How To Overcome Your Weakness

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how to overcome your weakness

There were times in my life when I really hated myself. Everything I was, everything I did was just never enough. Social media was getting bloated with pictures of people who were everything I was not: confident company souls, living the happiest days of their life, flaunting their perfect imperfections like golden medals on their chests.

How do they do that? How are they so confident?

Why can’t I be so confident with myself the way they are?

I was confused for good ten years and I gotta tell you – turns out I was just hella too young to understand.

When I was approaching my mid-twenties I started seeing things in a little different light.

Turned out much of social media was not that real so I stopped bothering myself with that.

And while I still was a shy, overthinker introvert, now it didn’t mean that much to me.

I started to care less about being imperfect because nothing in this world is really perfect, and being different can actually lead you to success.

This was the time when I started reading great amounts of self-help books, planning my life and goals, and basically just moving forward from my older mindset.

One thing I knew pretty well was that I can change many, but not all things I don’t like about myself.

Some things are just there. They will probably stay like that for my whole life.

So I decided to accept it and find ways to overcome my weaknesses.

In this article, I will share my tips on how to do just that.


How To Overcome Your Weaknesses


1. To overcome your weakness, get to know yourself first


The number one thing that can show you how to overcome your weakness is digging deep into yourself and putting it all out. Just like you would declutter your closet.

One of the best ways to do it is through journaling. When I was dealing with my own weaknesses, I started journaling day by day, devoting each day to a particular theme.

I wrote about my victories & fears, mistakes & achievements, values, guilty pleasures, dreams, and everything I could think of.

So many shelves of my soul were dusted off just to see what’s really there!

The result was astonishing. Even though there were many bad things, at the end of this process I found myself being a lot stronger, unique and beautiful on the inside than I thought I was.

If you would like to try a similar adventure, here’s an amazing Self Discovery Journal I created to guide you through 30 days of self-love journaling themes.

I absolutely recommend it if you feel confused, suffer from low self-esteem or if you just can’t seem to love yourself for yourself. This tool will help you see yourself from many different angles – not only the bad ones you’re used to pointing out.

how to overcome your weakness

 You can also journal on your own. Ask yourself questions and journal (write) your answers down:

  • When do I feel weak?
  • When do I feel strong?
  • What is the weakest part of my personality?
  • How do I define a person who is strong?

Sometimes, just defining your perception of weakness can show you how to overcome your weakness, your way.


2. Evaluate your weakness


A thing you call your “weakness”, can turn out to be quite the opposite.

Here’s an example.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pretty shy person. I’m not super silent, but I’m not the one telling jokes at the party either.

I get easily embarrassed about the smallest things like talking on the phone loud enough for other people to hear it (yep!).

For many years I considered my shyness a weakness of mine until one evening I was chatting with my friends.

They told me that being shy is the best thing about me (wait, what?).

Turns out “it shows that I’m not fake, not trying to impress anyone or desperately seek for attention”. People loved it.

What a surprisingly pleasant cold shower! It made me think about my other flaws and the way I can embrace them, instead of being bullied by myself.


how to overcome your weakness


3. Flaunt your weaknesses like a queen


how to overcome your weakness

The best results and self-worth come from a little more work with yourself.

But if you want a fast way to change how you perceive yourself, here’s a quick method:

  1. Write down everything you consider a weakness of yours. 
  2. Now take every weakness and try to find a brighter side of it. Do not judge yourself! Be compassionate. For example, if you think you have low self-esteem, most likely you are a really well-mannered, modest person. That’s a trait because you always know how to behave yourself. Other people will never think of you as cocky or arrogant.

Wrote down “cocky” or “arrogant” as your weakness? Well, that’s a trait too – you know your worth and you’re not afraid to show it. No one will ever step over your head and you will always be the one who can protect yourself or your family in any unpleasant situation.

You see, there’s no rule book – it’s all about perception and your decision to accept yourself and be proud of it.

Honestly, you should be proud of everything in your life.

Any mistake you made built you into someone you are today. It taught you to not do that mistake again.

Every problem shaped you and made your skin thicker.

Even negative self-talk you’ve been giving yourself for years may be a benefit. Hey, if it finally pushed you to stop doing something and change – it was useful.

So stop thinking that you’re not good enough.

There are no missing pieces in you – they’re all there.

Some are darker, some brighter, but they all fill out a perfect painting.




To overcome your weakness:

1. Define your weakness.

2. Try to find a brighter side to it.

3. Embrace it as a part of the perfect painting of who you are.

I hope these tips were helpful to you. Scroll down for more content like this!

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