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How To Have Fun: 8 Ways To Have More Fun In Your Life

Desperately need more fun? Joy and excitement might be just around the corner.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Body Painting As An Idea On How To Have Fun In Life

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A Young Girl Having Fun In A Corn Field

Are you wondering how to have fun because you can’t even remember the last time you actually felt entertained?

Last time you enjoyed doing something?

Sometimes, you may think that life has become predictable and monotonous, and with the busy lifestyle of the 21st century, it is probably true.

These days, most people have a strict schedule they follow day in, and day out without paying attention to their own needs.

Some people get so tired, bored, and overwhelmed with stress that a variety of unhealthy habits become the most fun things to do.

That’s not healthy.

It is crucial to have a work-life balance to keep you thriving and avoid burnout.

Do you know that old saying?..

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

If you’ve been scrambling your brains trying to learn how to have fun… I’ve got you.

Today, I have compiled some easy tips to liven up your days a little.

Because hey – everyone deserves to have some fun!

If you are excited, then read away.


HOW TO HAVE FUN – today, tomorrow, always!

But first… Can You MAKE Yourself Have Fun?



In fact, it’s quite easy to have fun, but there are some things that may be preventing you from having more fun, or maybe your life has become dull. In this article, you will find a bunch of ideas on how to deal with either scenario.


8 Ways To Have More Fun In Your Life


1. How To Have Fun By Changing Boring Routines


Life becomes boring way too quickly.

If you’re swirling in the same routine every single day, it’s easy to fall into the trap of boredom, and let’s be honest – give it a few months and you begin to feel desperate for a change.

While it’s logical that life needs structure (we all have to work, after all), it doesn’t mean that we’re doomed to enjoy just a minimal amount of fun on the weekend.

Instead, how about we implement more fun activities into our otherwise boring routine!

Here’s how to add some fun to your daily routine:

  • Wake up at a different time and have breakfast in the open air.
  • Change your usual breakfast menu.

    Even more – order in!

  • Don’t shy away from wearing a bold color to your job (bold clothes and lipsticks can improve your mood).
  • Take a different route while listening to music during your commute.
  • Listen to a fun podcast or a TV show while you work or clean your home.
  • When grocery shopping, buy a small thing to brighten up your evening (a healthy dessert, a face mask, a flower bouquet…).
  • Once in a while, allow yourself to have something special for lunch or dinner – even if it’s full of calories!
  • Get a pet!

    It’s much more fun to come back home when you know a loving dog or a quirky cat is waiting for you there.

  • Play a board game with your loved ones in your free time.
  • Plan some fun and romantic couple time with your partner every day.

These changes may not be huge, yes.

Yet, consistently spending effort to make your own life more joyful will teach you how to have fun every single day.

Plus, adding small, fun moments throughout the day will make your days more interesting and that’s a good thing.


2. How To Have Fun By Living In The Moment


Usually, we’re so caught up in planning our future that we forget to enjoy what’s going on in the present moment.

To have more fun and laughter in life, try to fully feel and notice the things you’re doing at the present moment, without worrying about the next day.

It might seem ridiculous, but people are actually having fun on a regular basis, without even noticing.

Instead of thinking about how fun your life could be if you had or did XYZ, bring your attention back to the present.

When you really want to, and try to, you can always find pleasure in something as simple as eating a piece of cherry pie, cleaning up, enjoying the sun on a breezy summer afternoon, playing with your kids, enjoying motherhood while raising your hyperactive toddlers, or organizing the best joke competition with your friends.

To learn how to have fun, you have to first learn to notice what IS fun.

And it’s impossible if you’re consistently ignoring the small fun things you’re doing right now.

A Young Woman Shows How To Have Fun By Playing With Pets

Why living in the present is so crucial?

Because most of the negative thoughts we have are related either to the past or the future – neither of which exists now.

Keep your focus in the present moment, and take it one day at a time, or even one minute at a time if needed.

Again – little by little it will teach you how to have fun with whatever is happening around, right now.


3. How To Have Fun Spontaneously


If you keep waiting for the perfect time, it will be too late before you even realize it!

To have more fun in your life, be brave, take the plunge and just do it, be it learning a new skill, changing your hairstyle, or going on a last-minute vacation to an amusement park.

Most of the fun in life is found in unplanned and spontaneous moments and unexpected little things.

You don’t have to strategize or plan everything.

Allow some things to have their own course, be daring to experiment, and soon you will find yourself having more fun at the end.

Woman With A Red Sweater Shows How To Have Fun By Spending Time Outside


4. How To Have Fun By Regularly Trying New Things


Speaking of being open and spontaneous, trying out new things always brings excitement to life.

I swear, doing something new regularly is one of the most important things I do to fight my winter depression, no matter what kind of fun activity I choose.

And just in case you’re immediately blocking these ideas because of money, don’t.

To have fun doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money to go on an adventure – instead, you can try a lot of new things that are both fun and inexpensive.

Here are some ideas!

How to try new things without spending (a lot of) money:

  • Go on a hike with your friends or family and pick a new location every time.
  • Watch a new movie on Netflix.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt in a place you’ve never been to.
  • Have a picnic if you have never done it!
  • Rearrange the furniture in your room.

    Try out different settings.

  • Try out new DIY face masks with ingredients from your kitchen.
  • Buy or rent new games to play.
  • Try a new shampoo every time you need a new bottle anyway.
  • Try out new recipes.
  • Go on a walk date with your spouse.

These are just a few ideas, but you might get the ideas – trying out new things is one of the best ways to continuously add more fun and excitement to your life!


5. How To Have Fun By Allowing Yourself To


This may sound weird, but some people have a tendency to neglect their psychological needs and forbid themselves to have real fun (sometimes unconsciously).

I used to be one of those people thanks to my workaholic problems and social anxiety.

In short, I always felt like I am not allowed to have fun until all the work is done.

That, of course, is impossible – there’s always work to do.

If you have this tendency too, you may think that happiness lies in huge moments, or that it’s reserved only to those moments when all the work is done, all the goals are achieved or there are no problems in your life.

But, in reality, the fun can be found in small things as well.

When you think that genuine fun just happens on huge occasions or planned activities, you’re denying yourself of the small pleasures of life.

An Assorti Of Colorful Ice-Cream Posicles As Away To Have More Fun In The Kitchen


6. How To Have Fun AND Lift Your Mood At The Same Time


Sometimes, life doesn’t feel fun not because it’s boring, but because you feel sad.

When we feel down, or depressed, it’s hard to have fun no matter what we do.

I have been through this before and one thing worked for me better than the other things I’ve tried!

When your life feels boring and depressing at the same time, become a child of nature.

That is, start exploring all the nature you can find around where you live.

Plan a forest stroll, visit the ocean, visit the zoo, and the botany gardens, and just explore the natural beauty, the magnificence of your region.

You might not feel interested in it right now, but once you try it a few times, you will notice that your mood improves and you can have fun + a lot of fabulous time during these outdoor trips.

If you can, bring others in on the experience with you.

A great way to have fun in life is to create unforgettable memories with people around you.

Arrange an outdoor gathering with your friends, go on a walk with your family and you will cherish these moments forever.


7. How To Have Fun At Home


If you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun there too.

There are so many fun things to do at home that I bet you can find at least one idea that would be fun for you!

Here are some of them:

  • Treat yourself to a SPA evening.
  • Start an indoor or outdoor garden.
  • … Or a vegetable greenhouse!
  • Try learning dances by watching Youtube tutorials.
  • Take a photo session.
  • Bake your favorite pie.
  • Host a party.
  • Play board games, video games, or any kind of outdoor game you enjoy with your friends.

    You can also have gaming nights with your friends for the ultimate experience.

  • Play your favorite music and create a dance floor in your room!
  • Facetime your friends on Facebook (or other social media).
  • Shop online.
  • Read entertaining books.
  • Re-watch your favorite childhood series.
  • Solve that jigsaw puzzle that’s been hiding in your closet.
  • Browse fun Twitter threads.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Host the “ugliest” cake contest.
  • Invite a friend over for tea, coffee, or a fun cocktail hour.
  • Try a fun workout with your family.

Young Couple Shows How To Have Fun At Home By Playing Jenga


8. How To Have Fun If You Feel… Shy


For some people, it’s hard to have fun, because they can never relax.

If that’s your case, you might feel like fully experiencing fun and joyful moments is weird, or that you’re afraid to look awkward.

When these moments arise, try to remind yourself of these two things:

  • People can judge no matter the situation, so worry less about what others would think and focus more on doing what you like and approve of.

    You have one life and you cannot live it to impress others!

    Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy your life to the fullest – it doesn’t matter what anyone else is thinking or saying. Related: How To Not Care What Other People Think Of You

  • It’s absolutely normal to have fun.

    Who told you it’s bad to act like a kid?

    You’re not doing anything wrong.

    In fact, you’re doing yourself a favor because having fun is healthy for you!


“How Can I Be More Fun as a Person?”


Once you start implementing more fun in your life, you may find yourself longing to be more fun as a person as well.

That’s normal!

Everybody loves people who are fun and having a naturally fun personality can help you to live your life with the maximum amount of joy.

Here are some ways to be more fun as a person:

  • Work on improving your confidence, so you can feel more relaxed around others.
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, your mistakes, or the things that have happened to you.
  • Build your sense of humor by watching funny stand-up comedies, or even reading books about how to joke.
  • Be spontaneous and open to adventures!
  • Try to keep up a positive mindset, and focus on solutions when problems arise.

Stylish Young Woman With A Hat Shows How To Have Fun Alone

I hope you loved these tips on how to have more fun in life.

Happiness, mindfulness, joy, and excitement can sometimes be just a moment away, in the simple things you have around… If you’re willing to look for it, it’s all yours to enjoy.

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