need and achieve the personality traits you want.

Here are my best personality development tips you must try.

Let’s go!


Personality Development Tips FOR ADMIRABLE MINDSET


These are the most important personality development tips for people who want to change their mindset into something productive, helpful, and focused on the positive rather than the negative.

By learning to do these things, you can build an inspiring, growth-focused mindset that helps you to:

  • Move forward in your life, no matter what;
  • Spend less time contemplating on what happened in the past;
  • Make better decisions;
  • Live every day with a smile and perseverance.

Unrecognizable Woman Looks Happy After Implementing Personality Development Tips


Here’s how to build a personality that is fueled by a progressive mindset, positive ideas, and a wish to prosper!


1. Work on keeping a positive mindset no matter what happens in your life.

Practicing gratitude is one way of learning this, and building your resilience is also important.


2. Decide on your mission in this life and stay on your track.

Try to not lose yourself, your values, and your core beliefs, unless you see a positive reason to do that.


3. Smile more – as much as you can, every day.

This may be hard at first, but if you practice smiling (even when there’s no obvious reason to do that), your brain will learn to do this by default.


4. Stop making excuses and change them with actions.

There’s nothing worse than just complaining, making excuses, or blaming everyone around for your problems.

It’s totally unproductive.


5. Exercise your willpower by doing the things you don’t like.

This is one of the best personality tips you will ever find!

By doing one thing that you don’t like daily, you can build an unimaginable, stoic personality.

After a while, no task will be too big for you, and no discomfort will be too much.


6. Take 100% responsibility for your life and the people that depend on you.

You can’t afford to gamble on your future or the future of your loved ones.

Whenever and wherever you need to be responsible, do that, whether it’s a healthy lifestyle you need to adopt, take care of your financial situation, or simply get rid of bad habits.

Only you can make the changes you need (but it’s okay to ask for help if needed).


7. Surround yourself with positive things, peers, and people.

Because the people you’re talking to, the things you consume, your surroundings, and the places you go are like building blocks of your personality.

The brighter the blocks, the shinier the building.


8. Believe that you can make it.

Set smart personal goals and persevere even when you don’t get instant gratification.


9. Stop always assuming the worst.

Let the events unfold before judging them, or making immediate predictions.


10. Whatever you do, give it your 100%.

If you make a decision to do something, then make a decision to do whatever it takes too.

Deciding and skimping will lead you to nowhere.

And remember – it’s natural for our motivation to go up and down, you don’t have to achieve things on the first try.


11. Try to listen to your gut.

If it works a few times, it means your intuition is trustworthy and can be helpful in life.

If it doesn’t work (your gut keeps giving you the wrong answers), then it’s best to make decisions based on logic.


12. Stop trying to control everything and everyone – it’s impossible.

Nobody is ever in control, and you should come to peace with the fact that everyone has different lifestyles, and that’s okay.


13. Exercise your sense of humor.

Because hey, what’s the purpose of living and memorizing all of these personality development tips if you forget to have fun in life?


14. Be open to possibilities.

It’s always easier to resist change, and change is scary, uncomfortable.

But you should always remember that change is almost always a new possibility too.


15. Before judging others, try to put yourself in their shoes.

Sometimes other people and their lives seem to be way off, or way too good, even enviable.

However, before making judgments, try to turn your empathy on and see yourself in their position.

Sometimes people do certain things not because they want to, but because they have to.


Personality Development Tips For SHARP INTELLIGENCE


For those who are looking for brain-boosting personality development tips, these few ideas are the best place to start.

By implementing these decisions and habits that make you smarter, you can:

  • Achieve a personality that is rich (information-wise), colorful, and extremely interesting;
  • Make better decisions in your life, because you’re more informed;
  • Live a life that is constantly filled with new information (and you become smarter with each passing year).

Smart-Looking Woman Laughs On Stairs Outside After Personality Development Tips Implementation


Here are the exact personality development tips to achieve an intelligent, sparkling personality:


16. Smart personality is usually an attractive personality too.

Don’t be afraid to engage in interesting and important discussions. Educate yourself on the topics that are meaningful, and make your voice heard.

We are all able to contribute to society through our unique ideas, and effort to change the world for the better.

You can be that contributor too.


17. Read about human psychology to understand how people think.

This is one of those personality development tips that you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Understanding other people can help you in your life immensely, but most importantly – it can help you to understand yourself, including your actions.

This information is invaluable (especially when you want to meet new people) and absolutely easy to get.


18. Improve your personality with online courses.

This is more of my personal recommendation, but taking online courses regularly is one of the fastest ways to grow as a person and an intellectual individual.


19. Grow spiritually every day by reading books, meditating, praying, or practicing gratitude.

This daily practice will help you to fill your soul with deeper meaning, and it can open your mind to creativity too.


20. Reflect on your life regularly to learn from your mistakes.

It’s never easy to accept a mistake unless you learn to treat it as a lesson (instead of a bad experience).


21. Improve your personality on the go by listening to audiobooks (you can get a free 30-day Amazon Audible trial here).

We’re living in a fast time and let’s just admit that personal competition is everywhere.

While you’re reading these personal development tips, other people have already read our whole personal development blog. So if you don’t have time for reading, try listening to audiobooks and watch your personality bloom.


22. Watch TED talks to soak up the knowledge of people who made it. 

There’s no need to invent the bicycle again, it’s much smarter to learn how the bicycle works.

TED talks are filled with the knowledge of people who have already tried and failed many times, so all you need to do to widen up your horizons is to follow their advice.


23. Find a role model and learn from him or her.

It’s a lot easier to get more educated in a particular field when you follow a person who is your inspiration.

Just remember – perfection doesn’t exist.

Even if someone else’s life appears to be perfect, it never is.

Take everything with a grain of salt.


24. Soak up a wide spectrum of knowledge on Quora or similar websites.

Do this for a few minutes every day, and in the long run, you will feel more knowledgeable than ever.

You may also discover a new talent you have, a new interest or hobby you like, and you may also find new, more helpful ways of thinking.


25. Exercise your strategic and logical thinking.

Taking up new interests and even playing chess can help with that – mind training is definitely one of the best personality development tips around.

Learn to think a few steps ahead and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of mistakes + foresee a ton of possibilities in your life.


26. Learn to be an ethical human.

Believe it or not, ethics is not just a fancy word or invention of snobs.

Being ethical can show you the world that follows unwritten social rules, and is as orderly as possible.

Of course, there will always be people or organizations that are not ethical… But if you can choose to be different and better – why not?


Personality Development Tips For MORE CONFIDENCE


Are you dreaming of being confident, brave, and always trusting in yourself?

Then personality development tips should land on your fridge and all it needs to take is time and practice.


… The most important thing to remember when working on your confidence is that you have to be willing to fail, or even embarrass yourself a few times.

For a person who is unconfident, or socially anxious, learning new behaviors can be a challenge.

However, if you decide to be brave, you can build your confidence on each of those failures, and emerge much more confident than before.

Pretty Asian Woman Looking Confident After Implementing Personality Development In Her Life


Here’s how you can build a bold, confident, and assertive personality:



27. Work on conflict resolution skills to always find compromise in difficult situations.

Sometimes our lack of confidence stems from thoughts like “if something bad happens, I wouldn’t know how to act and respond”. So we choose to stay in our comfort zone.

It’s important to learn conflict management because you need to know how to act and respond before your feared situation happens.

Learning what to do, or how to behave in unpleasant social situations can give an immense confidence boost to your personality.


28. Review your body language and start acting confident (even if you aren’t yet).

Like a snowball, our confidence grows stronger and stronger with each small achievement.

A confident body language, straight posture, gentle gestures, and eye contact can all help you to appear confident to yourself and others.

It’s a wonderful way to jumpstart a confident personality.


29. Learn your rights and the ways to protect them.

Another reason we’re stuck with an unconfident personality is not knowing what can and can’t be demanded.

I’m not talking about being angry at customer service employees!

I’m talking about basic human rights and the ways you should be treated.

Learning this can help you find some confidence too.


30. Decide on how you want to be perceived by other people and work on achieving that image.

For example, if you want your colleagues to think that you’re lovely, work on being lovely.

If you want to be seen as a smart person, build your baggage of knowledge, and so on.

On top of it all, it always pays to be a good listener, because everybody wants to be heard.


31. Learn to be assertive – neither too passive, nor aggressive.

Yes, it IS possible to ask for what you need in a way that allows you to achieve what you want, and still leave a great impression.


32. Improve your communication skills (and public speaking, if applicable).

That’s right! “Focus on social skills and good communication” is probably in every personality development tips list.

You can learn a ton of tricks in the books, and here’s my favorite list of tricks that make people like you!


33. Stop comparing yourself to others.

This NEVER helps.

Never compare yourself to others because there will always be someone smarter, better looking, richer, and happier.

And frankly, everyone has flaws.

Instead, compare yourself to yourself.

Are you better than you were yesterday?

The same?

Try to move forward to the personality and life you want to have.

If you’re better today than you were yesterday, soon you won’t need any personality development tips at all.


34. Try to adopt positive things from others.

While comparing is a no-no, learning from others is amazing.

We’re humans.

And humans are always looking for ways to do something better.

You don’t have to find all the answers yourself – you can learn from others!

And yes, the internet is perfect for that.


35. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help when you need it.

Confidence is NOT setting hard walls around you.

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

In fact, showing your weaknesses, accepting them, and not being afraid to look weak is one of the most confident things you can do.


Personality Development Tips For MENTAL FREEDOM


Being mentally free is a huge achievement.

Can you imagine yourself:

  • Being able to relax whenever you need or want to?
  • Facing life challenges without fear or confusion?
  • Being free of invisible barriers that are stopping your real personality from showing through?
  • Greeting every day with a smile because you know that no matter what happens, you will manage?

Good personality development tips are just a small part of the ideas and techniques I share on the mental health part of this website.

Yet, they’re extremely important and I recommend them to anyone.

Happy Woman In Sunshine As An Illustration Of Mental Freedom


Here’s how you can build a mentally free personality:


36. Stop being a perfectionist – rather focus on the process in everything you do.

Perfectionism is a disorder of our century (some people even develop atelophobia) and I have fallen for it too.

Yet, contrary to popular belief, perfectionism does not take you further faster.

Instead, it’s actually holding you back, because when you’re meticulously trying to make or create something perfect, you are stopping the process.

You’re focusing on the things that may not be that important.

You’re overworking yourself.

It’s overall unproductive!


37. Forgive your enemies and let go of the grudges you hold.

Holding pain, anger and other negative emotions is unhealthy and can keep you from feeling fulfilled.

It’s not an easy process, but learning to be free is very liberating.


38. Face your fears to overcome them and become courageous.

Here’s an article I’ve shared on how to be fearless in your life – I highly recommend you to read it after you finish these personality development tips.


39. Allow yourself to be childish and playful sometimes (or all the time!).

Newsflash – you don’t have to always act like an adult.

Trust me, you don’t, even if you’re 50 years old! “Don’t forget to play” is one of my favorite personality development tips and I think more people need to hear this.

Seriously, stop being so serious!

Your inner self craves joy too, and it’s essential to see it.


40. Be prepared to accept what’s coming.

Some things in life can’t be changed or avoided.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s nothing we can do about it, except be prepared.

Just remind yourself that no matter what happens, you will manage.

You will be okay.

And once you let go of this anxiety, you will be better able to make the right decisions for yourself and your family.


41. Be a little skeptical about everything.

These days, it’s so easy to get swayed to the left and right, especially after spending some time on the internet.

This is why you should always be a little skeptical.

It’s hard to trust all of those information sources online, so whatever you read about, take it with a little grain of salt.


42. Debunk limiting beliefs you have accumulated throughout your life.

I’m sure you have a ton of it, just like we all do, and boy, is that heavy, right?


43. Do something fun every day to stay relaxed.

To be mentally free, you have to be stress-free too, so make stress relief activities an important part of your day.

Consistency is key when it comes to de-stressing your mind.


44. Soothe your anxiety until it no longer bothers you.

Ah, anxiety!

My old friend… Yet not an enemy anymore.

If anxiety is something that’s keeping your personality from being free, after reading these personality development tips, go here to start reading and healing!

Related: Anxiety journals and how they can help you


45. Let go of the past completely.


46. Be humble and empathetic, if you want.

Life is so much easier, and lighter when you choose to not allow your ego to grow too big.

Compliment others.

Say “thank you”.

Help, if you can.

We’re all important and the more people share the love they can, the happier our communities and lives can be.


47. Make a list of your triggers (stress triggers, anxiety triggers, fear triggers, physical triggers, etc.) and have a mini-plan to counter them.

We all have triggers!

And they can be extremely demoralizing.

Knowing how to manage unpleasant triggers, especially when you feel the stress rising, helps.


48. Accept all of your emotions.

One of the most important personality development tips on this list.

Please, please, please – memorize it!

It can be extremely helpful in your journey to a mentally free personality.

You see, it’s easy to accept happiness and joy, and love – those pleasant emotions… However, anger, fear, worry, insecurity, excitement, sadness – are also emotions.

And while they’re unpleasant ones, they certainly feel less strong once you accept them.

So instead of saying “this anger feels terrible, I feel terrible, I want this to stop”, learn to say to yourself “I am angry.

I can feel it in my body.

And that’s okay.

I accept that I am angry right now”. 99% of the time, the intensity of these emotions subsides right after you accept them.


49. Learn to apologize for your mistakes.

We all make them and we have to be able to say sorry when we do something wrong.


50. Start enjoying your life the way it is. 

Treat the fact that you’ve read all of these personality development tips as your hope to improve, not “correct” something flawed in all the areas of your life.

You’re not flawed, even though you, and I, and everyone else has flaws (which essentially makes flaws a normal thing).

Your life is not flawed.

But it’s never wrong to work on improvements.


Personality Development Can Result In a Very Positive Impact On Your Life!


There are so many ideas to choose from, and you don’t have to do them all, but implementing these personality development tips can help you to achieve the personality you desire.

I hope you’ve found a lot of helpful wisdom that will help you to start or move forward.

Remember – you can always shape yourself in the direction you want to go to!

Sometimes it’s hard, yes.

But it is possible if you are willing to try and put in a little effort.

If you loved these personality development tips, scroll down for more content like this.

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