10 Ways Spending Time With Family Can Make You Happier

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Happy Couple And A Baby Spending Time With Family

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Beautiful Happy Woman Spending Time With Family

Let’s admit it – our modern life is usually hectic and extremely busy. And this is why I believe many of us have difficulty spending time with family.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about playing with children, or having a great time with our elderly – time spent with family is more than valuable. And in this world, filled with numerous hours spent in front of a blue screen, we need it more than ever.

I tend to think that spending time with family is the best and wisest investment you can make. And there are quite a few benefits of family time you need to know about! I know that families are not perfect, but those valuable bonds between family members need to be cherished.

Here are the top ways spending time with family benefits your happiness and health.


10 Ways Spending Time With Family Can Make You Happier


1. Spending time with family boosts mental health.


Interacting with a close group of people, like your family, can notably reduce the possibility of developing anxiety or depression. According to Mayo Clinic, socialization increases the feelings of well-being, safety, and happiness. And if you’re wondering whether talking to your family via video call is the same – it works just as well!

Young People Spending Time With Family In Nature


2. Spending time with family creates strong emotional support that can help you overcome life’s challenges.


We all fall prey to disbelief, negative self talk, and loss of hope… And the best way to get back on track is by reaching out to our loved ones. Family is our safe haven, so spending time with your relatives can create a strong emotional support group. Also, family members are more likely to accept you the way you are, and your situation. These people care about you and should be ready to help you in any situation.


3. Spending time with family helps children to perform better at school.


Kids learn about communication skills and their importance from their family members, and they tend to then use the same behavior at school. When given enough of attention and love from their relatives, children may perform better and develop new skills faster.


4. Spending time with family decreases the chances of behavioral problems (in both children and young adults).


Not having access to a strong family bond can make children and young adults develop behavioral problems. For example, families who eat home-cooked meals together and socialize after dinner tend offer a safer environment for a kid to evolve (unless there are conflicts involved in dinner time, of course!).

Young Girl And Her Father Spending Time With Family By Playing Super Heros


5. Spending time with family increases self-confidence for all family members.


Socializing with family members is key to building self-esteem and learning to share appreciation. Having someone to rely on at all times can also make you feel at ease, even in the most stressful situations.


6. Spending time with family makes you less inclined to appeal to violence.


Good, productive, or pleasant time with your family can relieve feelings of anger and anxiety. As such, it calms you down, and you can feel less frustrated.


7. Spending time with family gives you a new perspective on coping.


… And as a result, there is less likely chance to fall for drug abuse. It’s not a secret that every one of us will experience a loss or a break up sometime in our lifetime. Feeling lost or unconnected can make one seek temporary relief and sometimes, people start using drugs when there is simply no one to help them cope with their pain. This is why it’s so important to turn to your loved ones at difficult times and support each other if there is a loss, divorce, or a breakup situation for anyone in your family.


8. Spending time with family can teach you a lot about conflict resolution and how to avoid unnecessary hassle.


Communication with other people is key to discovering how to keep up your happiness, resolve conflicts and forgive when someone says “I’m sorry”. Time spent with your family is a lot different than the time spent with other people. Your friends and colleagues may love you, but communication with people who are not a part of your family will always have an invisible layer of modesty and social correctness.

On the other hand, communicating with your family (your chats, your conflicts, your disagreements) are usually straight and open. Learning to manage such a situation in your family circle equips you with the right skills you need to extinguish fires among your friends and colleagues too.

Two Angry Little Sister Girls Playing Raquette


9. Spending time with family actually decreases stress!


Studies show that people with healthy family relationships have healthier coping mechanisms for stress. Feelings of love, support, and care can do wonders for someone who feels stressed or under a lot of pressure, and this is why it’s so important for family members to stick together, spend time, talk, chat, laugh, and keep the moods up whenever possible.

For example, looking for gifts for your family members, and then giving them creates a lot of positive emotions, both for the gift giver and the one who receives them. It’s a beautiful way to connect with your family and makes them feel less stressed. These days, there are so many gift options around that it’s incredibly easy to find something nice for anyone, even for babies! Baby jewelry has been a family tradition for centuries and depending on your family’s customs, you can find things like earrings, baby bangles, and necklaces. Just make sure to choose a metal that is safe for a baby in order to prevent allergies and keep an eye out for the toddler removing jewelry to play with it.


10. Spending time with family lengthens life expectancy.


A good time with your loved ones releases good hormones. As such, you experience less tension, and your body gets plenty of time to recover from daily stress. It may sound unbelievable, but spending time with family can indeed make you happier, healthier, and motivated to push forward, grow, and succeed. Put this all together and you have a perfect recipe for a longer life too!


A Loving Family Is a Safe Haven


… Yet you should always remember that there are no perfect families in this world. I hope your bond with your family is strong, but if it’s not, here you have 10 strong reasons to try to bond with your family again and rekindle lost friendships, if possible.

And if your family relationships are good but you want to spend more time with your loved ones, start today! Plan some family mealtimes and group activities. Video call them if you can’t come to where they are or invite them to visit. The incredible benefits I’ve shared with you above reveal why it is so important and how it plays a significant role in your mental wellbeing. At the same time, spending time with family is the key to discovering healthy ways to tackle everyday challenges.

Make sure you invest plenty of time and nurture your relationships. It’s the priority everyone should have.

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