Woman Trying New Things As A Hiker To Beat Depression

7 Reasons Why Trying Something New Can Help Your Depression

New activities, places, and people can help you heal and recover faster.

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Woman Tyring New Things On The Mountains To Help Her Depression

Depression is one of those mental conditions that have many different possible causes.

Many people think that their depression has a single cause and that it must be fixed with a certain pill or medication.

While there are medications that have proven successful in treating some cases of depression, it is important to remember that this is not the only solution available.

Your depression condition may just require some new experiences to help you overcome it.

If you are tired of feeling depressed, try something new – here’s how it can help you.

Quick note – I am not a mental health professional.

These tips are based on my personal experience and I do not claim that they will work for everyone.

Depression is complex and there’s no one cure for all.

If you struggle to find what works for you, consider talking to a professional.


7 Reasons Why Trying Something New Can Help Your Depression


1. You Could Find Different Approach That Works For You Better


One of the reasons why people try something new when dealing with depression is to find something that is more effective in their particular situation.

Some people turn to psychotherapy or hypnotherapy to help them overcome their depression.

These methods can be very effective for the right person.

However, there are many people who do not feel comfortable going to therapists.

If you’ll be trying something new for your depression and more peace of mind, consider other options that may feel better for you:

  • Reading self-help, depression oriented books;
  • Meditating and listening to self-help hypnosis audios;
  • Participating in anonymous online group calls;
  • Journaling and doing CBT exercises;
  • Joining an online support group;

These are just a few options, but essentially, simply trying something new can prove to be more effective for you in particular.


2. You Can Finally Experience Something Enjoyable


You may have always wanted to try new things, but you live in a busy world full of things that you don’t particularly enjoy.

For example, you may always long to go on a trip, but if you are already very busy at work, how will you find the time to go on a vacation?

If you are constantly finding yourself unable to do something new and fun, then it’s about time that you looked into a new adventure for yourself.

You should be seriously trying something new, even if it is just for a day.

Try doing something that you normally find incredibly difficult, like hiking, or taking a long, soul-washing walk on the beach.

It may be hard to find time for it, but be honest with yourself – is there really, absolutely, 100% no chance for you to have one day to do this?

Chances are, there are still some options to make it happen, and this is the only thing you need to get started.


3. You Could Meet People Who Can Help You


While you can’t completely shake off all of the experiences that caused you to develop depression in the past, you can learn from those experiences and hopefully learn new things along the way.

For example, if you found your depression because of an abusive relationship, trying something new could help you to stress less about what happened and have a faster recovery.

You may also be surprised to find that meeting new people who enjoy life more than you do can help you to overcome your depression.

Speaking of friends, your social circle is one of the best ways you can overcome your depression.

While there may be other people in your social circle who have depression, try to be there for them whenever they need you.

When you are around them, their depression often subsides, and so could yours.

This can really prove to be valuable when you are trying to overcome your own depression.

But at the same time, you could try meeting new people too.

Here are a few ideas:

  • you could meet new people on your trip (see tip Nr. 2);
  • you could meet new people at parties and social gatherings (that’s why it’s good to go to them, even if it’s the last thing you want to do);
  • you could meet new people in the gym;
  • you could meet new people participating in basically any new activity you do outside your home.


4. You Could Find Something That Actually Sparks Passion In You


Trying something new can happen at the comfort of your home too.

A new hobby or a kind of it can be extremely helpful.

For example, if you have always liked to paint, try exploring different mediums.

There are so many painting mediums to choose from, so you can explore almost any topic that interests you.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try sculpting.

Maybe hyper-realistic paintings look extremely awesome to you –  now you can finally learn how to do it yourself.

You can even make your own art pieces and share them with other like-minded individuals on social media.

The main idea here is to try because the only way to know if something makes you passionate is to try it.


5. You Could Try Experiences That Boost Your Pleasure Hormones


Sometimes, when you are going through a depressive episode, trying something new can be your best choice because it gives your mind something else to focus on. Although trying new things might not necessarily give you the immediate results that you are hoping for, they will eventually help both your body and your mind, especially if you try something pleasurable.

Trying activities that are soothing for your body, offers a soothing effect for your mind as well.

Here are a few ideas.

Pleasurable activities to try:

  • Getting a new kind of massage;
  • Spending a day in a new SPA;
  • Going to a water park (the one you’ve never been to before);
  • Going to a concert;
  • Hugging yourself (this might be new for some people);
  • Going on a date;
  • Having sex in a new place;
  • Doing something spontaneously;
  • Dancing on your own;
  • Finding new songs to listen to.


7. You Could Start Seeing Your Problems Differently


Depression can oftentimes be caused by a very negative and pessimistic outlook on life.

You need to make sure that you are constantly trying to look up to yourself and think of all the positive things that you have achieved in life, not just the way your problems make you feel at the moment.

When you’re constantly trying something new, and make positive things happen in your life, you are much less likely to see everything around you in a negative light, including your problems and your depression.


Final Thoughts


A new experience or setting can be very beneficial for anyone who’s struggling with depression.

When you are constantly exposed to new things, your brain has to start registering them, which stimulates your brain activity and can help you to feel good about yourself.

For many people, this is one of the main reasons why they feel so good after trying something new, regardless of the experience.

You don’t have to go through all of these listed experiences in order to overcome your depression.

All it takes is for you to be open-minded in trying out new things overall.

When you try something new and it doesn’t work out as well as you hoped for, just keep on trying.

Over time, you might notice that your depression starts to subside, and that life feels interesting again.

Am I allowed to say this?

Do I even know how depression feels?

Yeah, I know.

I’ve been there myself for such a long time and I know how dark depression is.

I’m still going to therapy, but the worst is behind.

What I’ve learned through the years is that even when things look extremely bad, they always, always get better – sooner or later.

Never doubt that.

Caring for yourself, making effort to heal, and trying new things are some of the most helpful ways to get out of this darkness faster.

Help yourself to get better.

Never stop believing that things will change.

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