How To Have a Perfect “Get Your Life Together” Day

Updated on August 22, 2020

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Hi pretty! Do you feel tired of not doing the things you want yourself to do? 

Do you feel angry at yourself constantly standing in your way and not getting the life you want because:

> you’re procrastinating too much

> skipping on important tasks

> spending not enough time on your self care...

> …but spending way too much time on things that aren’t important?

I have to admit, it happens to me too and sometimes – more often than I’d like to admit.

I am a girl of two natures and you can find me either working 24/7 like it’s my last and only mission in this world, or you can catch me still laying on the bed at 14 A.M. doing, well, nothing productive.

However, in times like that, I like to remind myself that we’re all human. We like to be lazy. We’d rather skip working. We’d rather have a good time with Netflix or HBO.

It’s fine. It’s totaly OK to turn on the lazy mode and procrastinate sometimes… But certainly not all the time.

The thing is, if you have important things you want or need to do, you’ll hardly have any fun procrastinating.

You’ll watch that Game of Thrones episode with a silent, almost unnoticeable voice in your head:

“Girl, what the **** you’re doing right now?”

“I’m watching Game of Thrones.”

“Is that what you’re SUPPOSED to do right now?”

“Daenerys is so cool.”


And while Daenerys IS actually super cool, sooner or later you will have to confront yourself with the reality  – it has to stop. You have to get yourself + your life together and start reaching your goals, or you’ll just stay the same. And that is a perfect time for a “Get Your Life Together” Day!

A day like this can help you clear out your head and set yourself for the change you need in your life.

It helps you acquire that perfect mindset in your head and motivates you to start doing things differently – the way you want to. 

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A Quick Plan To Get Your Life Together


PART 1: What is “Get Your Life Together” Day?


It is the day when you decide that enough is enough and prepare yourself for the changes you want to have.

The core idea is to decide on what you want to do differently from now on and which habits you’re going to remove/implement in your life.

Also, to do several actions that would prepare you for these changes and help you start with a fresh mindset tomorrow.

Sounds complicated? I promise – it isn’t!

“Get Your Life Together” Day usually involves doing simple everyday things that you’re already supposed to do but for some reason didn’t. 

PART 2: How to have a perfect “Get Your Life Together Day”


1. Take care of your chores.


Start with taking care of the chores you neglect. These often include things you need to do around your home and are one of the main reasons you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You can do these things:

  • Wash the dishes
  • Tidy up your rooms
  • Change your bed sheets
  • Take out the trash
  • Dust + Vacuum 
  • Water the plants
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Do your laundry
  • Clean your bathroom 
  • Open windows to let in fresh air.

A clean home is a perfect background for a new attitude and, even though it may take some time to clean and tidy up, you will feel so much better after that – I promise!


2. Take care of yourself.


Once you’ve taken care of your surroundings, spend some time recharging and “tidying up” yourself. This step includes a long shower or bath session and a little bit of reviving self care.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Workout
  • Shower + Exfoliate
  • Depilate
  • Manicure + Pedicure
  • Touch up hair roots
  • Deep clean your skin
  • Pamper yourself with a face pack
  • Deep clean your teeth
  • Wash your makeup brushes
  • Drink a big glass of water
  • Drink a cup of green tea
  • Eat a healthy, nutrient-rich meal 

I also have a weird addiction to beauty subscription boxes and this phase is when I usually open them up and, well, have fun with all the new products I get! Which, honestly, results in a triple satisfaction on this phase.

After doing these steps, you should feel squeaky clean, full and happy in your clean clothes and tidy home. At this moment you should feel pretty much amazing and very proud of yourself already!


3. Get your life together with a NEW attitude.


Now, once your home is clean and tidy + you’re all fresh and pretty – it’s time to decide on your goals, routines, and new habits.

Goal setting is an essential step – don’t skip it! Otherwise, you’ve just masked the existing problems without actually solving them.

P. S. If you can’t think of any new habits to implement instead of watching Daenerys rocking GOT, here’s a list of 99 habits for a better life. 


Decide on your new attitude by setting a few goals.



Maybe you want to work on your health, self development, career goals or self care – make clear decisions and decide on the steps you need to do to achieve your new goals.

A goal planner can be extremely helpful here.

When setting my own goals, I use my Goal Planner Bundle which has four simple, but effective printable tools for goal setting:

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These are usually enough for basic goal planning, and you can also supplement them with this Free Weekly Goal Planner!

If I decide on a bigger, more complex goal, I use the Project Planner which helps me to break down any big tasks into smaller, achievable steps.

And sometimes you may not feel like setting your goals. This happens when you’re tired (and if you are, go rest a little!) or when there’s something else keeping your mind cluttered. In this case, there are other things you can do before setting your goals.


PART 3: Things To Consider Before Setting New Goals


If you feel anxious


Do a few anxiety-relieving mindfulness activities and dissolve your anxiety with anxiety journal or a thought workbook (you can now get them with a CRAZY discount in my Mental Wellness Super Pack). Being scared will only keep you from achieving those goals you’ll set, and it’s incredibly important to take care of it.

I know, it’s not easy. I had anxiety since I was a kid and, even though it took me a while to get it under control, I still get my flare-ups. It’s just how it is.

But the thing is, running away from anxiety only makes it harder to calm down. There is absolutely no reason to stay anxious if you can help yourself at least a little – and journaling works perfectly for that!

If you’ve never used a journal for your mental health before, read this.


If you feel negative and pessimistic about your future


You’re probably not seeing the whole picture. If your life is bad right now (and it probably isn’t THAT bad if you think well), it doesn’t mean that it will stay like this forever. You can get your life together and change it all with action… or time!

Things and problems tend to sort themselves out. Trust me. I’ve been through tons of them in my life – from losing my first business in the early twenties to being unable to eat properly for a whole year (ever heard of TMJ?.. 😟).

Sometimes all you have to do is wait. 

And even if there’s something you can’t change, you can always change your attitude and the way you see things.

Dive into these resources to beat this negative attitude:


If you don’t know where to start


Just start by writing down a sorted to-do list and creating a daily plan for tomorrow.

Writing down a to-do list helps you declutter and clear out your mind – the same way you cleaned your home and your looks in the first two steps.

Once you have everything you need to do on paper, you can plan your schedule and start with the things that are most important. This way you won’t fall into the same trap of doing things that aren’t that important and skipping real issues that need your attention now.


Other things to do to boost your new, “Get Your Life Together” attitude


  • Plan your meals for upcoming days
  • Set up a workout schedule
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Buy something new for yourself to mark the beginning of a “new you”
  • Go for a long walk
  • Do a breathing meditation
  • Find new, inspiring songs for your playlist
  • Clean out your mailbox
  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Simply relax.

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And that’s it! After doing these steps, you will feel like a new person, ready to conquer everything that’s in your way.

And don’t get me wrong, I love Daenerys! She’s pretty much fantastic. It’s just much more enjoyable to watch your favorite TV show AFTER you’ve finished all your daily tasks.

Then it feels more like a reward and less like an attempt to run from your responsibilities. I hope this “get your life together” day will be your fresh start and a push to live a different life. Good luck!

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