99 Productive Things To Do When Bored

Updated on July 13, 2021

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Woman looking through window trying to think of productive things to do when bored

Being bored is so not fun. And if you’ve been struggling to stay productive, you’re probably drowning in negative self talk too. Hopefully, I will be able to help you today!

A few weeks ago, I shared 25 Positive Ideas For When Your Life Feels Boring and received a ton of responses from women who struggle to stay active & productive in their free time. (P. S. you should check that article out – there’s a simple explanation why you get bored so easily, I think you would like to know it).

Honestly, we all meet our friend Procrastination from time to time because it’s so easy to get bored. All you need is just a good, old, never-changing work / home routine and a few sprinkles of low energy.

That’s okay… No need to be angry at yourself for something that everybody does.

In this list, I combined a whopping 99 productive things to do when bored – ideas that you can try when you want to be productive instead of wasting time. They’re not necessarily entertaining, but they are certainly producing some form of improvement in your life.

I guess you’ll agree that productive value is so much better than lazy void…

So let’s do this! Let’s find some productive things to do when bored, even if that boredom seems to be eating you from the inside!

Update 2020: “Productive things to do when bored” are now organized into sections, my friends!! Now you can get your ideas depending on what you would rather do instead of being lazy, bored, and unproductive. Would you rather do something beautiful for your life? Something smart? Something organizational? Maybe something productive AND uplifting at the same time? Scroll through these productive things to do when bored and REPLACE your boredom with something you need right now – they’re all below folks!!




LIFE-IMPROVING Productive Things To Do When Bored


1. Make a new song playlist.

2. Create a weekly meal plan.

3. Print & do some self-improvement worksheets.

4. Do a bunch of quick tasks.

5. Make a wishlist of things you want to do or get.

6. DIY something pretty for yourself or your home.

7. Review your wardrobe and plan your next purchase.

8. Plant fragrant herb garden on your windowsill.

Home garden in jars as one of productive things to do when bored

Thoughtfully Gifts, Mason Jar Garden

9. Find a new wallpaper for your computer or phone.

10. Browse Pinterest for inspiring ideas.

11. Visit your family and bring small gifts (like cookies… everybody loves cookies).

12. Repot your home plants.

13. Apply Feng Shui principles in your home.

14. Shop for pretty and useful things online.

15. Look for a club or online community you would like to join.

16. Fix something around your home.

17. Pack your lunch or healthy snacks for tomorrow.

Pink and gold meal box

Kate Spade New York Women’s Lunch Tote

18. Learn new make-up and beauty techniques on Youtube.

19. Make a trip to a local farmers market and buy fresh, organic food.

20. Create a family album.


ORGANIZATIONAL Productive Things To Do When Bored


21. Clean your home.

22. Organize files on your phone and computer.

23. Set up a life binder.

24. Clean out your inbox.

25. Rearrange your furniture.

26. Organize your papers & bills.

27. Delete old contacts from your phone.

28. Sort your photos.

29. Then print, frame & hang the ones you like.

30. Wash the drapes from every room.

31. Clean your windows.

32. Clean out and restock your fridge.

33. Declutter your basement.

34. Organize your desk.

Pink desk organizers used on table as one of productive things to do when bored

Blu Monaco Office Supplies Pink 5 Piece Desk Organizer

35. Create or adjust your budget.

36. Clean out your junk drawer.

37. Organize your makeup and beauty products.

38. Collect and wash all the textiles (like small rugs, plaids, table-covers, seat covers).

39. Make a list of tasks you’ve been avoiding and crush them.

40. Sell things you don’t need on E-bay.

41. Do a maintenance tour at your home (clean appliances, check if anything needs fixing or updating).

42. Find and print great coupons to save money.

43. Review your calendar.

44. Plan a schedule for tomorrow.

45. Look for ways to minimize your commute time.

UPLIFTING Productive Things To Do When Bored


46. Go for a hike (especially somewhere you haven’t been yet).

47. Go outside and take photos of beautiful things.

48. Then create a portfolio.

49. Create or update your self care routines.

50. Plan your dream vacation.

51. Plan and host a party.

52. Go on a last-minute road trip.

53. Facetime with friends or family.

54. Do something nice for your loved ones.

55. Is the weather good? Go have a picnic!

56. Invite someone over.

57. Start an Instagram profile for your pet.

58. Plan a family or friend meet-up.

59. Write and send someone a handwritten letter.

60. Create food, basic medicine, and clothes bags and give them to homeless people.


INTELLIGENT Productive Things To Do When Bored


61. Update your resume.

62. Learn something new on Youtube.

63. Visit a bookstore and buy a motivating book.

64. Study interesting data.

65. Watch TED talks and take notes.

66. Sign up to online courses and take notes while watching.

67. Practice speaking in front of a mirror.

68. Make a plan for emergency situations (what to do? where to go? who to call?).

69. Put together an emergency bag.

70. Listen to an audiobook (P. S. You can get a free 30-day Amazon Audible trial + 2 FREE audiobooks here: Sign up for FREE).

71. Write down your rule set (for yourself, your family or your home).

72. Find and learn new, interesting words.

73. Learn to code on Codecademy.

74. Update your social media profiles.

75. Read the news.

76. Find a new podcast to listen to.

77. Research your dream career.

78. Make a list of your professional goals.

79. Review your retirement options.

80. Google ways to make some side money.

81. Research and sign up for upcoming local fairs, exhibitions, and sales.

82. Donate blood (and THANK YOU for doing that).

83. Get lost on Quora (you can go here to learn why I love Quora so much or simply join it here – it’s totally free!).

84. Create a debt payoff plan.

85. Install a password-encryption service on your computer.


SELF-CARING Productive Things To Do When Bored


86. Do a deep-tissue self-massage.

87. Learn new yoga poses.


MOTIVATIONAL Productive Things To Do When Bored


88. Try to find the reasons WHY you are unproductive.

89. Then make a plan to eliminate those reasons.

90. Write a letter to your future self.

91. If you’re religious, read your holly book.

92. Decide on your goals and create a plan to achieve them.

93. Write down your “perfect self” statement and what you need to do to make it real.

94. Read the quotes of successful and inspiring people.

95. Create a vision board.

96. Create a mindset journal.

97. Create your morning and evening routines.

98. Write down a “Need to stop doing this” list.

99. Read the next article on this Blog.


BONUS: 15 Fun And Not Necessarily Productive Things To Do When Bored


These are for those who got bored just by reading this list (I’m sorry if you did!) 🙂 If you’re looking for more entertaining things to do when bored, try these:

1. Play video games.

2. Watch your favorite childhood movie.

3. Visit a pool for a fun swimming session.

4. Go get a massage, mani, pedi or SPA treatment.

5. Install a fun app on your phone.

6. Call your best friend.

7. Try a make-up tutorial.

8. Buy your favorite meal or dessert and enjoy it 100%.

9. Try adult coloring books.

10. Watch funny cat videos (always works).

11. Take the bubbliest bath you can create.

12. Plan and go on a picnic.

13. Throw a party for your loved ones.

14. Play with your pet.

15. DIY something beautiful.

And… That’s it! I hope you found a lot of productive things to do when bored and it will turn your boredom into something good, productive, and positive.

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