What To Do When You Hate Your Job, But Can’t Quit It

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Sometimes, when you ask someone how was their day at work, you can easily notice a subtle mood change and a bit of sadness on their face. Sometimes, you can be the one who’s sad.

There is an immense number of people who hate their jobs today. Things like incompetent bosses, low salaries, drastically high workloads, and toxic colleagues are just a few reasons to hate your job every morning.

Struggling with this routine can put a toll on your entire being, and even lead to anxiety or depression. This is exactly why you need to address this issue as soon as you notice it – and it doesn’t always mean leaving your job immediately. Sometimes it’s enough to take a look at how you see the things around you.

Let’s see what you can do if you feel unhappy with your work and how you can improve your state of mind until you change it.


“Help – I Hate My Job, But I’m Stuck With It For Now”


1. Think Of Ways To Make Yourself Happier At Work


Happiness means experiencing joy in daily activities, and it’s powered by passion and a hopeful view of the future. When you hate your job, think about what could make you a little happier and if there’s anything you can change about your current situation.

Think about your daily work routine: does it bother you? Is it too boring?

It is equally important to do something you love, as it is to have a job. If you feel disappointed with what you’re currently doing, maybe you need a break from it in order to gain a fresh perspective. Take some days off, go to a new place, and relax. Then, re-analyze your situation.

Are things really that bad? Maybe some things can be easily improved? For example, if you feel your job is too hard on you mentally, maybe you need to practice more self care at work.

Or, if your boss is rude, maybe you can help yourself by changing how you perceive him. If you stopped expecting him to be nice (some people are just unable to be kind), you wouldn’t feel so disappointed each time he or she made a rude remark.


2. Create Other Goals


Our brain functions in a way that constantly requires a purpose and a plan of action. It needs to be constantly occupied with something. Having a job does keep your brain occupied, yet if the job is clearly not suitable for you, you might end up feeling depressed.

If you can’t change your job right now, a good idea is to find an activity you enjoy after work. It’s important that this activity would encourage either your knowledge or creativity.

Set up a goal and work towards it. Whether it’s buying a new piece of furniture, learning a new skill, painting a wall decor item, making a vision board, or working out – it does not matter. Having a short-term or long-term goal will get you a little bit of happiness and maybe even change your attitude towards your job.


3. When You Hate Your Job, Make An Effort To Stay Optimistic


Admit it! There are days when you are feeling so down, that you end up redirecting your anger towards your job. Pessimism leads to giving up on daily tasks and feeling very lethargic which, obviously, tells you that “it’s just because of this job”.

Negative thinking affects us physically and can be even more draining than physical work. To counteract its effects, spend some time each day to reflect and focus on what went well during the day.

It is best to avoid thinking about deadlines or any other things you did not manage to do. Instead, consider the fact that you have the power to do anything, yet you can’t do everything at once.


4. Create Boundaries


When you hate your job, is it because of what you have to do, or because of how much you have to do?

Sometimes we tend to accept almost every task at work, but for our well-being, it is highly recommended to get stuff organized and set up some boundaries. If you have plenty of tasks to do, and someone asks you to do one more, prioritize and ask which one is more important.

Don’t deal with all of it at the same time, but rather focus on one deadline at a time or ask a co-worker for help. This will make you more productive and focused on each task. Saying no can get you a bundle of happiness!


5. Create a Balance


If you hate your job because you’re clearly working too much, you need to establish a work-life balance. Taking your work home is the same as working overtime. No wonder you hate your job!

Set a strict work and life balance by setting hours when you start and end your work. Once the end hour comes, close the door and leave your work at work.

If the thoughts about work still are creeping in, simply acknowledge them, let them be around, but don’t get engaged. Try to direct your thoughts on something pleasant, especially on something you are doing at the moment.


6. Try Not To Complain… As Much


When you hate your job, it is easy to constantly complain at work or at home to your family members or loved ones. But this has a negative impact both on your brain and other people. Instead of using a negative approach to a work situation, seek a constructive way of dealing with the problem. This will prevent unnecessary conflicts and minimize the negativity you spread around (I don’t judge! I know that it IS hard for you and you deserve support).


When You Hate Your Job…


Remember that a lot of negative emotions happen in our heads. Our brain will think about whatever we will give it to think about.

If you think about your job as a never-ending bad dream, don’t expect it to feel like a fun adventure. Think of it as a temporary place to get the money and improve your well-being as much as you can while you’re looking for an opportunity to change this.

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