Woman Smiling To Spread Positivity Around Her

How to Spread Positivity Everywhere Around You

Spread positivity to the world around you and be a piece of sunshine on a rainy day.

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Woman Smiling To Spread Positivity Around

We live in a world that is full of violence, hostility, wars, and diseases.

The news is full of overall negativity, and we may not realize it, but this leaves a big impact on our day-to-day lives.

It affects our mental and emotional health, people seem to be struggling to stay afloat and it appears to be difficult to ignore the negativity around us.

Fortunately for us, this doesn’t have to be this way.

Choosing to look at the negative points is a choice, not a necessity.

Quite a lot of times, people live in conditions that we can never imagine living in but they are still quite happy – how?

This is because they choose to focus on the positive parts of life and block out the negativity.

What would the world look like if we all do our part and start spreading positivity everywhere around us?

We may not realize it, but we all play a huge role in one another’s life.

What if we start doing everything we can to spread positivity and make sure that they are having a good day?

It might not always be easy, however, it is definitely possible.

With a little bit of effort, we can spread positivity to the world around us and be a piece of sunshine on a rainy day.

In this article, I will tell you how you can focus on positivity and spread it in a world that is devastatingly negative.

“What if I’m not that positive to begin with?”

You can start being positive from today onwards.

Start with this little exercise from today on.

When you wake up in the morning:

  • count your blessings;
  • think of at least 5 things you are grateful for;
  • forgive someone you have been holding a grudge against;
  • learn from your mistakes;
  • practice breathing exercise – inhale positivity, exhale the negativity.

Other things will fall in place once you start doing the things from the list below.

Happy Woman As An Illustration On How To Spread Positivity Around


How to Spread Positivity Everywhere Around You


1. Show encouragement and be a hero


Many people back down from doing things that they love just because they have an atmosphere of discouragement around them.

Encourage people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams, so they can achieve anything they want.

It will be so much easier once they approach their goals with a positive mind and happy thoughts.

Also sometimes, it is not encouragement that is needed but a helping hand.

So give someone a lift in your car if they seem too tired to drive, offer to carry some bags for them when they are walking back home from a grocery run, or simply ask if they need anything.

Small gestures like these help you to spread positivity and leave a big impact.


2. Sit down and listen


Sometimes people just need to vent and take everything out of their system by trusting someone with their secrets.

They want somebody to be there as a listener to help them figure things out.

It sounds so easy to listen to, but a few people master this.

Be attentive when someone needs you to listen to them.

It can help big time and make them feel lighter.


3. Spread positivity by giving compliments


Let’s just agree, we all love compliments, they are awesome.

We often keep our thoughts to ourselves but we need to stop holding back all those good things we can actually say.

To spread positivity, make sure you give genuine compliments to people around you.

When you’re out for a run and you see someone wearing shoes that you love, tell them.

When your sister gets her hair colored for the first time, tell her how wonderful she looks.

Tell your loved ones how much you adore them and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Find beauty in unexpected things – compliment someone’s unusual music taste or the way they snort when they laugh.  Positive, appreciative comments can make a person’s day.


4. Use your pearly whites for the greater good.



Nothing helps to spread positivity better than an honest smile.

“I’m too shy.”

That’s fine.

Just slow down, take a deep breath, and just smile.

Smiling instantly puts people around you in a positive mood.

Sending a warm smile to a stranger while walking by can make them feel better.

If you are feeling negative, think of something good in your life, smile, and see how your own mood instantly lifts up.


5. Cook or pack a comforting meal for someone


Cooking and packing meals for someone can make their day.

It is a philanthropic way to spread positivity and gives people a reason to smile and be happy.

It doesn’t always have to be a big meal; sometimes little gestures can make a big room in someone’s heart.

For instance, bring your coworkers’ favorite chocolate or send them virtual gifts when they are having a bad day
at work, buy your roommate his favorite pack of crisps on your way back home and similar.


6. Give hugs


A hug is comforting like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter night, is it something that can make someone feel safe and loved.

People love hugs because they can turn thoughts around and spread positive vibes.

Spread positivity by offering a hug to those who want it.


7. Little acts of kindness can leave a positive impact


Don’t forget to express kindness to those around you, including strangers.

It feels really good when someone you don’t know does something unexpectedly nice for you, like telling you the way when you are lost, offering you help to find something, or simply just holding the door for you.

Be kind and positive towards those who do things for you on a daily basis – like your cabbie who drops you home from work, or your spouse who cooks delicious food with all her heart and soul.

All in all, be kind towards yourself, this goes without saying but if you treat yourself with kindness, you will automatically treat others the same way.

Appreciate the little qualities you have.

A kind you = a happy you!


8. Pass on the positive energy you got from someone else


When someone does something good for you and spreads positivity towards you, make sure you pass it on to someone else too.

If we continue to send positive vibes to each other, we can surely work towards a more positive, optimistic world.


Other Small Ways To Stay Positive And Spread Positivity

Are you used to seeing your world from a negative perspective?  Here are some more tips that can help you stay optimistic.


Steer clear of negative things and people


Avoid watching content that is full of violence and negative news.

Watch happy things, like your favorite movie or a playlist that is full of uplifting comedies.

Build a positive environment that is full of loving, caring people that lift you up instead of bringing you down.

Replace things that are negative with things that are bright and good.

Don’t let anxiety take over


Don’t ruin your present just because you are worried about your future.

If you start feeling anxious, take a deep breath and divert your mind.

Your emotions can take charge only if you let them.

Here’s a ton of helpful content that can help you to manage your anxiety when it hits.

Woman Who Likes To Spread Positivity Around


Don’t rush things


Constant worry can make you focus on the negative things in life.

Having too many things on your plate is also super stressful.

Whenever you can, try to slow down.

Allow everything to fall into place.

Sometimes rushing and trying to force things actually gives an opposite effect.


Change your perspective


Most of the things we get upset about and really not that big but we overthink them too much.

Try to see things from a positive aspect and figure out a solution.

Here’s a helpful article I wrote on how to stop being so negative and focus on the brighter side of your life.

Woman Playing Jokes To Spread Positivity


Focus on self care


I can’t emphasize enough on how important self care is.

If you start caring for yourself, you will develop a natural inclination towards inviting positivity in to your life.

Once you’re positive towards your own body and mind, it will be so much easier to share these positive emotions with others.

If you don’t know how to start with your self care, or what activities to choose from, here are a few helpful topics:


Love Yourself. Love Others.


You are your own worst critic, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you stop listening to that little voice inside that is pointing out all your flaws.

It will be hard to silence it, but you can replace those negative thoughts with positive ones when you focus on challenging those negative thoughts.

Also read:

Think about all the ways you can give back.

You can give back to your friends and family, your colleagues, neighbors, and all in all a wider community.  When you give back with kindness, you feel positive and valued.  While being kind towards others, do not forget to be kind to your own self.

There is no doubt that we all are surrounded by negativity, especially because of this hard time we live in.

Lucky for us, it is a personal choice as to whether or not we let negativity take over our lives.

If we start focusing on the positive side of life we can make a difference.

Spread positivity.

Make people feel welcome.

You will feel better yourself too.

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