50 Articles That Help You Build Remarkable Mental Strength

Updated on August 12, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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Do you wish you were mentally strong and unshakeable no matter what happens in your life?

Are you’re tired of constantly overthinking EVERYTHING and drowning in anxiety after the slightest inconvenience?

Or maybe life was just really hard for you and all you’ve got so far is low confidence and fear to go anywhere further than your own limits…

No matter the reason – you wanted to read this because something inside you is telling you that you need more mental strength. More resilience. More grit. More happiness, positivity, and respect for yourself.

If that speaks right to you, you’re going to love this article collection! From building resilience to going through life struggles with a shield of positivity – it includes a ton of helpful tips, mind tricks, mindset techniques, and advice from real people who have been through it all.

This is a collection that will help you build REMARKABLE mental strength and all you have to do is be open-minded and read through it all.

These tips are exactly what helped me and other beautiful contributors of this blog achieve a life that is free of insecurities, with less anxiety and more mindful ways to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Bookmark this page, save a shortcut on your mobile screen or go through it all in one sitting – no matter how long will it take, no matter when you are going to do this, just do it! 😊 


Reading doesn’t cost much effort and I promise you – this will be worth it (after all, ShineSheets is featured as one of the top mental health blogs to follow!).

Are you ready? (Yes you are, that’s why you’re here!)


50 Articles That Help You Build Remarkable Mental Strength


1) To build your overall resilience:



2) To learn to love yourself 100%:



3) To thrive in any crisis:



4) To protect your mental health on a daily basis:



5) To stop being constantly worried and anxious:



6) To heal and let go:



7) To refresh and make a new start:



8) To learn how to cope before it gets tough:



9) To be grateful for life as it is:


10) To be happier & more positive:



11) To be OK in social situations:


12) To be more confident in yourself:


13) To move forward no matter what:



I hope you will benefit from these tips just as much as other readers of this blog. Building mental strength requires time, a little work with yourself, but most importantly – your determination to be better than you were yesterday. A lot of things can be improved rather quickly, while others may take a little more time, but everything is possible!

Good luck.

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