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10 Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Person

Being highly sensitive can actually be your superpower.

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Do you get easily upset, like to be alone, and feel things more intensely?

If any of this sounds familiar, you might be a highly sensitive person (or HSP as they are also known.)

A highly sensitive person is someone who has a heightened sensitivity to the world around them.

Such people are able to feel and experience things on a far deeper level than others and this can include the ability to sense what others are feeling or has an aversion to loud noises.

While this characteristic might not always help you, there are ways that it can be beneficial.

Keep reading to check if you’re a highly sensitive person and how it can help you or where you should make some adjustments in order to feel your best.


10 Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Person


1. You Tend To Take Things Personally


A highly sensitive person tends to take things personally.

Whatever the situation, good or bad, they usually react, even if the situation has nothing to do with them.

In addition to this, they find it harder to be criticized and hate receiving feedback.

Words hurt highly sensitive people far more than ordinary people, which is why they will work extra hard to avoid being criticized.


2. You Have a Very Active Imagination


A highly sensitive person also has a more detailed inner fantasy world.

These are the type of people who “live inside their heads ” and this can be a good or a bad thing.

A rich imagination can enhance your creativity and help with problem-solving.

On the other hand, it can lead to idle daydreaming and a tendency to imagine the worst-case scenarios in various situations.

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3. You Hate Making Decisions


A highly sensitive person is also keenly aware of how his or her decisions affect them or other people.

Therefore, they can have a little more struggle to make decisions, even over simple things.

Having to make a decision can also lead to stress and withdrawal from other people.

If you feel like you’re often indecisive, I’ve recently shared some helpful tips about that here: How To Stop Being So Indecisive


4. You Pick Up On Tiny Details


Sensitivity is not only negative, though.

In some cases, it’s almost a superpower.

Being a highly sensitive person makes you extremely perceptive, which means you are able to pick up on specific details that most others never would.

Whether this is a person’s mood or emotions or even how the energy feels inside a room – you can feel this in a few seconds.

Along with that, highly sensitive persons are very detail orientated in their work and they like to strive for perfection.


5. You’re Kinder Than Most Other People


Do people take note of your kindness and compliment you on it?

Do you have great manners?

Do you hate drama, rudeness, cruelty, or violence?

If so, that’s a pretty good sign you’re a highly sensitive person, because such people tend to thrive in peaceful and friendly conditions.


6. You Spend a Lot Of Time Alone


A highly sensitive person needs a lot more time alone than others.

Such people also prefer doing things alone rather than with a group and the reason why is that their sensitivity makes them feel as if everyone is watching them.

HSPs also prefer jobs where they can work alone, and love to be self-employed, which goes very well with their enhanced creative skills.

These people have the unique quality of being able to be alone, while not feeling alone.


7. You Get Exhausted By Other People’s Feelings


A highly sensitive person has a tremendous amount of empathy – they know exactly how others are feeling at any given moment.

What’s more, they can literally absorb other people’s emotions.

Depending on who they are with, this can become either very helpful or burdensome.


8. You’re Good At Solving Problems


By paying attention to details, and having a heightened perceptive, highly sensitive person is able to solve difficult problems very well.

HSPs are often great to have as friends because they can step back, focus and figure out what the matter is.

However, due to their sensitive imagination, a part of highly sensitive people can be prone to anxiety, which can be a stopping force in the problem-solving part.

Just in case you feel like a part of this group… It makes two of us, let’s have a party!


9. You Can’t Stand Deadlines


A highly sensitive person is usually sensitive to time pressure.

Whether it’s a big project, exam, or even a to-do list, they tend to crumble under pressure.

To perform at the best of their abilities, HSPs need a low-stress environment with plenty of time to complete tasks and if these conditions are met, they can give extraordinary results!


10. You Hate Loud Noises


As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, a highly sensitive person might be sensitive to stimuli, such as noise.

If you often jump out of your skin at sudden noises – like a car backfiring or even louder scenes in the movies – then you probably fall into this group of people.


Being a Highly Sensitive Person: Recap


Being sensitive shouldn’t be viewed as a flaw.

As you can see, in some ways, being a highly sensitive person is actually very beneficial to you!

I hope that knowing these 10 signs will help you to shape your environment and decisions accordingly.

With just a few changes, you can increase your comfort levels and use your sensitivity as a wonderful quality.

Good luck, fellow HSP – and please scroll down below for more tips!

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