5 Simple Ways to Become a More Confident Driver

Updated on June 21, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

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Timidity is an unhelpful personality trait when you’re behind the wheel of a car, and yet it takes time to gain the confidence you need to perform well out on the road.

Some people never find their feet in this context, and if you’re a driver who finds the whole process stress-inducing, read on for some tips on boosting your courage in this context.


1. Make sure you have all the car insurance you need


If you’re constantly worrying about the integrity of your valuable vehicle when driving, it’s easy to get over-cautious in how you behave.

On the other hand, if you’ve got adequate insurance to cover you against every eventuality, including collisions involving third parties, then your fears of the consequences will drift away.

Comprehensive car insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot either, especially if you use comparison sites like https://www.cheapinsurance.com. Getting quotes from top providers and choosing an all-inclusive cover will put your mind at ease.


2. Plan the route in advance


Being under-prepared for journeys by road will heighten your anxiety levels because you won’t know what to expect, and it’s easy to get blindsided by some unexpected aspect of the experience, such as a confusing intersection.

Being well prepared and checking up on the route you’re going to take beforehand is helpful. Indeed planning, in general, is a great way to relieve anxiety in every aspect of your life.

You can use mapping software on your smartphone to both review the route ahead of time, and also guide you every step of the way, alerting you to hazards and guiding you around congestion in real-time.


3. Get to know your car


It may sound silly, but if you’re not aware of all the ins and outs of how your vehicle works, you could encounter vexing issues when you’re out and about.

Obviously, you’ll have a grasp on how to do the basics in terms of driving, but what about things like turning on the fog lights, activating the horn, using the air conditioning system to demist the windows, or using any of the other gadgets and gizmos it might offer?

Some of these are simply convenient, while others are essential in an emergency, so you don’t want to be scrambling to try and work out where a particular function is located. Instead, read the manual, watch video reviews on YouTube, and learn to use your car to the fullest.


4. Take solo trips


There’s a lot of pressure when you’re driving with passengers in tow, and unless you’re already a naturally confident driver, this can really put you off and hamper your growth and learning.

The answer is to make sure that after you have got your license, you go out on road journeys where you are the only one in the vehicle. This will let you get to grips with how to drive confidently at your own pace, without feeling the watchful eyes of others on you during the early stages.


5. Obey the rules of the road


Another excellent tip is to not feel pressured into driving in a way that contravenes the rules and regulations governing drivers. Adhering to the speed limit is a must, for example, and will make you feel more in control.

You should also be aware of road signage and take heed of what it tells you because this will prepare you for any layout changes or obstacles ahead so that they aren’t a surprise when you encounter them.

Most of all, go easy on yourself and don’t expect to suddenly become a confident driver overnight. All of us need hundreds of hours behind the wheel before we are capable in this regard.

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