69 Ways To Start Living Happier – Today!

Updated on July 13, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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living happier
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When a pessimistic outlook becomes an everyday friend, it can easily become a habit to stay in that mood for a long time. And while life can indeed get hard sometimes… When you think well, there’s gotta be more to life than just a miserable existence.

Some people can stay optimistic and joyful all the time – and cheers to them! Do you want to know how they do that? What’s their super to living happier? Well, I gotta disappoint you… Because there is none. There are simply particular habits, specific thinking patterns, and actions that help those people to live on a more optimistic side of life.

“Yeah, sure. You must be talking about those rich people who don’t have any problems in their life at all. I have REAL problems and my reasons to be sad are LEGIT.”

There is some truth in these words! Money can make life easier, for sure. But don’t be fooled thinking that rich people don’t have any problems. Trust me, they do and their problems can even be more serious than yours or mine (for example, rich people are especially susceptible to kidnapping or getting shot).

And even if we put money aside… There are millions of people who have suffered a hard life and debilitating problems. Yet when asked if they are happy, they say “YES!”, because their happiness is not tied to their life situations and events. Their happiness is right there in their heart and they don’t need to have A X or Z to feel it.

So here are a few happiness thoughts and a list of 69 ways to start living happier, right now! Try implementing at least a few of these tips into your life and watch your mood improving.

P. S. While going through these tips, look for purple links! These contain a related article that explains how to do something (in-depth), OR leads to one of my helpful printable tools that help you shape your mindset with fun journaling exercises.

So… Are you ready for this?


Living Happier? Why Not?


What Does It Mean To Live Happier?


Happiness is everywhere around us, but what we have to choose to see it. To live happier means to constantly focus on the brighter side of life, and choosing to do things that build your happiness day by day.


69 Ways To Start Living Happier: Right Here, Right Now, And Every Day


Living Happier Through Finding a Balance


1. Define your „WHY“ – the main reason to go forward in your life.

2. Always set a clear plan of what to do next.

3. Battle boring days by being productive instead.

4. Imagine the life you want and make a plan to achieve it.

5. Define what living happier means to you.

6. Hold yourself accountable and do what needs to be done (to prevent unnecessary stress).

7. Become serious about your self-care routine.

8. Enthusiastically learn new things.

9. Limit the amount of news you watch or read daily.

happy woman walking on railtrack as a concept of living happier with life balance


Living Happier With Brighter Thoughts


10. Look for the bright side in every negative situation.

11. Embrace every challenge as a way to become stronger.

12. Set daily reminders with positive affirmations.

13. Learn to spot patterns of negative thinking.

14. Pay more attention to what is good than to what‘s bad.

15. Stop feeling like a failure (trust me, you are NOT)

16. Remind yourself of your victories and achievements.

17. Make a genuine effort to be happier (you‘re the only one who can do this).

18. Shake a little, relax your body and stop taking everything and everyone so seriously.

19. If nothing helps, consider talking to a therapist.

20. Read something positive and enjoyable every day.

21. Practice positive thinking (you can use my printable Positivity Journal which works just perfectly for that).

22. Before sleep, think about 3 good things that happened today.

woman with her hands in the air as a symbol of living happier


Living Happier and Having More Fun!


23. Say „YES“ to new experiences and places.

24. Go through your happiest memories.

25. Then create new, even happier ones.

26. Gently push yourself to be more spontaneous.

27. Spend more time outside (especially in nature).

28. Stop thinking that you MUST be cheerful and joyful every single day.

29. Watch funny videos, movies, vines, music videos – anything with a sprinkle of fun, positive sarcasm or satire.

30. Create a happiness ritual and do it every day. (Need an example? Try drinking a glass of wine and blasting your favorite music through the headphones.)

31. Have more sex (I mean… SCIENCE says it reduces stress. We have to listen to science! Right?).

32. Look at funny cat & dog pics or videos.

33. If you can, buy things that make you happy.

34. Do some fun and childish activities like painting coloring books, playing with water sprays, putting together a puzzle… Allow yourself to be playful.

woman climbing a mountain as a symbol of living happier through adventure


Living Happier With Less


35. Notice small, beautiful things.

36. Practice gratitude every day.

Pssst… This can help:

37. Stop chasing temporary „highs“ and allow yourself to be happy here and now.

38. Practice mindfulness daily.

39. Be yourself. Love who you are NOW.

40. Spend your money on experiences, not things.

41. …Or spend your money on others.


Living Happier Through Health


42. Spend more time in the sunshine.

43. Try to get enough sleep every day.

44. Fall in love with a healthy diet.

45. Start exercising regularly.

46. Meditate and have a few „deep breathing“ breaks throughout your day.

47. Stay well hydrated.

P. S. Having a pretty water bottle can really help you to build this healthy habit.

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Living Happier By Cleaning Out Your Life


48. Delete negative songs from your playlist.

49. Let go of all the anger and grudges.

50. Learn to deal with stress and things that trigger your sadness.

51. Let go of perfectionism. Perfect does not exist!

52. Try to eliminate blaming, complaining and judging from your life.

53. If possible, cut down on work and delegate some chores.

54. Declutter your home.

55. Organize your life.

56. Have a „disconnect day“ every week to rest without your phone, computer, and internet (I promise, you won’t die without it!).

57. Stop comparing yourself to others.

person building smiling blocks as a concept of living happier by choice


Living Happier Among Others


58. Practice empathy daily.

59. Help others whenever you can.

60. Try to be more social and spend more time with people you like.

61. Have meaningful conversations.

62. Be generous.

63. Learn to stand up for yourself without being mean.

64. Strive to be kind to others, but don‘t feel disappointed when others don‘t.

65. Stop expecting to be liked, accepted and noticed by everyone.

66. Fake that smile if you need to – sometimes it works and you start to mean it.

67. Give compliments like candies.

68. Learn to say NO when it‘s needed.


69. MAKE A CHOICE to start living happier… Today!


And congrats! You made it to the end. Now pick a few from this list and start doing them daily (or do them all if you like!).

… Remember that happiness is a choice. Not an easy one… But it’s also the most important one.

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