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Zero BS Tips On How To Manage Work-Related Stress

Your mental health is way too important to skip this.

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Stressed Beautiful Girl Is Smiling Despite Her Work-Related Stress

Isn’t it just sad that work-related stress is one of the greatest struggles of our time?..

More and more people report feeling stressed out by their job and unable to cope… In fact, this figure is as high as 40% which means that 4 out of 10 people are suffering from work-related stress.

If you’re one of these people, you should take this seriously.

Prolonged periods of work-related stress can lead to all sorts of problems.

It’s proven that stress can wreak havoc on your health, and it can also cause burnout, premature aging, and mental health problems like depression and anxiety (in my case, all of them used to happen at once).

It’s important that you come up with effective strategies for dealing with work-related stress – before it’s too late.

If you need help, here are my favorite ideas for making your work-life stress-free!


How To Manage Work-Related Stress


Start your day the right way


Stress management starts before you even come into the office.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat a proper breakfast.

In addition to this, stop drinking coffee or at least make it a little less strong.

So many people down cups of coffee before work, during work and after work, but too much caffeine doesn’t do us any good and it can even increase anxiety.

Also, try to go into the office with a positive attitude, since it can be pretty hard to avoid work-related stress if you’re expecting the worst (P.S. this article can help).


Avoid drama, but face conflict if needed


Office politics, gossip, and drama just aren’t worth it – stay as far away from them as possible to manage work-related stress and save your precious mental health.

Avoid talking about politics, religion, and negative things in general.

Remember, this is only your job.

These people are not your relatives or family, it’s not real life and there’s no reason to get wound up over pointless things.

However, if it so happens that conflict is inevitable, don’t be afraid to deal with it.

Unresolved arguments can make it even harder to manage work-related stress, so it’s best to find a solution ASAP.

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Stay organized and PLAN


There are many types of work-related stress, but the most common is when you’re simply struggling to keep up with work.

One of the best ways to deal with such overwhelm is planning and organization + you can always improve your productivity to deal with things faster and easier.

It would be hard for me to list all the tips I have on these topics here!

So I’ve gathered links to my best guides so you can dig into them at your own pace:


Make yourself comfortable


Being uncomfortable can also increase your work-related stress.

This is why it’s critical that you at least have a good chair.

Remember, you’re going to be sitting down for most of the day, so this is extremely important to have an ergonomic chair (sitting on a bad chair WILL ruin your back, even if you don’t think it will).

Office noises can also stress you out, therefore I highly recommend listening to white noise or recordings of nature sounds while you’re working.

You can even try a small dose of CBD bud to unwind during the workday.

Another way to try CBD for a stressful workday is with CBD gel capsules.

Gel capsules provide a discrete way to find relief from work-related stress, and you can find a list of tested CBD capsules at Health.com.

Along with these tips, it’s especially useful if you can find some time for yourself during your lunch break and after work:

7 beautiful ways to use your lunch break for self-care

3 wholesome ways to spend your evening after work

At the end of the day, you should always remember that it’s ok to struggle a little until you find what works best for you. Managing work-related stress is not easy, but implementing these tips can take a huge load off your chest!

I hope you loved my stress control ideas, and if you’re up for more mental health tips, check them out here!

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