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30 Things That Are Important For Your Wellbeing

Your mini rule book to feel happy and healthy every day.

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Sometimes we find ourselves feeling so low as if those dark dementors from Harry Potter have been partying in our room all night long… We feel tired, moody, irritated, unmotivated, unhappy, or even depressed.

And sometimes, we don’t even know why.

This is especially prominent when seasons change from warm to cold and suddenly there’s less sunlight, more rain, more time spent inside, more work or / studies, and fewer opportunities to have fun.

It becomes really easy to lose balance in your life and find a way to feel good again.

But if you want to ditch this feeling of slumpyness, the great news is that it’s possible (and no, you don’t have to pop a 5-tablet multivitamin mix, even though it might really help sometimes).

In order to feel great and have enough energy both to tackle your daily tasks and move forward with your goals, there are a few things that are important building blocks to your wellness.

All you have to do is to strive to implement as much of them as you can in your life and bring that needed balance back.


30 Things That Are Important For Your Wellbeing


  1. Getting enough sleep hours in.
  2. Sleeping comfortably and without interruptions.
  3. Eating a healthy, clean & well-balanced diet.
  4. Eating enough and meeting the minimum amount of calories required for your body.
  5. Not overeating is important as well!
  6. Staying active and trying to move your body every day.
  7. Keeping your muscles strong and conditioned with strength training.
  8. Keeping your heart healthy with cardio.
  9. Getting enough sunlight.
  10. Giving and receiving hugs with someone you love and care about.
  11. Talking to someone about your thoughts and what’s making your heart heavy.
  12. Doing things that make you happy.
  13. Practicing good personal hygiene.
  14. Setting some time daily to relax.
  15. Staying hydrated throughout the day.
  16. Doing yearly doctor checkups to detect any imbalances that could be impacting the way you feel.
  17. Spending time in nature and fresh air.
  18. Expressing your feelings – not holding them in.
  19. Expressing yourself as a personality.
  20. Being heard and understood.
  21. Feeling loved.
  22. Having a goal to work on.
  23. Getting regular entertainment.
  24. Breathing air that’s clean (house plants help a lot with this).
  25. Feeling safe and secure.
  26. Making micro achievements throughout the day.
  27. Safe home, workplace, and environment.
  28. Clean home, workplace, and environment.
  29. Allowing yourself to feel under the weather.
  30. Having at least one vacation a year.

As you can see, finding and fixing the imbalance is the way to feel great.

Now, I know some of these can be harder to have, depending on your conditions and life situation.

It’s not like you have to meet them all – it’s probably impossible.

But if you’re feeling low, and notice that you can do anything to improve any of these areas in your life, it might be that missing piece you’re looking for.

It might be your health, might be your inner issues, or maybe just your environment – sometimes we just get so lost in the routine that we simply stop noticing things we’re doing wrong.

If you want to find your missing piece, try to review this list again and ask yourself – am I doing this?

Or – do I have this in my life?

Can I improve it?

If you answer “yes”, make a small plan to do it.

If you can’t improve it – let it go and focus your effort on other things on this list.

I hope this list will eventually help you feel better.

Scroll down for more tips below.

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