50 Life Goals Examples For a Long, Happy, and Successful Life

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How often do you think about your life goals? Life is not something we can typically plan. We may have a rough outline, some things we want to accomplish, but everything in between is a beautiful surprise. Setting goals can help you enjoy and embrace the ride while still creating a life that you are proud of – a life that excites you!  Whether you’ve had an epiphany or are in the spirit of making resolutions, having a couple of life goals can help create purpose and focus in your daily life.


Defining Life Goals: Your Most Important Task For Better Future!


What Exactly Are Life Goals?


Simply put, life goals are things that you want to accomplish in your life. They can be big or small, but they essentially act as a framework to help you achieve important things. Life goals are typically comprised of both short-term and long-term goals.


Why Is It Important To Set Life Goals?


Setting life goals is essential because they give you a great sense of motivation and help you to create a long-term vision for your life. This isn’t to say that every aspect of your life needs to be planned or will go according to the plan. However, it is essential to create meaning and purpose in your life, which can be achieved by setting life goals with significance.

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How To Set Your Life Goals?


Many of us have dreams or ideas of what will make us happy. Maybe it is something specific, and perhaps it’s vague, possibly it is just something that you would like to try. No matter what it is, to set your life goals, you need to figure out what is important to you. Once it is clear, creating a path or plan can help you to get started and move in the right direction.


What Are The Different Types Of Life Goals?


Typically, there are about five distinct types of life goals. These include goals that apply to your career, finances, personal development, spirituality, and relationships. As these tend to be five of the most important aspects of your life, it is no surprise that these areas are what we focus on when creating life goals. In this article, I have combined a perfect life goals list that you can use to choose and set life goals that will make the biggest difference in your life!


50 Great Life Goals Examples: Improving Life One Goal At a Time


PART 1: Simple Life Goals For Everyone

This life goals list contains goals that are perfect for absolutely anyone, and they’re also a great way to start your life improvement journey. If you want to significantly advance your life over time, set a few life goals to:


1. Read 20 Pages Everyday


Everyone wishes they read a bit more but never really knows where to start. Setting a small, attainable goal is much easier to stick with than saying I will read one book every week. Try shooting for ten pages in the morning and ten pages before bed.


2. Journal Every Day


Journals are entirely underrated. We often take for granted how effective it can be just to pour all of the thoughts hopping around in our head onto a page. If you are having one of those days when you feel foggy, journaling is a great outlet. Making this a daily practice is excellent for your mental health.


3. Always Get Out Of Bed When The Alarm Goes Off


We can’t judge you for hitting the snooze buttons a few times throughout the morning – we do it, too. Try challenging yourself to get up the first time your alarm goes off. Within a couple of days, you will start to notice how much your alertness is improving in the mornings.


4. Always Find Time For a Personal Day


We all need to play a little hooky sometimes. Make it one of your life goals to always find time for yourself. That means no work, no kids, no obligations – just you and something truly indulgent like a spa day. Don’t worry, nothing will fall apart if you take a short 24 hours to spoil yourself. And if you have no clue what to do on your personal day, even taking a walk in nature or meditating for a while is good enough!

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5. Travel Whenever You Can


Life is short, and before you know it, you will regret not taking more trips. There are so many beautiful places and experiences to be had all over the world. Your trips do not have to be extravagant or even international, just get out there and explore!


6. Always Focus on Solutions


Often, we focus on all of the things that are going wrong and the problems created in our lives. Rather than focusing on what is going wrong, try focusing on how you can solve a problem. Setting this task as one of your life goals will help you to shift your mindset and always focus on solving the problem (not the problem itself!).


PART 2: Life Goals Examples For Happiness

Are you longing for true, pure happiness in your life? Is the ultimate happy feeling something that sounds fulfilling? If so, this life goals list is definitely for you. To achieve happiness and fulfillment, try to set your life goals to:


7. Be Happy


Yes, one of the most common life goals is to be happy – and it’s simply worth working on! We all yearn to live carefree and with absolute bliss. Everybody has their version of happiness, but most people discover their joy by leading a meaningful, authentic, and productive life. Learning to maintain a positive lifestyle can help you to experience more happiness throughout the day.


8. Give Back to Others


When we help other people, it gives us a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Giving our time and energy to those who can benefit from our service is an incredible way to give back. Selfless acts can genuinely enrich your life, and it’s one of the most beautiful life goals you can set for yourself.


9. Pursue Your Passions


One of your biggest life goals should also be to live passionately. Allow yourself to find something that makes you feel alive and excited about life! Once you learn more about what you are passionate about, go after it. Chasing after something that makes you feel bold and ecstatic will bring so much happiness to your life.


10. Take Care of Yourself Each Day


It is easy to prioritize others and obligations before ourselves. While it may seem like putting yourself last is a commendable or selfless act, you may be hurting the ones around you. To be helpful and happy, we have to take care of our needs just like we take care of our loved ones’ needs.

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11. Be Social


We have all seen what happens when we aren’t able to hang out with our family and friends. Loneliness is a gateway to anxiety and depression. When we socialize, we feel connected, and this improves our mood and our mental health. Take time to catch up with old friends or give your mom a call, and you’ll feel great afterward.


12. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


We have all spent a great deal of energy, trying to avoid being uncomfortable. To find personal and professional development, you will have to try new things – which can be very scary. This is mostly because you don’t know what the outcome will be, but we are usually rewarded when we challenge ourselves.

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13. Wrap Your Life Goals With Gratitude


This is one of the simplest, yet most rewarding life goals out there.  No matter what you’re working on, every morning when you wake up, take five minutes to write down your thoughts in a gratitude journal. This is a great way to set your goals and intentions for the day and restate any affirmations. Aligning your intentions and gratitude from the moment you wake up will fill your day with more purpose.

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PART 3: Life Goals Examples For Health And Long Life

This life goals list focuses on goals that can improve your health over time, keep your body healthy, and help you to live a longer life. To stay healthy through the years, set healthy life goals to:


14. Learn To Get Enough Sleep


It may seem like a silly life goal to set, but sleep is crucial to good health. People with optimal health get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. When you sleep, your body repairs and your cell regenerates, which is vital to your organs’ function.


15. Exercise regularly


Moving your body is very important to your health. It gets your blood pumping and circulates fresh air throughout your body. In your life goals list, include a goal to get 30-60 minutes of physical activity every day. Try to include strength exercises too, at least twice per week to maintain a healthy body.


16. Eat More Plants


We are not suggesting that you go vegan or vegetarian unless you want to, but it is essential to include many different vegetables and fruits into your diet. They should be on your plate at every meal. Think of it as maintaining a plant-focused diet.


17. Eat More Whole Grains


Despite what diet culture would like to have you believe, carbs are not inherently bad for you. Whole grains give you the energy to get through your day and are essential to your digestive health. Be sure to include at least three servings of whole grains in your daily meals.


18. Choose Healthy Fats


Fats are great for your hair, skin, nails, and they keep you full! Fats are also delicious as they add a lot of flavor to your food – and it’s so easy to choose the bad kind… Make it a goal to choose what’s good for you instead. Good sources of fat include nuts, peanut or almond butter, flax meal, walnuts, soy, canola oil, olive oil, the list is endless. So, enjoy that avocado toast – it’s great for your health!


19. Break Your Bad Habits


Whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, dependency issues can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. Dependencies create unhealthy habits and obsessions with substances that dull your response to your own life. Try kicking these to the curb so that you can experience life fully.


20. Take Time for A Spiritual Practice


Whether it is praying before bed, meditating before starting your day, or simply expressing gratitude, some sort of spiritual practice is important to our health. It makes you feel more connected with yourself and your purpose. Centering yourself during the day ensures that you create a sense of calm, focus, and presence.


PART 4: Life Goals Examples For Success

It’s not a secret – success can be an enormous source of happiness and confidence in our life. This life goals list focuses on setting small, success-aimed life goals that ultimately lead to a successful life:


21. Keep Learning New Skills


Do you feel like you’re regularly falling in a bit of a rut? Or maybe you are feeling uninspired… Whatever the case may be, it can help to learn a new skill on a regular basis. This skill can be something that advances your career or simply something that interests you personally. No matter the topic, create some time within your life to learn more about it.


22. Participate in Networking Activities


This is one of the most valuable life goals you can set for yourself. Your ability to network with people and develop a sense of authority and influence within your industry will greatly help you to progress towards your career goals. This is much more than talking or social climbing; networking is about creating valuable connections. Show others how passionate and well versed you are regarding your field. Make friends among professionals. Be a part of social communities!


23. Start Your Own Business


While the process of building your own business is usually a long-term goal, it is one of those life goals that will teach you so much about yourself! Start by developing a plan and start taking some steps to bring it to life. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start doing and heading in the right direction.

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24. Become an Expert


This is a goal that requires constant work to achieve. However, showing a passion for and an interest in understanding every aspect of your industry will make you one of your industry’s best. Knowing all of the ins and outs will resonate with your peers.


25. Tell Your Boss About Your Plans


If you are looking to move up within your company, you need to let your boss know! Tell them about your goals for progressing through the company ranks, and talk about what you need to do to make that happen. This way, you get access to valuable insight and can start creating a plan.


26. Improve Your Productivity


Nothing feels better than know you kicked butt throughout the day, and this usually occurs when you have optimized your time for productivity. Take a step back and identify which practices positively impact your career as those that are not. Taking stock of your actions will help you strategize effectively.


27. Make A Career Switch


Success is not staying in a job you despise just to say that you are stuck with it. If you are no longer passionate about your job or your career is leaving you feeling unfulfilled, then start looking for a career in a new industry. You may be surprised at what you find! And believe it or not, making a career switch can be one of the most impactful life goals out you can have.


PART 5: Financial Life Goals Examples

Being financially free is a dream of virtually everyone. Also, working on financial freedom can eventually enable you to achieve more life goals from other categories.

To build financial freedom for yourself, set your life goals to:


28. Take Control of Your Debt


One of everybody’s life goals is to experience financial independence. A large part of it is managing your debt correctly. You don’t need to make a large amount of money to manage your debt, and you just have to budget and plan accordingly.


29. Have a Well-Stocked Nest Egg


Emergency funds are incredibly important. You will be able to rest much easier, knowing that you have funds to keep you safe if anything happens. Putting money away each month to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances can be the difference between a bad situation and a horrendous situation.


30. Pay Off Your Student Loans


This is likely one of the long-term life goals for most, but paying off your student loan debt should be a priority for nearly everyone. Student loans tend to be very forgiving but are almost impossible to claim on bankruptcy, meaning that these loans stick to you like glue. Make sure you are managing them properly.


31. Plan For Your Retirement


Have you heard of compounding interest? If not, you need to look it up now. Everything you save in a 401k, Roth Savings Account, or some other form of an independent investment will help you to build your wealth. Growing your money is the only way to ensure a secure retirement.


32. Create More Income Streams


Yes, we are talking about the ever-popular side hustle. Most millionaires have at least seven streams of income, and not all of those are active streams. Finding ways to build your wealth and earn money from multiple sources will help you to create more assets.


33. Then Make At Least One of Those Streams Passive


A passive income stream is a way to earn money without spending more of your time. This usually occurs in the form of investing. By investing your money into an investment that provides returns or dividends, your money will work for you while you are sleeping.


34. Live Below Your Means


It is understandable to want to buy everything in sight, especially when social media has become centered around flexing. But living too far beyond your means now can significantly affect how comfortable you are in your future. Focus instead on saving money and spending it wisely (read: buying things or experiences that make you happy).


PART 6: Relationship Life Goals Examples

Our families and the people we care about will never be unimportant. Building beautiful relationships requires both time and effort, yet it is something even more valuable than money. Enjoy a life full of happy moments together! In your life goals list, include a few goals to:


35. Make Communication a Priority


It is easy to take for granted that your partner knows what you want or what you are thinking. Communicating your feelings and needs with your partner regularly leads to a much happier and prosperous relationship. Be sure to listen to them when they speak, as well.


36. Work Hard to Understand Your Partner


One of your life goals should include being a good partner. Feeling special and important is something that everyone needs in their life. Make sure that you are putting in the work to understand your partner.


37. Learn To Forgive


Your friends, family, and partner are going to do things that hurt your feelings – it is as simple as that. And you will do things that hurt them, and this is why forgiveness is so important. Not only do our loved ones deserve our grace and mercy, but we also owe it to ourselves to not hold on to the past.


38. Make Your Relationship A Priority


Between school, work, kids, and other activities, it is easy to stop seeing your partner. Your relationship is your safe place, and that part of your life needs to be nourished daily. Ensure that you are taking the time necessary to make sure your relationship is given the time and energy it deserves.


39. Spend Regular, Quality Time with Your Loved Ones


Family gatherings are so much fun, but it is essential to spend one-on-one time with all of your loved ones every once in a while. Quality time is crucial to bonding and developing a deeper connection, yet it is so easy to fall into a vicious work-home-work cycle. Make it one of your life goals to spend special time with each member of your family. You will be happy that you did when you’re older.


40. Make Date Nights An Essential Part Of Life


Do you have kids? Remind yourself that before you were a parent, you were a partner. That relationship is crucial to the health of your family, so it is important to nurture it. At least once a month, schedule a date night with your love to ensure that you are both getting enough time to communicate and practice intimacy.


41. Learn To Argue Effectively


Even when it applies to your feelings, keeping secrets from your loved ones isn’t healthy. If you are feeling frustrated or angry with someone, let them know. Approach the situation from a constructive place so that you can move past the problem and grow.

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PART 7: Life Goals Examples For a Meaningful Life

Finding the meaning of life is one of those life goals that everyone wants to achieve. But is it just a one-goal, or a set of smaller goals that ultimately lead you to inner peace?

In Japan, there is a concept of Ikigai, which says that the ultimate meaning of our life is at the intersection of what we love to do, what we can do to get paid, what makes us passionate, and what the world needs. In this life goals list, you will find goals that help you to find this “reason to be”, and live a meaningful life with motivation:


42. Be Kind


Kindness is freedom and a great way to practice this freedom is to show kindness every single day. Being kind to those in your life, even strangers is a great way to feel connected to people and add purpose to your life, without selfishness.


43. Aim for Personal Growth


Continuous personal development is one of the most important life goals as well. Working on ourselves makes us feel better, and when we feel better, we act as the best possible version of ourselves. By aiming to reach your full potential, you will live a life with less regret.


44. Toss Out Bad Relationships


Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship, if it is draining your time, energy, or happiness, then it has to go. You can’t live your best life if you are investing in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling.


45. Surround Yourself with Good People


By surrounding yourself with those you look up to or those you admire, you will find yourself becoming a better person. This occurs because we see potential in those we look up to, and when seeing the potential in others, we can see potential in ourselves.


46. Regularly Do Something New with a Loved One


Do you have someone in your life that you would like to be closer to? Or maybe you feel like your bond or relationship with someone needs a little extra TLC. Trying something new or adventurous with someone you love can bring you closer.


47. Have Deep Conversations


Get away from gossiping and small talk. Having an open, honest, and vulnerable conversation with someone regularly will be consistently adding more meaning to your life.


48. Limit Your Screen Time


Most of us stare at screens all day for work, and then we come home and stare some more. We spend way too much time connected to a screen, letting our life to fade away while we do it. Try putting the phone down and the laptop away once you are finished your workday. This will help you to become more present and relaxed during your downtime, and over the long run, you will feel less addicted to screens.


49. Do Something Scary, Until It Doesn’t Scare You Anymore


If you are afraid of something, chances are it is going to force you to grow. Try facing your fears and doing something that you didn’t think was possible (as long as it’s safe, of course!). By doing this regularly, you can become fearless and live a life without unnecessary negativity.


50. Embrace Failure


This may seem counterintuitive, but when you embrace the fact that nothing and no one is perfect, your failures turn into lessons. These lessons will help you grow and gain more experience as you move throughout life.


How To Start Working On Your Life Goals?


Getting started on your life goals is as easy as writing them down. To start, you can simply choose a few life goals you liked on this list. When you write down a purpose or intention, you are 43% more likely to complete it. And to make sure you don’t get yourself overwhelmed, try to set just a few life goals at first.

After you have done writing your life goals, you need to create an action plan. This plan should include measurable steps and achievements on the way to accomplishing every goal. Keep a record of your progress and watch as your dream starts to become a reality.


How To Stay Committed To Your Life Goals?


There are five things that you should do to stay committed to your life goals. First, get your priorities in order. Then, remember that if you fall off course, you can recommit to your goals – this is not an all or nothing experience. Make sure you understand your why or your purpose. Finally, be realistic about your expectations and the time you expect it to take to achieve your goals.


What To Do If Your Life Goals Change?


If you are trying your best, but your goal isn’t working, then change it. It doesn’t make you a failure, and it means that your goal isn’t right for you. If you have to change a goal that you thought was important to you, give yourself time to mourn your change of heart and then keep pushing forward. Reevaluate what is essential to you and begin creating new life goals – there’s nothing wrong with that!


Chasing Life Goals For Better Future – The Bottom Line


Setting life goals helps you to create vision and meaning in your life. Working hard for something and attaining it, especially when you put your mind and energy into something, is such a rewarding feeling! You will be encouraged to keep making life goals that enrich your life, and ultimately – you will become whatever you want to be, and achieve whatever you want to have.

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