99 Ways To Improve Your Mental Balance

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When it comes to mental health, I’m always happy that there are so many techniques, tools and helpful ideas that can help us cope with whatever we have to.

If you struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD (or any other, really), it’s important to create some effort regularly to improve your mental health and build your mental stability. This can help you prevent future relapses and even if they happen, a well-trained mind can deal with them easier. 

There is no need to feel stuck with your mental health struggles because there are so many ways to make it better and less noticeable in your everyday life. This is why I rounded up this list of effective ways to improve your health and I recommend implementing at least a few in your daily life to see a positive improvement. 

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99 Ways To Improve Your Mental Balance


1. Make it a habit to meditate daily.

2. Spend more time in nature and peaceful environments.

3. Create a relaxation corner or room at your home.

4. Learn to cope by reading mental health books.

5. Sign up for an online therapy service.

6. Find people who have the same struggles as you.

7. Practice positive self talk.

8. Journal daily to reflect and take a different look at your thoughts.

9. Develop an essential self care routine.

10. Learn to accept negative feelings, instead of trying to run away from them.

11. Make it a habit to have a quick breathing session several times a day.

12. Practice gratitude every day.

13. Be well informed about your symptoms to avoid being scared by them.

14. Try eating a “mental health diet”.

15. Exercise daily (and if you don’t have energy, a simple yoga is enough).

16. Write down positive affirmations and read them before sleep.

17. Develop a strict sleep schedule.

18. Learn to let go of the past.

19. Learn how to tolerate annoying people and stay calm around them.

20. Instead of worrying about your problem, try to shift your focus on finding a solution.

21. Organize your surroundings to regain a feeling of control.

22. Consider therapy with a psychologist.

23. Learn to disidentify from your thoughts and emotions. 

24. Try to catch yourself whenever you are overthinking and come back to the present.

25. Practice mindfulness.

26. Use mental health journals with CBT exercises, like these:

27. Practice positivity.

28. Find soothing ways to relax alone.

29. Change your playlist to something more gentle.

30. Improve your looks with a self-loving perspective.

31. Be self-compassionate.

32. Write down your past mistakes and forgive yourself for them.

33. Try to forgive others too.

34. Create healthier habits.

35. Listen to mental health podcasts.

36. … Or listen to mental health audiobooks.

37. Find mental health quotes that speak to you – then frame and hang them in your room.

38. Stop expecting people to act the way you want them to.

39. Talk about your struggles with someone you trust.

40. Learn to focus on the present moment (not past or future).

41. If you can, have a little vacation to rest both physically and mentally.

42. Track your achievements (even the small ones!) in a journal or diary.

43. Build up your resilience.

44. If you experience panic attacks, gather helpful tips to deal with them and have them ready at your home or your purse.

45. Develop a deeply relaxing hobby, like painting, knitting or writing.

46. Eat more foods rich in magnesium, vitamin C and B group vitamins.

47. Try naturally calming things like lavender oil or relaxing essential oil blends. 

48. Take care of someone you love or do something good for them.

49. Have a few pieces of dark chocolate once in a while.

50. Buy an adult coloring book for calming leisure time.

51. Read mental health blogs (you can also subscribe to this one if you like these tips!)

52. Do a digital detox challenge.

53. Learn to quickly rebuild your confidence after a failure. 

54. If you’re in a recovery, do these things to speed it up. 

55. Instead of being jealous, practice appreciation and admiring.

56. Sign up for a local meditation or yoga community.

57. Take relaxing baths at least once a week.

58. Practice releasing your worries.

59. Try intuitive eating to curb emotional eating patterns.

60.  Eat more foods that are rich in Omega-3 (it helps to decrease depression).

61. Try to find a positive meaning or a valuable lesson in every negative event.

62. Enjoy some sunshine daily (just don’t forget your sunscreen).

63. If you often feel the need to cry – cry. It helps to vent out the emotional overload so there’s no need to fight it. 

64. Talk to your doctor to rule out any physical reasons for your mental health struggles. 

65. Learn to say no and set up healthy boundaries. 

66. End toxic relationships.

67. If you can and feel the need to, think of ways you could change an unhappy job to something more fulfilling. 

68. Ditch the habit of multitasking and focus on one thing you can do at the moment. 

69. If being overworked is the reason for your mental health problems, try to find a way to work smarter, not harder. 

70. If you feel exhausted, look for ways to delegate.

71. Review and improve your mindset:

72. Find new, soothing hobbies like gardening, painting, photography and anything else that you find deeply relaxing.

73. Make your flaws work for you.

74. Accept the fact that bad days are an inevitable part of everyone’s life.

75. Stop rushing and do things at your own pace (this might mean starting earlier in order to meet your deadlines).

76. If you’re prone to catastrophizing, think of the worst thing that can happen and write down a plan to deal with it (also think if it would really be that bad).

77. Get rid of or become a friend with a critic in your head. 

78. Before stressing out about something, think if it would still matter to you after 5 years. If no – then let it go. If yes – focus on a plan to improve the situation.

79. Before making any decision, help yourself to calm down. It will help you think from a logical, not a reactive mind.

80. Write everything down to prevent an overloaded mind. 

81. Read psychology journals or online magazines.

82. Limit your time on social media.

83. … And always remember that most things you see on it are fake or edited. 

84. Do one thing daily that scares you (a little, no need to push yourself too hard).

85. Try to always be gentle and supportive of yourself. 

86. Cut back on alcohol and recreational drugs as they tend to increase anxiety.

87. Have a calming bedtime ritual every night.

88. Try to socialize a little regularly.

89. Learn a few ways to be less negative.

90. Have something to look forward to, but be ok with where you are already as well. 

91. Notice behavior in yourself that stems from painful past experiences. Spend some time analyzing, healing and letting it go.

92. Get a pet or spend more time with the one you have.

93. Read books that make you powerful.

94. Try to stop criticizing and judging other people.

95. Budget for a few indulgences or pleasant purchases and spoil yourself a little every month.

96. Put a small positive memory in a jar every day.

97. Cut out words “should” and “must” from your vocabulary.

98. Learn to be more comfortable in your own skin.

99. Love yourself unconditionally – with all the mental health struggles you have.

Congratulations on making it to the end! 👍 I hope these tips will help you to improve your mental balance at least a little. Now make it last: pick a few (or more, if you like!) and decide to do them daily. You can set up a reminder or use a self care planner to stay on track, but just make sure to spend some time relaxing and working on your mental health daily. Results may pleasantly surprise you!

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