How To Look Good: 20 Ideas That Make You More Attractive

Updated on August 18, 2020

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pretty blonde woman shows how to look good

No matter who we are, what we do, and what we’re working on, everybody wants to know how to look good.

Let’s admit that our society is fixated on our looks, and even though we see a ton of gorgeous variety lately, there’s still a constant pressure to look good everywhere you go.

And to be honest, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Knowing how to look good can open a ton of doors for you, it can help you to win the hearts of those you like and it can even help you to make a better career. It’s ugly, but it is true, and you can take advantage of it.

Now, looking good doesn’t mean you have to follow some kind of specific standard or try to look like your favorite Instagram model. You don’t have to be perfect.

Knowing how to look good is more about knowing a few essential style and beauty rules that can make anyone stand out. It’s about emphasizing your unique features, your personality, and the way you see the world around…  Here’s how to look good, and make everything about you extremely magnetizing.


How To Look Good: 16 Ideas That Make You More Attractive


PART 1: Look Good In General


1. Put Your Hygiene First


Just to clarify a bit – I’m not making any accusations here! Just the basic rules, okay? Okay.

No matter who you are and what you do, if you want to look good, you must always be clean and smell nice. Nothing is more off-putting than a person who smells like sweat and skips the basic hygiene rules. To make an uplifting foundation to anything else you do with your appearance, always start with a shower, a bath, or a quick freshen-up session. And remember – if you can smell yourself a little, everyone else can smell you a lot.

hygiene bath in order to look good


2. Find Your Signature Perfume


How to look good with minimal effort? Believe it or not, a good and fitting perfume is your straightway to that.

An interesting, sensual, or original smell can say a lot about your personality and create a magnetic aura around you. Smelling good is extremely attractive and all you have to do is find that one perfume that fits your personality (and nose!) perfectly.

Do not flood yourself with an ocean of perfume though – a few spritzes on your neck or hair are enough and you’ll be turning heads for sure. Less is always more when you want to look good!

designer perfume as an accessory that makes you look good

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang


3. Keep Your Clothes Clean And Ironed


If you want to look good absolutely anywhere and no matter what you wear, make sure your clothes are always clean and ironed. Even an inexpensive attire can look good if everything is clean, spotless, and wrinkle-free.


4. Embrace Your Hair


Messy, lifeless, and oily hair can really diminish all of your effort to look good… On the other hand, a beautiful and stylish hairstyle can frame your face, emphasize your personality, and mesmerize everyone around (especially if your hair is long, strong, and healthy).

If you want to look good every day with as little effort as possible, choose a simple, stylish, and easy to care for haircut. Here are some ideas!


1. Medium long, straight balayage is perfect for any occasion and is very easy to style:


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2. Beautiful short, wavy curls create a modern, stylish, and chic look that looks cute and sophisticated:


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3. Want to look good AND save time in the morning? Pick a long bob! (Plus, it fits most of the faces and gives you a sensual, femme fatale look):


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5. Master Your Makeup Game


If you want to look good, why not emphasize your best features with makeup?

High-quality makeup is every girls’ best friend and to be honest, it’s hard to imagine our world without it. Now, to look good and never overdone, look for the products that get the job done while giving you a natural finish.

You can never go wrong with neutral eyeshadow, a lengthening mascara, a lightweight (and even slightly shimmery) BB cream, and a good contouring, blush + highlight kit. Lately, I’ve been OBSESSED with this amazing sculpting kit by Rimmel:

rimmerl sculpting makeup kit that makes face look good

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit – 003 Golden Bronze

The colors are absolutely stunning (the photo does not show their beauty!), natural and it’s actually the only sculpting combo that makes me look like I’ve just stepped from a fashion show. I am not a huge fan of blushes in general, but this color is so natural and peachy that it looks absolutely gorgeous on my face.

The highlighter in this kit is also on point – not too shimmery, not too shiny, just gently glowy and perfect for any time of the day. Plus, it’s super affordable so you can stock up and rock an attractive and natural-looking, sculpted face wherever you go!


6. Straighten Your Posture


Our body language is half of our image. If you’re just earning how to look good, definitely put good posture at the top of your list.

Instead of walking in a hunched, uncomfortable and insecure posture, straighten up! Stand tall, keep your head high, push your chest forward, and roll your shoulders back. A straight posture instantly gives you a more confident stance, which in turn makes you look good. Why? Just because people think those who are confident are more attractive.

woman standing straight with jeans and beautiful french lace


7. Smile More!


Wanna know how to look good at work meetings, pictures, parties, weddings, and anywhere else except funerals? Smile! And no, it doesn’t mean you have to rock a perfect smile – even a gentle, closed smile is better than a frown.

Smiling people tend to look good because they emit positivity and friendliness – something we’re always looking for in others. Make use of this trick as often as you can.

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8. Eat Well & Work Out


A healthy lifestyle can help you to build a fit and attractive body, that’s for sure… But it can also help you to battle social confidence issues, anxiety, and stress overload. When you feel good, you look good, so don’t forget the importance of beautifying your inner world as well. Working out, having self care days, journaling and meditation are all excellent ways to keep your inner beauty shining.

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9. Want To Look Good? Invest Time & Money In Your Looks


Let’s admit it – in order to look good, you have to be willing to invest your time, resources, and energy. It takes some effort to find clothes that are fitting, it takes willpower to step on that treadmill, it takes courage to try different hairstyles and it certainly takes a ton of time to prepare healthy meals every day.

But hey, you want this, right? Then it’s totally worth the effort, even if it means spending 15 minutes extra on that skincare routine or waking up 30 minutes earlier for that morning workout. When you want something, you have to work for it, there’s simply no way around it, sigh.

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beauty tools and products that help you to look good


10. Know Your Worth


Last but not least – if you want to look good, practice remembering your worth too. Loving and appreciating yourself doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant, or full of yourself.

Knowing your worth, values, and life rules simply show the world that you like yourself, you know that you look good, and you don’t really care what everyone else thinks. Now that’s sexy!

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PART 2: Look Good At Work


Have you ever wondered if there is anything specific that helps you to look good at work? There is!

Some things can help you to elevate your looks in a business or commercial environment and even help you to perform better.

woman shows how to look good by standing straight


1. Make Sure Your Nails Are Flawless


I hate to say it, but it’s easy to get judged just because your nail polish is chipped. If you’re an employee, a flawless manicure is a must. Not only can it help you to look good while interacting with other people, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing to your own eyes.

I know you’re busy enough with all that work overload (aren’t we all, eh?), so my recommendation is to choose gel manicure, which can last a lot longer than regular polish. A nice gel mani will last you up to 14 days! Do it once and forget for two weeks, girl – now that’s life!

If you don’t have time or resources to visit a nail salon twice a month, invest in an at-home gel polish kit. Trust me, you will save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

I was really afraid to do my own gel manicure at first… But it turned out very easy and pleasant because gel polish does not dry until you put it under a UV lamp – which means you can sweep and swipe that gel polish until it looks perfect.

gel nail polish kit to make nails look good

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set – Nude Gray Series


2. Stay Hydrated


This may sound funny, but if you want to look good at work, you gotta stay hydrated. Lack of moisture can make your face look tired and dull – and all of this can be avoided with a few sips of water several times per hour. You don’t need to chug a whole gallon – just make sure your body is getting regular water ingestions, and you’ll look good just because you’ll be properly hydrated.


3. Dominate In Power Colors


Have you ever noticed how striking black and white, or red outfits look? It’s something about those colors that make you look good and almost hypnotic when you wear them…

So when you strive to look good at work, choose colors that speak power, confidence, status, and energy. Deep black, snow white, cherry red, and navy blue are perfect!

beautiful woman shows how to look good in red dress

PRETTYGARDEN Women’s 2020 Casual Short Sleeve Dress


PART 3: Look Good In Pictures


Ah, the camera game! If you want to look good in pictures too, here are my best tips that I’m sure you’re going to love.


1. Take your photos from far away


The number 1 lesson to learn if you want to look good in pictures is to create distance. Taking pictures up close always makes your face look distorted and totally not what you look like in reality. To look good in a photo, ask someone else to snap it for you (a few feet apart), or use a timer function and pose!


2. Never take your pictures from the bottom


Taking a photo from the bottom angle makes you look weird and adds extra “weight” that doesn’t necessarily exist in reality. On the other hand, taking pictures from the top perspective emphasizes your eyes and cheekbones, which will always look good, in any photo.

blonde beautiful woman shows how to look good in pictures


3. Play with angles


Every one of us has an angle that makes you look good – you just have to find it! To do that, don’t be afraid to experiment and take a ton of pictures just to find out which angle looks the most flattering (no, it’s not stupid). Once you find it, play it like your best card and emphasize your best side to look good in every selfie (and life, of course!).


How To Look Good Without Makeup


Makeup is awesome, but there are times in our lives when we just want to look good… without it. Maybe your workplace has strict no-makeup makeup rules, maybe you’re invited to a third date with that guy you’re crushing on really hard, or maybe you just don’t want to overwhelm your already stunning face.

There are so many reasons to look good without makeup and thankfully, it’s not that hard!

young beautiful woman with shorts shows how to look good without makeup


1. Take the best skincare you can afford at the moment


Sunscreen, bb cream, masks – pamper your skin so it can be glowing, healthy, clear, and soft without any makeup on.

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2. Enjoy messy hairdo’s


Hey, if you want to look good while you’re all natural, it’s also the best time to enjoy those messy, straight-from-the-bed hairstyles! Simply wash your hair and let it air dry. If you don’t like how your hair dries, make it look good (or better) by adding gentle, messy waves or straightening those frizzy bad boys with a flat iron.


3. Keep them lips juicy!


When your skin is clear, and your hair looks great, the last thing to check for is your lips. Are they clean? Are they moisturized?

To make your lips look good (and irresistible) without makeup, put them on a nice lip scrub session.

Then, apply a generous amount of lip balm and check on them a few times a day to make sure they still look good!


Can You Look Good At Any Age?


Absolutely, 100% yes! Just because you’re used to seeing younger models everywhere on the media, it doesn’t mean that only young women can look good.

There are tons of women who look good despite their age – and that’s not some kind of an exception to the rule. A few examples of women who look good after 50 (or even 80!) are Christie Brinkley, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Hurley – this list could go on and on. You can age gracefully and look good at the same time – it all comes down to your choice and the way you feel about yourself in the first place.


How To Look Good: Final Points


If you want to look good, you need to take care of your appearance – that’s undeniable. But have you noticed that quite a few of these points are directed at your confidence, self-love, and self-worth? And indeed, even the prettiest girl can look good hiding behind four walls – but does it matter if she’s afraid to show her beauty to the world?..

Confidence and courage to embrace the way you look are undeniably one of the most important things to remember when you want to look good. It can make people fall for you, and not just because you’re pretty… It’s because you like yourself and that, my friend, is absolutely, extremely, magnetically attractive.

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