3 Amazing Benefits Of Personal Growth Lifestyle

Hello pretty! I believe personal growth is not only a choice – it’s a lifestyle! I’ve been living it for the past 5 years and reaped amazing benefits on my journey. I want to share them with you today!

After reading you will know:

  • What is a personal growth lifestyle?
  • What are the benefits of it?
  • Does it fit you?
  • How can you adopt this lifestyle yourself? And girl if you do, I promise – it’s not hard! And more important – it’s incredibly satisfying.

A decision to “change & finally improve myself” was something I did 5 years ago.

It inspired actions that helped me restart my life…

Even though everything was SO MESSY.

You can read more about it here: How to beat negative thoughts and restart yourself

Small changes & techniques lead me to less anxiety, braver thoughts, bigger goals, wider smiles…

I found a passion for self-development very quickly and you will understand why!

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What is a personal growth lifestyle


Personal growth is striving for the better. Daily. In a smart way.

It means actions that improve your mind, body & soul – in the healthiest way possible:

  • Growing your knowledge.
  • Choosing high-quality information.
  • Keeping negative thoughts tamed.
  • Soothing yourself with daily self care.
  • Setting achievable goals.
  • Controlling your emotions.

Also, doing it slowly enough so that you don’t shock yourself.

With this lifestyle, you choose to do something enhancing every day. This can be:

  • Reading self-help books, e-books, articles on the internet.
  • Planning, organizing & tracking your life.
  • Practicing self care activities.
  • Watching TV shows that are adding to your knowledge.
  •  Learning to be anxiety and fear free.
  • Choosing high-quality products whenever possible.

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So what can you gain by living like this? Let’s find out!



1. You procrastinate much less.


Being lazy is impossible to avoid completely. And honestly, everyone needs a little bit of slacking here and there.

But when you adapt to a growth mindset, you start shaping your actions because you want to achieve your goals.

You gain a healthy motivation to do something useful instead of wasting your time.

Here are a few examples:

Instead of watching a mindless TV show you choose interesting documentaries.

Instead of browsing social media you read great articles that give you value.

Instead of buying a gazzilionth lipstick you don’t even need, you buy an online course and learn absolutely anything you want.



2. You start waiting for tomorrow.


Sometimes you encounter a day (or maybe a month) when you just don’t want tomorrow to come.

It may be that things suck at the moment.

Maybe there’s too much to do.

Or maybe you’re just tired from all that work drama.

I’ve been there many times and I know how demotivating it feels.

If you’re in that moment now, you keep that chin up pretty!

Things can be changed quite quickly if you start taking even the smallest, teeny tiny action.

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When you start acting towards your goals, sooner or later you start seeing your first results.

They motivate you to move forward.

And the more you move, the bigger the results!

The feeling of achievement keeps you excited and hyped for your next day.

Sometimes you really fall in love with the process – so much that you find new hobbies. 

These are rare and never hurt!


3. You feel safer, stronger & in control.


Since you are more active and feel a new urge to achieve your goals, naturally, you want to get your life in order too.

Growth lifestyle creates a healthy craving for an organized life and a cleaner environment.

You start caring for your surroundings.

You invest in your future and do things that enhance and protect it:

  • You start planning so you know what & when you need to do.
  • You take care of your health so you don’t get sick often.
  • You secure and insure your home because you finally understand the importance of it.

It doesn’t mean you need to start organizing everything at once.

Personal growth as a lifestyle should be enjoyed and never rushed.

Otherwise, it’s just a marathon.

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Combining these things gives you a feeling of control.

And even if there’s a lot you need to take care of, it doesn’t have to take long!

Organize one part of your life and the next one will be easier.

Here’s an example:

  1. There’s a lot you have to do so you write down a task list. Nice! You now know everything you need to do.
  2. Then you plan your daily or weekly schedule. Great! You reclaimed control of your time too.
  3. Since you control your time, you can insert boosting habits, like writing in an Anxiety journal. Awesome! You just included a self care time. Any self care will give you more energy to do other tasks faster.


How to start living a personal growth lifestyle


Here’s how you can start your own growth story.

The most important thing is your mindset.

Have you been angry with yourself?

Hating yourself for not being that perfect woman you always wanted to be? STOP IT.

1. Forgive yourself for your past. Admit your mistakes. Accept your weaknesses. Or even better: Turn your weaknesses into strengths

2. Deal with negative thoughts and decide to be better. Not perfect – just better.

3. Make a deal with yourself to do at least one self-improvement thing a day.

4. Decide what you want from your life. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Who told you to have small dreams?!

5. Then set your goals and plan to achieve them.

6. Start organizing and planning your life.

7. Improve your mental health & stability.

8. Keep looking for things that add value to your life.

– – – – –

Does that sound hard?

Let’s do that together!

I would love to help you.

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What would you improve in your life today?

Share in a comment below!

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