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25 Easy Ways To Make a Good Impression

Helpful tips to present yourself in the most positive & appealing way.

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We talk a lot about being comfortable in your own skin, but sometimes it is just as important to make a good impression.

We encounter social situations every day and meet new people regularly, so knowing how to make a good impression can be a huge bonus in your life.

A good impression that lasts can lead to new friendships, romantic relationships, job opportunities, side gigs, and a more fun social life. 

Even if you struggle with social anxiety, practicing your social skills can give you an edge in those tense social situations (like when you encounter a new person or have a job interview).

Making a good impression is not always about the visual aspect (like making heads turn when you walk by).

Looking pretty is always a bonus – of course – but there are other ways to make a good impression too.

You can leave a lasting impression of an interesting, intelligent human being, capable of feeling comfortable in any social setting.

Even if you manage to use just a few tips from this list, it’s already a bonus on your impression game.

Implement most of them to make a good impression on anyone you meet in your life!


Simple Ways To Make a Good Impression


1. Watch your body language


When trying to make a good impression, always watch your body language.

Stand tall and straight to appear more confident.

Relax your shoulders and avoid offensive or defensive poses.

Try to maintain eye contact – it shows that you’re attentive and interested in what the other person is saying, which is always desirable.


2. Talk in a calm, slow, and friendly tone.


No one wants to feel ambushed or rushed when in a conversation.

So, when trying to make a good impression, talk calmly and slowly, and maintain a friendly tone throughout – everyone’s going to appreciate that.


3. Try to be a good listener.


When telling a story, people want to be heard and understood.

Focus on listening to them actively, without trying to butt in or give your two cents on the story.

React to what they’re saying often, showing your continuous attention, and you’ll have their hearts in no time!


4. Greet with a smile.


A warm and genuine smile can really go a long way in making others feel comfortable and welcome.

It shows that you are friendly and approachable – two very important traits when trying to make a good impression!


5. Don’t talk only about yourself.


Being enthusiastic and having a lot to say is great.

However, it can get real boring real fast if you’re only talking about yourself in a conversation with another person.

There’s nothing wrong with relating the current topic of the conversation to your own personal life, but try not to overdo it.

Try to spin it around – ask the other person questions and give your opinions on the matters that they speak about.


6. Ask questions and show genuine interest.


It always feels very pleasant to be important to someone, does it not?

It can be heartwarming when a subject you’re interested gets other people passionate too.

So, when talking to others, ask questions!

Show your genuine interest – it’s a great way to make a good impression.


7. It’s always a great idea to make sure your shoes are clean.


Albeit a small detail, keeping your shoes clean is always a good idea (regardless of whether you’re on a mission to make a good impression or not).

The cleanliness of your general appearance can sometimes be registered subconsciously as a reflection of you as a person.

Someone might see your dirty shoes and instantly flag you as sloppy or disorganized, making your first impression not a positive one.

So, make sure your shoes are clean!

Even though it’s a small detail, small details matter.


8. Most clothes look best when they are fresh and ironed.


Similarly as with the shoes, presenting yourself in a neat and tidy matter will always go a long way when trying to make a good impression.

Having your clothes unironed or unwashed may make you seem disorganized, and some people may view it as you not caring enough about them to take care of your appearance.

It is a small detail, but as mentioned before, small details matter – they make up the whole picture!


9. It is generally more appealing when your hair and nails are tidy as well.


It’s probably established by now – keeping yourself clean and tidy will put you at an advantage when it comes to making a good impression.

And although shoes and clothes are important, the most important thing is your personal hygiene.

Clean hair and tidy nails mean you are making an effort to present yourself positively.

It’s also just generally more pleasant to hang out with people who keep up with their hygiene.

So, don’t forget – keep your nails and hair clean if you want to make a good impression!


10. Spray a hint of perfume (just don’t overdo it).


Have you ever walked down a street and smelt the most amazing scent ever that it even made you turn around to look for the origin of this smell?

That’s the magic of perfume – it can really leave a lasting positive impression on a person.

So, when meeting someone you want to impress, spray a hint of perfume – the best places are behind your ears, your wrists, and your chest area (these are the warmest places on your body).

But remember to not overdo it!

If the scent is too intense, it can have an aversive effect – people will want to get away from it.


11. Use their name when in conversation.


When talking to someone, try to always use their name when you’re speaking to them.

That makes the conversation so much more personal – there’s something about it when being referred to by your name!


12. Don’t talk about the subjects you don’t understand well.


Showing enthusiasm and interest when talking to someone is a good idea, but only when you understand what is being spoken about.

Speaking your mind on a matter that escapes your comprehension can lead to you saying something completely out of the left field, leaving the conversation feeling tense or awkward.

People may develop a negative impression about you.

Remember – there’s nothing wrong with not knowing something.

No one was born with infinite knowledge!

It’s completely fine to admit that you don’t understand the topic of the conversation well.

Admitting to that but also mentioning that you’re still interested and want to learn more might even score you some bonus points!


13. Be transparent and open.


No one likes dishonesty, plain and simple.

Although hiding things from people might sometimes seem like the best possible solution to a tricky situation, it might come back to bite you in your butt.

People are generally understanding, so try to be open and transparent about things.

If they’re not, that’s usually on them – you did your best.


14. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.


We’ve all been the butt of a joke at some point in our lives.

And we all probably know that one person who takes it personally.

It’s never a pleasant experience, especially if the joke was a lighthearted one.

So, if you want to make a good impression, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself sometimes!


15. In conversations, try to find common ground.


If you find yourself in an argument with the person you want to impress, always try to find common ground.

A lot of disagreements we experience aren’t all that important, and ruining the impression someone has of you is usually not worth it.

Therefore, agree to disagree!


16. Make them feel important.


It’s very important for us humans to actually feel important, to have someone that cares about us and is interested in what we have to say.

The same logic applies when we try to make a good impression on someone!

Make them feel important – actively listen to them, ask questions, show genuine interest – it will only benefit you in the long run.


17. Sit straight and keep your spine neutral.


One of the easiest ways to make a good impression is to do it through body language.

In addition to avoiding defensive or offensive postures, try to sit or stand straight and keep your spine neutral.

If you hunch, it can sometimes be perceived as you not being confident enough, and confidence is super important when trying to make a good impression!


18. If there is an activity going on, try to actively engage in it.


If you’re engaging in an activity with the person you’re trying to impress, try to actively participate in it.

It’s always a downer having a person you’re hanging out with not participating in the activity fully.

Of course, we all have feelings of anxiety and reservation, and it’s usually the negative thoughts holding us back more than anything else.

However, you can’t let them have their way, especially if you’re trying to make a good impression on someone!


19. Want to make a statement?

Be honest but also a little less blunt.


Honesty is a virtue, we all know that.

Honestly also sometimes stings.

If you want to make a statement or give your two cents on a particular topic, always be honest.

However, try not to be so blunt.

Being agreeable and having the understanding of how the honesty might make others feel can go a long way when you’re trying to make a good impression on someone.


20. Try to be positive and have fun.


We all have had some negative experiences in our lives, some more than others.

And it can feel very freeing to let that negativity out.

However, some people just don’t really want to get into the negative stuff, or they have to be in the right mood.

But positivity is usually always greatly appreciated!

However, if you really feel like you need to share something negative, remember that every negative experience can be spun in a positive way.


21. If you are feeling shy, smile even more!


If you’re with a person you want to impress and you feel shy, try to smile!

Research has shown that smiling can help alleviate stress, helping you appear more approachable and desirable!

It is hard to get into the habit of pushing through your inner boundaries, such as social anxiety, but you can do it.

I believe in you!


22. Be helpful and empathetic.


In addition to being important, people love to be understood.

Being helpful and empathetic toward one another can make the relationship feel so much more personal and secure.

So, if you’re trying to make a good impression, try to offer your help to the person if you see that they need it.

Also, try to understand their struggles – everyone has them.


23. Remember the name – and use it the next time you meet this person.


As mentioned previously, it’s important for people to feel important.

And what’s one of the easiest ways to make a person feel that way?

Remembering their name!

It always makes my day when someone that I have just met in passing some time ago remembers my name the next time we meet again.

It’s definitely a great way to make a good and lasting impression!


24. Offer a firm but gentle handshake.


When meeting someone new, sometimes the first point of interaction with them (besides introducing yourself) is shaking hands.

You can tell a fair bit about a person from the way they shake your hand.

So, try to offer a firm handshake – it will make you look more confident – but don’t forget to be gentle.

Shaking their hand too hard can make the interaction unnecessarily awkward.


25. Don’t forget to be yourself. 


The last and probably the most important rule to keep in mind when trying to make a good impression is this: just be yourself.

If you’re pretending to be someone your not, you will have a really hard time keeping the facade up in the long run.

Plus, what’s the point even of trying to meet with people and impress them if you can’t even be yourself?

It’s unnecessarily draining, and, eventually, people might see through your mask, making you seem as disingenuous.

However, I understand – low self-esteem and social anxiety can really suck sometimes.

Nonetheless, remember this – when people are meeting with you, they want to know the real you.

And if they end up not liking you, well, that’s on them!

You offered them everything you could, to the best of your ability, and if you’re incompatible, that’s fine!

You can’t please everyone.

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Try to implement a few of these things, and soon you’ll see that it’s getting easier and more natural for you to make a good impression that lasts.

If you want to dig a little deeper into this topic, we recommend these books that help you master your body language and overall confidence:

They will teach you many beautiful ways to present yourself in the most positive & appealing way, which is always helpful for your professional and personal life.

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