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One Easy Life Hack That Improves You a Little Every Day

Grab this quick self-improvement idea to learn something new every day.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

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Picture Portraying One Easy Life Hack That Improves You A Little Every Day

Would you like to improve yourself a little every day, without a lot of effort?

Would you like to learn new things daily just by reading?

I like that too!

That’s why today I want to share a simple, super easy life hack that helps you to improve and grow your knowledge every day while you’re enjoying your afternoon break.

That little life hack is Quora.

Quora is the 75th most visited website on the whole internet (!) and probably one of the best too.

On Quora, people ask questions and get answers from other people who are experts in a particular field. (If your first thought is the Yahoo Answers website, trust me – it’s nothing alike.)

People on Quora ask real, important, and useful questions in various categories to get answers that are comprehensive, interesting, and valuable – from people who really know what they’re talking about.

There are people who work at NASA, professors from the world’s top universities, marketers from Fortune 500 companies… you name it!

The content is so vast that you never run out of exciting answers to read.

If you’re a fan of Reddit, then Quora can become your new favorite – it’s like AskReddit but with answers from real pros in the field.

The best thing is that Quora is entirely free to use and you can ask your own questions too!

Check out Quora here


So Here’s My Easy Life Hack To Improve Yourself a Little Every Day: Spend a few minutes every day reading answers to an interesting question on Quora


It can be a question about the most surreal places one can visit, what it’s like to be high functioning, how to build a successful blog, how your body changes on the keto diet – anything that’s interesting or important to you!

My favorite time to do this is when I’m having my afternoon break and a cup of coffee.

It’s easier to get used to this helpful habit when you set up a particular time to do it.

After doing this for a while, you will know a lot of things that can either positively improve your life or simply be good conversation starters.

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