12 Ways To Stop If You’re Always Expecting The Worst

Updated on August 23, 2020

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Are you someone who is constantly worrying about what could happen? Whether it’s a job interview or going out on a date, you always expect the worst…

Living like this is horrible (trust me, I know) and can seriously impact your life and happiness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Putting an end to this type of thinking is easier, if you understand a few things.

If you tend to always expect the worst, try doing the following.


12 Ways To Stop If You’re Always Expecting The Worst


1) Stop Your Imagination


One thing that is really important to understand is that the things inside your head aren’t real. When you’re expecting the worst, all you’re doing is creating fantasies and imaginary scenarios that may or may not happen. Not every thought you get is based on real facts – some thoughts are just thoughts, or visions that are not real. Therefore, they don’t need to be tampered with. Practice noticing such thoughts and tell yourself: “this is nothing more than a thought”.


2) Let Go Of The Things You Can’t Change


Some things can’t be changed no matter how much you worry about them, so don’t start in the first place. If there’s nothing you can do about a particular thing or situation, accepting the fact and letting it go will help you to stop creating more pain than it is.


3) To Stop Expecting The Worst, Get Things Down On Paper


Do a brain dump and get all of your thoughts about the situation down on paper. This will help you find solutions and figure out what is really happening.

You can also try creating a plan for the worst possible scenario. For example, if you expect to lose your job because you failed a project, sit down and write a plan of things you can do if it actually happened. This can help you to see that the scenario you fear may not be THAT bad and that you can actually cope with whatever happens.


4) Start A Thought Diary


Along with the above point, you should start keeping a diary. In this diary, jot down the thoughts that are keeping you worried and try to challenge them – is this problem real or just hypothetical?

You can also go a little further and analyze this thought. What evidence proves this thought is true? What proves it wrong? How likely is it to happen? If that thought actually materialized, would it really be that bad? Could you think of any options to help yourself in such situation? What would your friend or loved one say about it? Maybe they could say that it’s not ideal, but solvable? Does negative thinking help you in any way now?

With such analysis, not only can you encourage yourself to think logically, but you can also read your entries later and compare what actually happened to what you thought was going to happen. This will help you to stop expecting the worst in the future.


5) Things Can Actually Turn Out In Your Favor


If you think about it, things rarely turn out the way you imagine…

Think back over all of the situations you were expecting the worst to happen. You’ll probably realize that most of them turned out completely differently to how you thought they would, and some of them even turned out somewhat useful to you.

Maybe you’ve learned a valuable lesson? Or found out some important information? Maybe a difficult situation pushed you to make necessary changes in your life?

The mind is powerful and can put a positive spin on even the most negative things. You can train your mind to see any situation positively, no matter how negative it might actually be. Put a halt to your negative thoughts and force yourself to think about positive outcomes.


6) Realize That Your Mind Is Just Trying To Protect You


Sometimes people are more prone to expecting the worst because they’re using it as a way of protecting themselves. After all, if you always expect the worst, you will rarely be disappointed. And sometimes you may even feel like worrying means you care.

But this doesn’t actually do you any good. By always expecting the worst, you are only hurting yourself and most importantly – thinking this way won’t protect you from bad things happening. There is no actual value of such thoughts, and they do not prove you care or are being responsible.


7) Identify What You Have Control Over


Some things can be controlled and others can’t. It’s up to you to figure out which is which, but you should only care about the things you can control and forget about the things you can’t.


8) Ultimately, Just Don’t Expect Anything


Whether you’re dealing with a situation or person, sometimes, it’s best not to expect anything at all. This way, you’ll be okay no matter what happens.


9) Stay Mindful


Concentrate on being present in the here and now. This will help you to stop worrying about the future and prevent expecting the worst-case scenarios.

If you think well, only the present moment is real… Everything else is simply a mental projection and it’s up to you whether you want to focus on what’s real or imaginary.

This article can help: 10 Simple Ways To Be More Mindful In Your Daily Life


10) Spend Time With Friends


Isolating yourself only makes things worse so surround yourself with positive people and talk to them about your problems. Your friends or family may help you realize that what you’re worrying about probably isn’t such a big deal. Or, even if it is, they can help you find possible solutions or ways to make this better.


11) Expand Your Comfort Zone


If you’re always expecting the worst, it could be because you’re stuck in your comfort zone and even the slightest change can make you feel unsafe.

In this case, start gently expanding your boundaries. Start testing yourself, challenging yourself and taking small risks. Try to do one thing that you’re scared of everyday and progressively desensitize yourself.


12) Talk To a Therapist


If you’re still expecting the worst after all of this, you can always try talking to a professional. A therapist can help you identify the root causes of your negative thinking and teach you how to think more positive.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a therapist and it can actually be that last thing you need to feel better, so don’t hesitate to try it!

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I hope these tips will help you to find new ways of thinking and stop always expecting the worst. Life is not only black – there are always grey and white tones everywhere. Learning to shift your focus from the darkness can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. You ARE capable of it, even if you don’t feel like that in this moment.

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