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30 Bad Habits To Quit For A Happier & Longer Life

Don’t let these bad habits rule your life.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on February 22, 2024

Picture Portraying 30 Bad Habits To Quit For A Happier &Amp; Longer Life

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Picture Portraying 30 Bad Habits To Quit For A Happier &Amp; Longer Life

Before you put yourself down… You should know that everyone falls for a bad habit from now and then.

We are human beings, and we make mistakes.

It would be best if you weren’t too harsh on yourself.

Yet, if you take a moment to analyze your daily actions, you might discover that you do have some unhealthy, bad habits to quit.

I usually find myself playing restlessly with my hair.

Or biting my nails.

And indeed, these may seem like harmless actions… But in reality, even minor bad habits can lead to long-term problems.

To help you improve your life, today I’m sharing a list of top bad habits you might want to quit to have a happier and longer life.

Let’s see what can be changed!


30 Bad Habits To Quit For A Happier & Longer Life


1. Not getting enough sleep


Pulling all-nighters can take a toll on your wellbeing!

If you want a happier and longer life, quitting this bad habit is more than necessary.

Sleep deprivation can lead to serious physical and mental health problems + it makes you very unproductive and moody.


2. Not going for your yearly check-ups


Doctor’s appointments are serious and you should never skip them.

Your doctor can catch subtle signs or symptoms early, and even if you’re 100% healthy, it feels really good to be reassured by a professional, doesn’t it?


3. Not drinking enough water


Hydration is important no matter your age, so quitting the bad habit of regularly staying dehydrated will make you healthier and more energetic.


4. Drinking too much caffeine


5. Having too little protein in your diet


Lack of adequate protein intake can lead to protein deficiency and inadequate nutrient absorption.

Enjoy some protein daily in a form of lean meat, healthy fatty fish, eggs, beans and legumes.


6. Overeating red meat


Having a balanced diet is key to a longer life so if you’re in a bad habit of regularly eating large amounts of red meat, it may be beneficial to replace it with healthier protein options (like the ones I’ve mentioned before).


7. Eating fast food often


Eating fast food is a bad habit that can cause only harm to your health.

There is no nutritional value in such foods so the sooner you ditch this bad habit, the better you’ll feel.


8. Taking too many supplements


A vitamin-rich diet is always preferred to taking supplements, so make sure you don’t overuse those.

Too many artificial supplements can lead to hypervitaminosis – a condition where there are too many vitamins in your body.


9. Not cooking your own meals


Focusing on healthy, homemade meals can definitely help you become healthier and happier.

Nothing tastes and nourishes as well as a hearty meal made at home!


10. Not cleaning your house regularly


11. Not spending time outdoors


Getting sunlight daily can boost vitamin D production and make you happier.

If you’re only staying indoors, this can leave you feeling tired and… sad!


12. Sitting all day and not exercising at all


13. Not keeping in touch with your loved ones


14. Eating too much sodium


If you’re sifting salt on all of your meals like there’s no tomorrow, eventually, this bad habit can lead to high blood pressure.


15. Eating too many carbohydrates


A simple bad habit of eating too many refined carbs, simple sugars and carb-heavy meals can cause low energy levels and brain fog.


16. Always going through weight gain – weight loss cycles


Weight fluctuations are a part of every women’s life, but if you’re always gaining and losing and gaining and losing your weight, this can lead to hormone imbalances.

Try to find a healthy approach towards nutrition and look for a balance between weight loss and good health.

Sometimes, even therapy can be beneficial here – especially if you feel like you have an unhealthy relationship with food.


17. Ignoring health issues and symptoms


Hey, this one’s simple.

Something feels weird?

Having a new pain?

Don’t wait, don’t fret, don’t drive yourself crazy- just go get it checked.


18. Using your gadgets before bed


This bad habit can lead to poor sleeping habits and trouble falling asleep, especially if you’re not using any blue light filters on your devices,


19. Not even trying to manage your stress and relax


Mental stress can take a toll on your body, and it is a bad habit you should be attentive to.

Spend some time daily just to relax and do the stuff that you like.

Allow yourself to rest and recharge.


20. Not making time for yourself


21. Not taking care of your skin


22. Skipping sunscreen


23. Not spending time on any hobbies or interests


24. Not taking your mental health seriously


25. Drinking too much alcohol

You should never have more than one drink per day… At least that’s what they say.


26. Listening to your headphones on the highest sound setting


I know, I love to blast my headphones too, especially while I’m working.

But listening to music on the highest setting is not the best idea and it can impact your hearing abilities in the future.

It’s best to stay on the safer side and simply lower the volume a little.


27. Not eating enough healthy fats


Olive oil, nuts, or avocado can lead to a longer life so do not shy away from them!

They’re great for your heart and can make your skin and hair look amazing.


28. Not having breakfast in the morning


29. Hating your body


30. Staying in toxic relationships


These are my top 30 bad habits to quit for a happier and longer life!

And I admit that sometimes it is challenging to avoid these… But after some time and commitment, you will discover that you feel better without these bad habits in your life.

You will feel happier!

I do hope this list will help you in the long run, as I do believe that constant striving for improvement is a way to significantly boost the quality of your life and wellbeing.

Taking care of yourself, listening to your body’s needs, and being mindful about those around you is the key.

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