How To Get Unstuck: 25 Practical Ways To Get Unstuck In Life

Updated on August 21, 2020

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Seasonal changes almost always get me in a slump. I become bored, unmotivated and stuck – basically just too tired to move (please don’t judge).

And there’s nothing wrong with being a little under the weather.

We, as humans, should be able to accept and feel all the emotions life gives us. Otherwise, it’s just a boring trip.

But if you’ve been in a slump for way too long and don’t have the motivation to do anything, it may be time for necessary changes.

Now, getting unstuck may be hard, especially if you’ve been in the same routine for a long time.

You may feel lazy, depressed, irritated and at the same time – angry that you’re feeling this way and that you have to do anything at all (“I have enough on my head already”).

It’s like a Minotaur’s labyrinth – you want to find a way out, but you’re just too tired to keep looking for it.

So try to take things easy and, instead of making huge changes, change up a few smaller things instead.

Surprisingly, it works pretty well!

A few simple tweaks start the engine going and from that moment it becomes so much easier to move on.

If you’re looking for simple, practical and tried ideas on how to get unstuck, here’s what works for me every single time.


How To Get Unstuck: 25 Practical Ways To Get Unstuck In Life

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1. Get unstuck by changing your song playlist


Sometimes even a small thing like changing your music playlist can help you get unstuck in life. We tend to get lost in routines, repetitive work, and home tasks daily, so if you keep listening to the same tunes, it simply lullabies you to boredom. Especially if you like slow, melancholic songs.

Changing your playlist and adding more cheerful, energetic songs can help you to feel more active and inspired. Sometimes, it might be just what you need to get unstuck and move forward.


2. Get unstuck by starting a new planner.


If you never had one, a DIY planner can be one of the most effective tools that help you to get unstuck.

If you feel like there’s too much to do, too many tasks or information to handle… Planning your time, routines, goals and to-do lists can help you to sort everything out and turn your problems into actionable steps.

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Minimalistic printable planners & journals

To DIY a superb planner, you can get my printable Super Pack right here on the ShineSheets store (pretty convenient, right? 🤗). It has a whole bunch of minimalistic planning tools for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and other types of planning to help you get your time and life in order.


3. Get unstuck by adopting new habits.


It might seem paradoxical, but we ourselves can also be a reason for being stuck.

If you’re living a life filled with bad habits, you are sabotaging yourself every single day. On the other hand, getting rid of your old ways and implementing a set of new, helpful habits can inspire you to start fresh and with a new attitude.

Healthy habits can also help you feel more energetic, motivated, inspired, organized and more self-dependent. These positive changes can give you a strong push to get unstuck and move forward with your life.

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4. Get unstuck by rearranging furniture around your home.


Does that sound funny? It probably does… But it’s also one of the simplest ways to get unstuck in life.

It’s not a secret that spending time in new places helps us to rest and detach from daily monotony.  This is why we feel so great after fun trips and vacations.

Surprisingly, changing your surroundings at home can also breathe some freshness into your life!

I personally love to rearrange the furniture in our home and tend to do it every season. Every time, I feel wonderful because it feels like I’m in a new place and it usually gives me a ton of motivation to get unstuck and move forward with new goals.


5. Get unstuck by starting a side hustle.


Starting a side hustle or a new business venture can be a wonderful boost on your mindset and a perfect way to get unstuck.

Having a new obsession, completing new, unfamiliar tasks can help you feel powerful and motivated – and a boost in motivation can be just enough to help you get unstuck.


6. Get unstuck with a new, inspiring self-improvement book.


How to get unstuck if you need to reshape your mindset? Buy a new book. Just choose the one that is supposed to help you get motivated and inspired to make some changes. Here are one of the best books I recommend: 3 powerful books that make you stronger immediately


7. Get unstuck with journaling.


Journaling is one of the best ways to deal with mental health struggles like anxiety, depression and PTSD. On top of it all, it’s also a great way to get unstuck in life.

By writing your thoughts down, you can dig deep into your mindset and find the actual reasons WHY you feel so stuck. Knowing a reason makes finding a solution a lot easier.

Here are a few tools that can help you get started:

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8. Get unstuck by finding a new thing to learn.


A new passion, hobby or skill to learn can also breathe in some fresh air into your life and help you get unstuck.

My favorite way to learn new things is by taking online courses. You can read about my favorite website for online courses + how to get high-quality courses for cheap right here.


9. Get unstuck by going on a trip (even a small one).


As I’ve mentioned before, changing your surroundings can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking for fast & effective ways to get unstuck.

Taking a fun trip or even a 2-3 days vacation can help you relax, recharge and open up your mind for new ideas and opportunities.


10. Get unstuck by changing your style or hair color.


How to get unstuck in life AND improve your looks at the same time? Have a makeover! It’s not a secret that outer appearance changes can spark a change in your mindset a well. Plus, it’s one of the fastest ways to have a big, fun change.


11. Get unstuck by choosing gratitude.


Another reason to feel stuck in life is being unsatisfied with what you have or where you are. It’s easy to feel like that if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others.

If that’s the reason why you feel stuck, try improving your mindset with a gratitude practice. Gratitude is so powerful that it can change the way you see life around you – and find a way to be happy with what you have right now.

Feeling content with what is can help you to get unstuck and focus on moving on.

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Printable Gratitude Journal

12. Get unstuck by finding a new way to exercise.


Not only can it help if you’re stuck on your weight loss journey, but it can also be a nice push to get unstuck in life. Finding a new physical activity awakens your body and makes your life a little more interesting. It’s a positive change, and positive changes are just great for getting unstuck.


13. Get unstuck by giving yourself a challenge


If you’re stuck, bored, lazy and unmotivated, you can also try to get unstuck by starting a fun or meaningful challenge. It could be anything: a healthy eating challenge, workout challenge, beauty challenge, gratitude or journaling challenge… Anything that can help you add something fresh into your life and spike up your motivation.

Here are some challenges you can try:

Glow up challenge: how to become prettier in one month

The “NEW ME” challenge: how to build your personality from zero

And you can also track your progress with a printable challenge calendar, like this one.


14. Get unstuck by learning to be influential.


An interesting way to get unstuck, which is the most useful for people who feel drained by social responsibilities.

If you feel stuck in your life because you’re always doing things for others (and feel unfulfilled because of that), learning to be influential can really help. Not only does it help you to become more confident and outgoing, but it can also teach you how to be assertive, which can open a lot of doors in your life.

You can learn how to be influential in this course.


15. If you’ve been feeling low for too long… Get unstuck with therapy.


Let’s admit it – one of the main reasons people feel stuck in life is depression. It can sneak into our lives unnoticed and leave us tired, sluggish and unmotivated. I can even last for so long that you don’t even feel your depression anymore (“I’m just that melancholic type of person”).

If changing up your life, routines, surroundings or habits don’t help, consider talking to a therapist. It might be the one and only thing you need in order to get unstuck in life.


16. Get unstuck by organizing and decluttering your home.


Clutter, mess, dark and dusty rooms, jammed drawers and overflowing closets… Is this your life? No wonder you feel stuck.

An unorganized home can make you feel stuck even if everything is okay. It happens because even the simplest daily tasks take a lot more energy than it should. Your clutter simply exhausts you.

I used to keep a lot of unusable things in our home since I thought that “maybe I will need it someday “. When I finally decided to declutter all of this stuff, it took me 3 full rounds of decluttering until I finally felt like I can breathe. 

Making your home organized can have an extremely refreshing effect on your life and also help you to get unstuck. If you want to try it yourself, here are my guides on it:

The Ultimate decluttering guide: 99 things to get rid of  + best organizers

How to get organized: 99 ways to get SERIOUSLY organized

How to get motivated to clean and declutter your home

How to organize your home once and for all

How to organize your life if you’re an anxious person


17. Get unstuck by deciding on a simple goal and working on it


Finding a new goal, a dream to work on can help you to get unstuck as well. Think of the things you desperately want to change in your life, set up a plan for it and give your 100% starting today.

You can use my goal planning tools to create an achievable goal plan, or you can download my free printable weekly goals planner to start with.


18. Get unstuck with yoga & meditation practice.


Our minds are so jammed these days! There’s an information overload everywhere we go, and the work-life-work regime is incredibly hectic and exhausting.

A perfect way to get unstuck is by having a yoga or meditation session (or both!) every day.

Meditation is an especially powerful tool that can help you declutter your mind and find balance. By practicing meditation daily, you can simply find an answer on how to get unstuck yourself, because deep inside, you probably know it. You probably know what it is that keeps you stuck and what you need to change in order to get unstuck.

Meditation, along with yoga is just a perfect way to listen to yourself and find all those answers.


19. Get unstuck by improving your hydration.


You didn’t expect this one, did you?

It might sound funny, but you might be stuck if you’re constantly dehydrated! Sounds crazy, I know… But even mild dehydration can make you feel tired, sluggish and lethargic, which also contributes to the stuck-y mood.


20. Get unstuck by changing up your nutrition.


It’s similar to hydration – if you keep eating the wrong foods that are making you tired, bloated and lethargic, you simply have less energy to do anything.

Healthy eating can give you a completely opposite effect and help you get unstuck by boosting your energy levels and bodily functions.

Try it yourself! Take up a healthy eating challenge, eat healthy for 90 days and see how you feel.


21. Get unstuck with a vision board.


Building a vision board can help you to get unstuck in many ways:

  • It can be a meditative, motivating and inspiring process that boosts your mood;
  • It can help you materialize your dreams in a physical form (which makes it more real);
  • It can remind you what you want, what your dreams are and what you should do in your life.


22. Get unstuck by having a “get your life together” day.


Having a “get your life together” day is a sure way to get unstuck for almost anyone. It helps you to take care of some clutter, it helps you to recharge and decide on your next steps in life. Read my complete guide here: How to have a perfect “get your life together” day


23. Get unstuck with a DIY life binder.


I’ve already mentioned planning as a perfect way to get unstuck, but you can also take it one step further and build a DIY life binder. This binder can help you organize your life from A to Z and tackle all the negative mindset that’s keeping you stuck.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out my printable Ultimate Super Pack, which has a ton of beautiful, minimalistic printable tools that are perfect for life organization and self improvement. I use all of these tools myself so I know they’re working and therefore recommend them.


24. Get unstuck in your life by becoming a morning person.


One of the life-changing habits that can also help you to get unstuck, is waking up earlier. A lot of successful people swear by it, including me (if you can call me successful, that is!).

Waking up earlier and having a balancing morning routine can help you in many ways:

  • It helps you to start your day slowly, therefore you feel less stressed throughout the day;
  • You have enough time to set priorities and plans for your day, so you don’t waste your time on various shenanigans;
  • You have more hours in your day so you can easily find enough time to work on your goals.

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25. Get unstuck by talking to someone you love.


Sometimes, all you actually need to get unstuck is talking to someone who understands you. Sharing your feelings, talking about your burden and hearing how it looks in other people’s eyes can make you understand your situation better. Even if you don’t find the exact answer on how to get unstuck in your particular situation, talking about it still is helpful and therapeutic.

– – –

Whenever you find yourself feeling stuck, lazy and unmotivated, try (or even force yourself if you need to!) to do one or more things from this list.

It will stir your rut up a little and spark up excitement for something new.

And if nothing else helps, consider trying natural supplements that increase serotonin – happiness hormone – production in your brain, like 5-HTP, a natural amino acid that is essential for serotonin creation process:

I have taken such supplements in the past and they did improve my mood and ability to deal with everyday tasks. Since 5-HTP is derived from natural sources like Griffonia Simplificolia plant, it also has no major side effects, so it’s really worth giving a try!

I hope you found a lot of inspiring ideas on how to get unstuck in this article. Stay well.

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