The Secret To Achieving Anything You Want In Your Life

Updated on June 6, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

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If you’ve been struggling with your goals, keep abandoning them, or simply wonder what is the most important thing to make any goal an achievement, today all of your questions will be answered.

I am a goal person and I always have at least one goal in my life. Once I reach it, I immediately create another one to keep going forward and eventually have what I want to have. It’s not a secret that some goals are small and easily achievable, some are bigger, braver, and at the same time – harder to reach. However, the process of achievement depends on one extremely important trait, which is the most important thing to know if you want to achieve anything in your life.


Goals Are Essentially Dreams… Right?


Usually, when we decide that we want something in our life, it comes from the things we see in others and decide that we want the same for ourselves.

  • It could be a beautiful family life we see in our friends.
  • An inspiring mental resilience in our parents or siblings.
  • A fit, healthy & strong body we see in athletes.
  • An admirable intelligence we see in TED talks.
  • A liberating wealth we see in successful businesswomen and men.

These are just a few examples and it could be anything, but our goals are essentially our dreams that we could be like those people one day or live a lifestyle we admire. Now, if you look at any of these goals and think about people who actually have them… What do you think unifies them all? What is the one universal thing that helped them all to have what they have now?

Let me cut it short and tell you – it’s the CONSISTENCY. And consistency is more than just good willpower… Let me explain.

How To Achieve Anything You Want In Your Personal, Professional, and Love Life


All of these successful people who are rocking their goals have one universal trait – they have been consistent in working on their dreams. Nothing huge happens overnight. Heck, it doesn’t even happen in weeks! Most of the biggest life achievements will come to you if you will consistently work on them for months and sometimes – even years. This sounds grandiose, but it is true.

Goals need consistent work in order to become an achievement. Lack of consistency is also one of the biggest reasons why people fail at their goals… They want fast results here and now, they don’t want to deal with negative emotions when things get hard and they give up after a few fails like “it’s probably just not meant for them”.


If that was true, we wouldn’t have Olympic athletes, zero-to-hero business stories, homeless-to-working miracles, and those inspiring weight loss stories where people manage to lose HUNDREDS of pounds.

I mean, can you imagine how much consistency each and every one of them needed to succeed? It’s amazing!


The Practical Use Of Consistency


The moment I realized the importance of consistency, it was a game-changer. I stopped giving up on my goals and developed a new mindset of pushing forward until I’m where I want.

And while I still may get sad / exhausted / totally given up / 100% done for a day…


Or two…


Or three…


Eventually, I look my failure, roadblock, or slip-up in the eye and decide that it’s something to learn from and the worst it can do is to make my process a little longer. That’s it. It’s not proof that I can’t. It’s not proof I’m a failure. It’s not proof that it’s impossible. I get up, shake it off and continue working on my goals. I mean, do I even have any other option? I still want this!!

And there are no other ways to have what you want except for working to have it (and yes, I’m aware that some people are just born having it all, but let’s remind ourselves that these are extremely rare!). So yes – consistency is the secret key to making any goal a success. Now, you might ask…

“But how do I learn to be consistent? How do I stop giving up?”

First of all – you must promise yourself that you will do whatever you can and whatever you need to achieve your goal. No matter what happens – a slip-up, bad life circumstances, anything – eventually you must come back to your goal, even if it takes a hundred times. Then it is extremely important to work on your motivation, self-discipline, and goal planning. I have a few guides that help you do just that! Here’s a reading list you can continue after this article to build a personality of an achiever:

You can also get my free printable Weekly Goals planner or check out more goal-setting tools at ShineSheets Store.

Again… Nothing happens overnight. Stop believing quick success stories. There are shortcuts and ways to make things faster in any area of your life, but there is nothing like “lost weight overnight”, “got rich overnight” etc. All there is just consistency, determination, and just general curiosity. I mean, don’t you want to see what happens if you DON’T GIVE UP?..


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