3 Easy Self Care Strategies For When You Really Need a Break

The easiest ways to bring a feeling of wellbeing back into your life.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Pretty Woman Looking Tired And Needing Self Care Strategies

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When life gets so overwhelming that all you can think about is that oh-so-needed vacation, it’s a perfect sign that you need a break.

And it’s great if you can go on that vacation, relax, have fun and be alone for a little while… Sounds like a perfect world doesn’t it?

Yet in reality, it might not be the case.

You might be dealing with work overload that doesn’t allow you to leave.

The money could be on the dryer side.

And the thought of that family vacation can make you feel even more exhausted (it’s not like you won’t have to care for your kids there, right?).

This is when a self care week, a staycation, or simply a day off can be the best solution you can think of.

Now, self care is supposed to make you feel better, right?

But what if you feel so tired, that you don’t feel like doing anything?

Trust me, I know how it feels.

I’m a regular burnout candidate thanks to my tendencies to work a little bit too much.

My dad was a workaholic and I believe this is where it all comes from.

However, there’s one thing every workaholic knows.

If you overwork yourself, self care is almost like the best headache remedy after a night of heavy partying.

It’s your way out of fatigue, bad mood, and grumpiness.

The trick to benefit the most from your self care break (and not get even more tired by your self care activities) is to choose self care strategies that are easy to follow, yet effective enough to get you back on your feet.

In this post, I’m overviewing my three favorite self care strategies that don’t require a lot of extra energy.


Easy Self Care Strategies For When You Really Need a Break


1. Beauty Day


One of my favorite easy self care strategies, a beauty day can bring a fresh breeze into your life and make you feel amazing.

Now, you don’t need to go all-in and start doing everything that’s possible – easy self care strategies are supposed to be easy.

So instead of going to that salon, instead of doing that root touch up or a full manicure, choose the beauty activities that can help you to take care of your looks and relax at the same time.

Here are my favorite, relaxing beauty self care activities:

  • Having a fragrant body scrub session in your shower
  • Spending half an hour in a hot bath with bubbles or precious oils
  • Putting on a face mask and listening to calm music
  • Applying your absolutely favorite body lotion or oil, and massaging your muscles with it

Pretty Body Lotion As An Addition For Self Care Strategies

Love Beauty And Planet Bountiful Moisture Body Wash

You don’t have to do all of them at once – just pick one and check on yourself after.

Do you still feel tired?

Take a nap.

Feeling a little better?

Why not do something more?

The good thing with beauty self care strategies is that it’s one of the easiest to try.

Tools, Masks, Creams And Aloe For Beauty Self Care Strategies


2. Pleasurable Experiences Day


This is one of the best self care strategies for those who need fun and pleasant experiences in their life.

The key point of having a pleasurable self care day is to give your body and soul something to feel nice about.

To do that, incorporate your senses:

Search for nice smells – buy yourself flowers, steam some aromatherapy oils, order a meal that smells amazing, change your bedsheets.

Breathe those beautiful smells in to stimulate your receptors and lift your moods.

Craft &Amp; Kin Soy Candle As An Addition For Self Care Strategies

Craft & Kin Premium Scented Soy Candle in Fresh Flower

Look for pretty views – scroll through professional photography online, go for a walk in a nice park, spend some time painting and playing with colors, go through your favorite photos.

All of these activities can help you shift your focus to beauty and goodness around, which in turn will help your body and soul rest.

Listen to beautiful sounds – whatever soothes your soul!

It can be rain, river, forest, birds, and other natural sounds on Youtube (when I’m super tired, simple wind works wonders).

It can be soothing and slow piano music.

A sound of your loved ones’ voice.

Even silence if that’s all you want right now!

Woman Hands Touching Colorful Flowers As One Of The Self Care Strategies


3. “Doing absolutely nothing” day


The queen of self care strategies through the years, a day of doing nothing will help when everything else feels irritating or too hard.

When you feel like doing nothing, it’s a way your body tells you “hey, can we like, really take a break for a moment?”.

And you should do that!

Spending a day or two doing nothing will not make your world fall apart – there’s always a way to postpone something until the next day.

Trust me, you can tackle all those tasks easily when you gain your energy back.

They only seem difficult and exhausting because you are, well, exhausted!

So give yourself a favor and simply do nothing on this day.

Woman Sitting On The Armchair Doing Nothing As Part Of Self Care Strategies


As you can see, sometimes the best self care strategies are the ones that are least complicated.

Your mind and body need some fun, or a way to completely rest.

This is why these self care strategies can work so well to bring a feeling of wellbeing back into your life.

I hope you will try these self care strategies, and find the one that will be your perfect fix for hard days or weeks.

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