How To Shop For Nice Clothes If You’re a Plus Size Gal

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Plus Size Woman Near A Clothes Rack

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Now, let’s make it clear – I’m not here to tell you what to wear. But I know that shopping for clothes when you’re anything more than size 8 is pretty hard.

I’ve had my own fair share of struggles finding the right clothes to wear… Yes! I’ve been overweight for quite a long time and girl, if you’re struggling with your weight right now, I FEEL YOU.

I know what it’s like to scour through the shops for hours just to find something that *hides your belly enough*. I know what it’s like to see a gorgeous outfit on the display and look absolutely ridiculous when trying it on. I know how terribly, unbelievably hard it is to find pants that are snug around your legs AND zip up around your belly. Usually, it’s either this or that.

And yes, I know that feeling of guilt and disgust when you stare at your image in the mirror, trying to fit into that dress and asking yourself… How? How did I let myself go like this?

Now, we all know that it’s healthier for our bodies to lose unnecessary weight, and you can get a ton of my tips about it right here… But this article is not about that, because there’s also one thing I learned, and I think a lot of women need to hear that!

The fact that you’re not skinny fit, does not mean you can’t look stylish and cute!

There are absolutely zero reasons to only buy basic clothing that is wide enough to not emphasize what you don’t want to! You simply need to know which clothing types look the most flattering on a curvier body and trust me – once you get that, you will shop for your clothes with a smile, even if you’re looking for plus size fashion.

Here’s exactly what you need to know to turn your shopping nightmares into happy fashion sessions!


How To Shop For Nice Clothes If You’re a Plus Size Gal


1. Look For Flowier Tops


Rule number one, easy peasy to remember – just don’t look at very fitted tops. Don’t waste your time! They will emphasize everything you don’t want to, but THAT’S OKAY. Look for flowy, lightweight, moving, ruffled tops and dresses that fall on your body beautifully, without making you feel uncomfortable. This way, you will look both stylish, comfortable, and polished + it will take a lot less time to find what looks flattering and cute.

Plus Size Woman In Flowy Gorgeous Top

Romwe Women’s Plus Size Belt Tie Blouse Top Shirt


2. Put Emphasis On Your Best Features


Do you have beautiful cleavage? Emphasize it! Pretty bum? Show it off! Gorgeous lips? Sexy legs? You get the idea! Work with whatever you like in your body the most and use it to take everyone’s attention away from everything else. Don’t be afraid to show the body parts that you love, embrace them!

Beautiful Plus Size Woman


3. Skip Baggy Pants, Jumpers, And Other Oversized Clothing


You may think that baggy clothes will work great to conceal your body, but in reality, they will do exactly the opposite – optically, they’re adding more to your frame. Instead of choosing baggy clothes, choose classy, flowy tops, or clothes made from a sturdier material that doubles up as Spanx.


4. Dress In Black


The black color is the most flattering color you can choose if you’re a plus size gal. Not only does it make you appear thinner, but wearing black minimizes the appearance of extra weight in certain body places. Even more – black makes you look sexy, mysterious, and elegant. You can never go wrong by choosing a nice, flowy black dress!

Plus Size Woman In Black Dress

Nemidor Women’s Plus Size Midi Dress


5. Layer Your Clothes


Layering is wonderful because it makes you look very stylish and it works wonders in hiding extra pounds. This is especially useful in winter as you can layer up with vests, scarfs, gloves, tunics, and cozy coats.

Red Vest Flowy

LL Women’s Sleeveless Draped Open Front Cardigan Vest


6. Accessorize


When you can’t wear all the clothing that you like, you can always wear any jewelry that you like! And it’s another great way to look stylish and cute, without putting too much emphasis on your body size. Invest in beautiful earrings, statement necklaces, silk scarfs, sexy shoes, and my personal favorite – beautiful handbags!

…And that’s it! Knowing these 6 simple rules will help you to find clothes that feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time, even if you’re a curvy girl. Trust in your ability and taste to find nice things to wear, embrace different flowier materials, beautiful bright colors, and jewelry that emphasizes your face features. Work with what you have and never doubt that you’re beautiful.

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