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10 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Not Good Enough

Get rid of that limiting mindset – it’s time to be free.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Picture Portraying 10 Things To Do If You'Re Feeling Not Good Enough

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Brunette Woman Looks Like She Is Feeling Not Good Enough

Not feeling good enough causes fear and pain.

One of the reasons for feeling not good enough is perfectionism.

And perfectionism is one of the causes of low self-esteem.

But why are we even feeling not good enough?

It usually comes from your childhood.

If, as a child, we were criticized by our parents or were consistently told that we should have done better, our conclusion would be: I am not good enough!

The result of these messages is that we feel dissatisfied with ourselves, and we become perfectionists.

We may try different things, but the fear that chases us is constantly trying to prove that we will not be good enough for them, no matter how hard we try.

Perfectionism is a problem when no effort is ever good enough.

We become fearful of making mistakes and feel the fear of being criticized by others.

When we are feeling not good enough, we are rejecting ourselves, and we feel worthless.

As a consequence, we conclude that we are not worthy of good things to happen for us.

But if this is just a byproduct of our mind, you know that it can be changed!

Here’s what you can do to feel better.


10 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Not Good Enough


Change your negative self-talk


You have to become aware that you are listening to your negative thoughts.

Try to change the negative self-talk into the positive internal dialog.

If you were told in the past that you should have done better, for example, your self-talk might say to you now: keep trying, is not good enough yet. Listening to this negative message will make you frustrated and inadequate.

It will also create fear of failure, insecurity, and self-doubt.


Don’t take personal criticism


Remain calm and try to understand if the criticism is real or not.

If you are criticized and find that the other person is right, accept it, because we all make mistakes.

On the other hand, if the criticism is unfair, move on, and understand that different people see things in different ways.


Make an inventory of your core beliefs and change them


If you received a lot of negative messages during your childhood, you have also made conclusions about them: I am slow, I never do anything right, nobody understands me, and so on.

Work on those conclusions to change them into something that actually helps your life, instead of destroying it.


Review what others are saying to you


If your parents are still telling you how you ought to be, you are always carrying the message that you are not good enough.

Try to understand their motives to cope with them and start working inside to stop your need for their approval.

After all, the only person that matters here is you.


Improve your confidence and self-esteem


Permit yourself to feel good enough. Release the negative thoughts because they are the reason you’re feeling not good enough.

Love yourself more and feel good about yourself because otherwise, you’re just living your life in constant war with yourself.


Change your focus


What you focus on expands into all the areas of your life… As you start doubting yourself, this feeling of self-doubt develops into feeling not good enough, which leads to inactivity towards reaching your goals.

Shift your focus to believing that you can achieve your goals, and your feelings will follow right along.

You don’t have to try to compete with others.

You have to believe that you can do what you desire to do and give it your best shot.


Give your strengths your energy


Every great person has weaknesses but they just chose to focus their energy and attention on their strengths, which in turn overshadow their shortcomings.

Remember I said what you focus on expands?

The same principle applies to your strengths – focus on them, and be confident that the other things you need will fall into place.


Encourage yourself when you’re not feeling good enough


Instead of succumbing to feeling not good enough, encourage yourself.

How about this? I can do this.

I’m good enough.

What I need will come to me.

And keep going.

Let your strengths be your encouragement as you encourage yourself in the creative process of manifesting your desires.

Choose to be good enough every day, and soon enough, you’ll create the habit of self-confidence.


Workout to experience the vivacity


Feeling not good enough?

A little exercise is all you might need to propel yourself back to life.

Any exercise not only detoxifies your body but also releases happy hormones in the mind.

You don’t get to hit the gym every time; there are many exercises to assist you in staying track from home.

A healthy body and mind is the best combination to get over your lows speedily.

Don’t just think.



An act of compassion can rejuvenate you


Researchers defined that because of the feeling that arises once you are being confronted with another’s enduring, you feel motivated to alleviate that suffering.

Yes, one of the ways to revive your higher self is by uplifting others.

Once you fulfill the emotional or financial needs of others, not only does it bring a smile to their face, but it also causes you to feel content.

Don’t believe me?

Try it!
– – –
Whenever you are feeling not good enough, try to follow these steps and fill your life with self-love and compassion.

No one was born with 100% confidence, and many of us have experienced from the past that makes us feel inadequate or insecure.

But it is not permanent!

It can be changed and it’s something you should do because life is way too short to think that you’re not good enough.

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