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5 Major Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired All The Time

Easy-to-overlook reasons that could be impacting your energy levels.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

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Have you been drastically upping your coffee consumption because you’re just feeling so tired all the time?

I feel you – it happens to all of us.

But staying tired all the time can quickly affect your performance at work, school or studies, so the sooner you get your energy back up, the better.

Feeling well-rested mainly depends on how many hours of sleep we get each night.

But at the same time, it is also influenced by our day-to-day activities and habits.

If you can’t find reasons why exactly you’re feeling tired all the time, here are a few ideas and what you can do about them.


5 Major Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired All The Time


1. You Don’t Have a Sleep Schedule


It’s not a secret that if you want to feel energetic throughout the day, you should rest properly at night.

A high-quality sleep boosts your energy levels and makes you feel happier during the day.

But if you don’t have a proper sleep schedule, you may experience quite the opposite results and end up feeling tired all the time.

Going to sleep and waking up at different hours several times a week means your body is never sure whether it should be awake, still sleeping, or falling asleep at the moment.

Therefore, you may feel a lack of energy at times you need it.

To restore your sleeping schedule, decide on the hours you will be going to sleep and wake up.

Avoid using gadgets before bed, make your bedroom as dark as possible (to prevent any light from waking you up at night), and cool your room a little.

Also, it’s a good idea to stop drinking caffeinated drinks after 17:00.

If you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night and still wake up feeling tired, it might mean that your sleep cycles are being disturbed.

A sleep cycle refers to the 75-90 minutes in which your brain goes through REM or non-REM sleep.

Each night, we go through several cycles responsible for the regeneration of cells and organs in our body.

Stress, blood sugar imbalances, and unhealthy diets can all affect our sleep cycles, thus making it harder for your body to fully rest.

You can help your body to optimize sleep cycles with some simple lifestyle changes:

  • First of all, it is a good idea to get some sun exposure early in the morning to diminish the stress levels in your body and maintain a relaxed attitude throughout the day.
  • Also, a well-balanced diet with little to no processed foods can keep your blood sugar levels stable at night.
  • A supplement of potassium in your diet can aid in keeping your body’s energy levels up throughout the day and prevent you from napping (which can also create an imbalance in your sleep schedule).

More tips on how to sleep better:

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2. You Are Not Exercising


It is not enough to remember the importance of exercise sometimes.

We as humans do not receive energy out of anywhere.

We create our own energy supply, which is why doctors recommend eating well and exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, no wonder you’re feeling tired all the time, because your muscles are essentially “sleeping” – they aren’t conditioned and exercised regularly.

Think about it – if your muscles are weak, every single movement you have to make feels hard because it requires more energy.

Even a simple morning commute can drain so much energy out of you that there’s not that much left of it for work.

If you aren’t exercising, it can also contribute to extra weight.

Having more than a few pounds over your ideal weight can significantly slow you down and also contribute to feeling tired all the time.

To fix this issue, start implementing a little bit of exercise every day to condition your muscles and gradually make them stronger.

You can start with a 5-10 minute morning workout – simply do a few sit-ups, squats, or stretches.

Slowly build your workout length and intensity with time.

You can add a pair of dumbells to your movements, or buy a gym ball to expand the variety of exercises you perform.

Be gentle and do not push yourself too hard as overexercising can also backfire on you by draining energy, instead of creating it.


3. You Don’t Get Enough Essential Nutrients In Your Diet


If you always feel tired, it might be because you don’t have a diet rich in essential nutrients.

Simply speaking – you’re either not eating enough, or not eating the right foods.

As an example, we have magnesium, which is responsible for more than 300 processes in our body related to energy.

If you are deficient in this nutrient, your body will feel exhausted no matter how many hours of sleep you got.

To fix this issue, you can add magnesium-rich foods to your diet, such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, or almonds.

And you can even consider taking a magnesium supplement for a couple of months if you feel extremely tired.

Lots of nutrients are essential for feeling energetic, so it’s best to eat a healthy diet overall.

To improve your nutrition, incorporate more healthy foods into your diet: veggies, fruits, nuts, lean meats, legumes, seafood, mushrooms, and whole grains all contain a ton of nutrients your body needs.

All you have to do is feed your body what it needs!

And it doesn’t mean that you should start living on a salad only. Here’s a great example of how you can eat both healthy and tasty, with a little bit of creativity.

Having a few healthy lifestyle products can also improve your motivation to eat healthily and take care of yourself.

I can’t imagine my life without:

1. A compact blender for smoothies and shakes:

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2. Healthy and clean snacks in my bag (like these superfood pouches):

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3. A high-quality multivitamin that boosts your entire immune system:

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4. You’re Feeling Tired All The Time Because You’re Dehydrated


Your water habits are one of the most important things to analyze if you’re feeling tired all the time.

Your brain and nervous system are immediately influenced when you do not drink enough water to the point that you can experience excessive fatigue and headaches simply because you are dehydrated.

The best advice here is also the easiest one – start your day by drinking at least a glass of water as soon as you wake up and try to stay hydrated throughout the day.

This will immediately boost your body’s processes, helping you to perform any activities you have to do.

Also, don’t forget to avoid sodas and go easy on coffee, which tends to dehydrate you even more.

If you constantly forget to drink water (and tend to ignore those reminder notifications on your phone…), you can try Ulla – a very discrete reminder device that can be attached to any bottle (even if you use the plastic one that came with your store-bought water).

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Ulla subtly blinks to remind you to drink water and it can help you to drink up to 3 times more water per day than you usually do.

No annoying sound notifications, no hassle, no fluff – just attach to your bottle, get reminded, and enjoy the benefits of staying perfectly hydrated.

I managed to get a special discount for my readers (yay) and you can get this cute device with 50% OFF here!


5. You Are Way Too Stressed


During the past years, stress has been associated with several health issues, including intense fatigue.

With the high amount of stress we experience, our adrenal glands are forced to function at maximum speed.

This elevates all stress hormones in our body, making us consume more and more energy unnecessarily.

Constant worrying and overthinking are also a very energy-draining thing to do because you’re essentially trying to solve multiple scenarios in your head.

Not only it’s impossible… It’s also incredibly exhausting!

In order to feel less tired during the day and diminish your stress levels, focus on doing breathing exercises, meditation, or taking regular walks in nature.

These are all clinically proven approaches to diminish stress, boost your energy levels and get a good sleep at night

You can also read my mini-guides on anxiety management if you want to learn to control your thoughts and reactions:

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If you try solving these major reasons for being tired and find yourself still feeling tired all the time, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about it. You might be chronically fatigued, or lack a particular mineral that is hard to get with a diet alone (for example, lots of people feel extremely tired when they lack Vitamin D).

You don’t have to struggle when there are tons of both medical and non-medical remedies that can help you restore your energy.

Make use of them!

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