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How To Get Things Done: 6 Honest Tips To Help You Finish Tasks Easier

No, seriously, this is how you make those projects a piece of cake.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 18, 2023

Man Finishing His Tasks With A Project Planner

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“Can you help me to learn how to get things done without procrastinating until there’s no more time left?”

We, people, are lazy.

And honestly, it’s understandable!

We have so much on our plates every day.

It’s hard to find time or energy to do anything extra on top.

That’s how most of us are and it’s just a part of our human nature.

Just remember your college years and how we used to postpone doing assignments to the very last minute or abandon them altogether.

Unlike us, today’s students have all the tools to help them out.

They can quickly search “write my essay” online and easily hire a professional paper writing service (or any other paper) to enjoy the freedom.

But that won’t necessarily teach you how to get things done on your own.

So here are our best tips for how to get things done, and the steps that might finally lead you to successful task management.


How To Get Things Done: Finish Your Tasks & Projects Easier


1. Admit & Forgive


If you’ve been hiding from the fact that you still haven’t finished that business project or bathroom remodeling – admit it.

Do not shy away.

Accept that you’ve been lazy, been struggling to get things done, and try to find some compassion for yourself.

A Quote On How To Get Things Done With A Display Of Tea And Peonies On The Table

It’s not like you abandoned your goals because you like to be drowning in your own guilt talk…

You put IT off because SOMETHING was off.

Maybe you didn’t have time.

Maybe the budget was a little tight.

Or you haven’t been feeling well (physically or mentally – both are legit reasons).

That’s ok!

It’s not the end of the world.

You’re going to change from now on, you will learn how to get things done, so stop punishing yourself with bad thoughts or criticism right now.


2. Find a REASON To Get Things Done


If you can’t find an important reason WHY you want to get things done then, well, you probably won’t.

It’s time to create a list of all the reasons why finishing your tasks or projects would be great.

Often, we can’t find any plausible reason to do something boring or unpleasant, we can do it for the sake of comfort.

It’s hard to relax and live a happy life when something is constantly buzzing in the background.


3. To REALLY Get Things Done… Start With a Plan!


A Quote On How To Get Things Done With A Display Of Project Planner And Pink Pencil

Planning is the step you really don’t want to miss if you want to get things done.

To tackle a task of any size, a great idea is to write a project management plan.

I’ve written a helpful guide on how to do that right here.

Again, this is something you really don’t want to skip!

A simple plan can help you get started, keep going, and finish a project or task of any size.

Without it, you may feel lost, totally unmotivated, and burdened by the size of your tasks (which is only intimidating until you break them down into a few smaller steps).


4. How To Get Things Done If It Just… Seems Too Hard?

Get Help!


A Quote On How To Get Things Done With A Display Of Two People Holding Cups Of Coffee

Sometimes we take too much on our shoulders, even though there is absolutely no reason to do everything alone.

Too much work weight on one person is a straight way to burnout so if you do find yourself getting tired or late with your deadlines, look for a helping hand.

If there is no one around to help you, you can always find help online.

There are many websites that offer an amazing range of services for irresistibly small fees.

One example is Fiverr – a place where freelancers from different fields offer their services starting from 5$.

You can use Fiverr both for business and personal tasks and it’s amazing!

You can find a professional for literally anything.

There are people who will develop a business plan for you, work as a translator or your virtual assistant, be your digital marketers or personal graphic designers, data writers…

The list goes on!

All prices start at 5$ and you usually get A LOT for that.

So save your time & energy – delegate!


5. Enjoy Gratification


A Quote On How To Get Things Done With A Display Of Young Woman Doing A Happy Dance

This one is incredibly important.

Since you’ve already decided to get things done, try your best to enjoy it.

The easiest way to do that is to celebrate every small thing you’ve done.

Of course, you can stay angry about the fact that you have to do it at all (“Darn, I could be watching Netflix right now”).

But constant negative self-talk will only slow down your progress.

If you find it hard to conquer negative thinking or have a tendency to overthink things, try journaling activities to start feeling better.

Better mental health = more energy to do anything.

Also read: How to beat negative thoughts and restart yourself


6. Keep Going!


It’s really possible that you’ll encounter some stepbacks, especially if your goals are big and long-term.

But just remember that nobody is perfect and many people have quit their projects and dreams even before the first step.

If you want to get things done, you might as well need some self-discipline, and we have a great guide on that here.



We hope these tips have shown you how to get things done without going crazy…

Now make it last – take your life into your hands and write down that plan.

… Or scroll down below for more productivity tips below.

Just don’t forget to plan later (wink).

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