100% Natural Remedies To Soothe Dry & Irritated Skin

Updated on August 22, 2020

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If you are fighting extremely dry skin, you probably tried every cosmetic product on the market that promises you miracle hydration. In fact, almost all of those products are not offering deep cellular hydration, which makes them more than… useless. Furthermore, some of those have high amounts of chemicals that have the power to worsen dryness and further irritate your already irritated skin.

This is the main reason why I started using natural, at-home remedies in addition to regular skincare – and they actually worked to cure a lot of my skin problems! Read on to find out some tips and tricks on how you can combat skin dryness naturally, at home.


Natural Remedies For Irritated Skin – The Mini Guide


How exactly natural ingredients soothe dry, irritated skin?


Our skin naturally produces sebum, an oil meant to protect skin from moisture loss. Due to various external factors, sebum production might not be as effective as it should be, leading to extremely dry skin. There are a couple of ways to aid in re-establishing the sebum protection barrier on our skin and one of them is by using natural ingredients, primarily – various oils.

Olive oil, lavender oil or avocado oil can act as natural remedies for dry skin, while coconut oil is recommended for those with atopic dermatitis, an allergic skin condition that has as its major effect dryness and itching.


DIY Remedies to hydrate and soothe very dry skin


#1 Natural Olive Oil Cleanser to soothe dry skin


Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer for dry skin and it can be used as a natural cleanser too. You will have to apply and massage it all over your skin and place a warm cloth on your face for a couple of minutes until it cools off. After this, wipe away the excess oil (and you can also apply a few more drops once your face is clean).


#2 DIY healthy avocado mask


A natural, at-home remedy to hydrate dry skin can be swiftly made using a good old avocado. You will need half an avocado and a tablespoon of honey. Mix these ingredients and apply on your face. Allowed to work their magic for around 20 minutes. After washing it off, you will feel how your skin is will feel moisturized and less dull.


#3 DIY natural sugar scrub


Skin dryness comes with a bundle of residues that remain on your face, even if they are not noticeable to your eye. Those can worsen the condition, which is why it is best to gently remove flakes and dead skin cells at least twice a week, using a natural homemade sugar scrub.

Mix half a cup of sugar with 4 tablespoons of olive oil and gently rub the mixture on your face, then wash it with warm water. After exfoliating your skin with the natural scrub, it is best to apply a moisturizer in order to preserve the benefits of freshly exfoliated skin. Olive oil works great if you want to continue completely natural nourishment.


#4 Aloe Vera should be your best friend


Usually, Aloe Vera gel is used for sunburns, but it also has a multitude of other beneficial effects on the skin. Aloe Vera is great for diminishing redness, irritation and acne related to the extreme dryness of skin + it can hydrate even the most sensitive skin without extra irritation.

I recommend choosing 100% natural aloe vera gel:

Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Freshly Cut Aloe Leaves

Apply liberally even a few times a day and you will feel how your skin becomes fresh, moisturized and happy!


One more thing about natural remedies for dry skin


If you can, look for the items that are organic in order to avoid any side effects.

Don’t be afraid to try more remedies from your kitchen – dry skin can benefit greatly from natural ingredients such as honey, egg yolk, coconut oil, papaya, greek yogurt, oatmeal, and even milk!

If it’s good for your belly, it’s probably good for your skin. Why not feed it then?

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